Betting sites in Kenya with a referral bonus or affiliate program

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Kenya has a huge number of betting sites, among them, there are those that offer a chance to making cash by referring customers to them. In this article, we are going to cover these betting platforms that have a referral or an affiliate program.

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Difference between affiliate and referral program

Affiliate and referral might sound the same, they all involve referring customers by use of an invitation link for online platforms. However, they are slight differences and here is a look at them;

  • Referral program- in most betting sites, a referral program will involve inviting users and a bonus is given, mostly, it is in the form of cash after they register on the site. At times, the token might be awarded when they make their first deposit or place a bet.
  • Affiliate program- this is a well-established program where you invite users to the betting site and you earn a commission of what the customer stakes in a lifetime on the betting site. In rare cases, you might meet betting sites with a program that rewards you only for registering users and not a lifetime commission.

Affiliate programs are also referred to as partner programs. In most cases the programs are on their own dedicated site other than the main betting site, on the other hand, referral programs are usually incorporated in the main betting site.

The kind of program where you earn a lifetime commission from those you referred is better. Joining such programs might however have a higher requirement such as a website.

List of betting sites in Kenya with referral bonuses and affiliate program

Below is a look at those sites with partner programs that one can join to make some good cash for life.

Gamepawa referral program

The Gamepawa referral program is among the few you can join and make good cash for a lifetime as far as you keep referring customers.

Gamepawa referral bonuses

Gamepawa is an online casino that offers its users a variety of games to play such spin to win games, crash games, fruit machine games and more.

When you refer a user to Gamepawa, you will get up to 5% commission each time they play at the casino.

To Join the Gamepawa referral program, visit and create your account, click on Commission and you will find your referral link on this page, share the link to start making cash.

You can withdraw your earned commission at any time to your Mpesa as far as it is above Ksh 500.

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Pesaclub referral program


This is a purely online casino website, it does not offer sports betting. It is, however, one of the top-paying betting referral programs in Kenya and you should try it. While it is a referral program, you still get to earn a 6% commission for a lifetime from the customers you referred.

Here is how to join and use the referral program

  • Go to
  • Create you account
  • Click on Commission at the bottom
  • Here you will find your link, copy it and share it

You can also click on My page and choose, refer friends, your link will be copied automatically.

To track customers that you refer, click on commission and choose my team, to track earned commission, click on commission and you can see your current bonus, click on commission record to see your total commissions and today’s commission.

To withdraw your earnings, go to commission then click on Cashout, the minimum amount you can withdraw is 200, choose the amount you want and click on Withdraw. Your cash will be sent to your Mpesa within a few seconds.

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Gamemania affliate program

This is yet another pure online casino games site with an affiliate program. You get a 20% lifetime commission of the amount the customer you invite plays.

How to Join Gamemania affiliate program

The program is on a different website from the online casino’s websites where you will be referring customers to. Follow the following steps to join the affiliate program.

  • Enter your phone
  • You will receive a verification code, enter it and continue
  • Set a password and complete the registration process

You will have to wait for your account to be approved, after approval, go to the referral link option. Copy the link and start sharing it. You can always track your referred users on the dashboard, both total customers and monthly customers are visible.

Your earnings are also shown on the dashboard, you get to see the total balance and also the total amount you have made on the platform including past withdrawals. To withdraw your commission, click on withdraw at the bottom, withdrawals are however made on Thursdays of each week only.

The Gamemania affiliate programs also have levels for agents, level 2 and level 1 agents can invite both agents and users, they also get a parentage of the commission that the invited agents make. At registration, you will be a level 3 agent and can only invite users and not agents, to rise to level 2, you will have to invite 5000 people.

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Betway partners program

Betway is a  sports and casino betting site that has been operating in Kenya for a long time now. Their affiliate program for the Kenyan market is under the Betway partners Africa platform.

Betways partners

How to join Betway partners program Africa

The program is on a dedicated website and not on the main betting site, to join, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the partner’s website
  • Click on Join here
  • Enter your personal details
  • Enter other required details and complete the registration
  • When your account is approved, you will be notified through your email address.

To be approved for the program, you might be required to have the website. The affiliate program is great since it gives a 25% lifetime commission and above. The downside is that it operates on Revenue share and hence, when someone you invited wins, your revenue gets deducted. Your earnings will be added when someone losses a bet. The Withdrawal threshold is also higher meaning it may take time before you receive your first payment.

The partner’s platform is however nice and provides you with resources needed for marketing including; links with your tracking code, banners, images and more.

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22Bet Partners

This is another popular international betting site in Kenya. The bookie offers you the opportunity to make cash by referring customers with a 20% lifetime revenue share model.

22Bet partners

Join the 22Bet affiliate program

Just like most affiliate programs, the 22bet program is also on a different website from the main website to which you will be referring players. Here is how to join the program:

  • Go to the partner’s website
  • Click on Sign up at the top
  • You will be presented with a form where you need to enter all your details
  • Please make sure you enter all the required details and enter correctly
  • Submit the form and wait for your account to be approved

For approval, you might be required to have a website with traffic interested in sports from the country that you want to market the bookie.  The program works under the revenue share model, hence, when someone you invited losses, you get a commission, when they win, the commission is deducted.

The platform will also provide you with everything you need for marketing, including links, banners, images and more. You will also be able to track clicks, registrations, earnings and more on your dashboard.

Betwinner affiliate program

Betwinner is both a sports and online casino gambling site with operations in Kenya, they offer an affiliate program that you can definitely use to make some cash.

Betwinner affliate


How to join Betwinner affiliate program

The program is not much different from the 22Bet one, this is how to join it:

  • Go to the program’s website
  • Click on register new account
  • You will be provided with a form to enter your details
  • Fill in the form and submit them
  • Wait for your account approval

You are required to have a website with betting interested traffic. After approval, you will be assigned your own affiliate assistance who you can talk with on email or telegram. The site works on a revenue share model and you will make a lifetime commission starting from 20% per invitee played amount.

The dashboard provides you with your marketing tools and you can generate your own links. On the dashboard, one can also track registrations, clicks and earnings.

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Melbet affliate program

Melbet is another betting website in Kenya that has an affiliate program. Its program is much the same as the two mentioned above


melbet affliate

Join Melbet affiliate program

Here are the steps to follow in odder to join the program;

  • Go to melbet affliate website
  • Click on registration
  • Enter your details on the provided form
  • Submit and wait for your account to be approved

The affiliate program requires you to have a website and you are given a 25% lifetime commission in a revenue share manner. The dashboard will provide you with marketing materials and links, this is where you will also track your clicks, referrals and earnings from.

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Sportybet partners program

Sportybet is among the popular betting sites in Kenya and they do have an affiliate program.

sportybet partners

Although we recommended you to try and apply for the program, they do not seem to be approving new applicants.

See Sportybet full review.

Bangbet partners program

Bangbet is another popular betting site in Kenya. They have launched an affiliate program but by the time of writing this article, the application process seemed to be faulty and was not going through.

Bangbet partners

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Pakakumi referral program

Pakakumi is among the well-known crash cames or online multiplier games in Kenya.  This betting site has a legit referral program where you can make cash on.

refer and earn pakakumi

The referral program for this betting site is revenue share based, that is you earn 20% commission when someone you referred loses and a 20% deduction will be made when someone you referred wins. The earnings are a lifetime as far as the user you referred plays on Pakakumi.

WIthdrwals are approved directly and immediately to your Mpesa, However, you can only withdraw once in 14 days and the amount must be above Ksh 100.

To join the referral program, visit and create an account, click on refer and earn image,  you will see your referral link, copy and share it to start making cash.

See, Pakakumi’s full review and bonuses.

More sites with referral bonuses in Kenya

Other sites that you can try their affiliate program in Kenya include:

  • Pakamia– you earn a 4% commission each time your referral makes a deposit.
  • Faircrash– you get a 2% commission each time your referral makes a deposit.
  • Pesacrash– you get a 2% commission each time your referral makes a deposit.
  • Marakumi– you get a 2% commission each time your referral makes a deposit.
  • Pesachap– you get a 2% commission each time your referral makes a deposit

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What to look for when choosing a referral program

As you can see from above, there are plenty of betting referral programs in Kenya and choosing the best can be tricky. A good program should give you a way to track referrals and earnings. It should also have a good commission structure, withdrawals should be approved instantly and sent to your M-pesa.

The betting site where you are referring customers should also be simple to use, and have Mpesa deposits and Withdrawals. The customer service should also be nice, this will increase the probability of the site becoming the favorite of the users you refer and in turn, increase your earnings. We wish you all the best in your earning Journey. Cheers!!

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