How to Register on Gamemania Get bonuses, Withdraw, Login and Play

register on Gamemania

Online betting is one of the profitable hobbies in Kenya. Gamemania is one site that you can place bets on. Below, we are going to look in detail at everything there is to know about Gamemania Kenya including; bonuses, registrations, login, betting options and more.

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How to Register on Gamemania

To play games on the casino, you will need an account, creating one is very easy and straightforward. You can either use the Gamemania website or the App during registration.

Follow the following steps to register on Gamemania Kenya;

  1. Go to
  2. Open the registration page by clicking on the register button at the top.

Click on register button3. Enter your phone number and password in the fields indicated below.

fields to enter phone number and password

4. Confirm you agree to Gamemania’s terms of service and click on Create Account.

create account button

5. You will receive a confirmation code on the phone number you entered. Enter the code and click on complete registration as shown below.

Complete registration

6. Your account will be created and ready for you to start exploring betting options available on the casino.

It is important to note that the phone number you use to register is the same one that will manage your payments. Both depositing and withdrawals are done through Mpesa, you should hence use a Safaricom phone number for your registration.

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How to Log in to Gamemania

If the registration was successful or you already had an account, now it is time to start playing and winning. Before that, however, you will need to log in to use your account. To do that, follow the following steps;

Sign in button

  • Enter your phone number and the password you used when creating an account on the next page.

login page

  • Click on the login button on the login page.

login button

  • That is it, you can now use your account plus play online casino games as we will see below.

If you forgot your password, you can request to set a new one. Just click on forgot password on the log-in page, and enter the phone number that you used to register on the platform. Then, click on continue, a code will be sent to the number through SMS, enter and continue. Now, you will be able to set a new password.

Forgot password page

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Betting options available

Since Gamemania is an online casino bookie, you will only have a chance to stake on online casino games.

  • Online casino games- these games help you win instantly, you also do not have to have any knowledge on sports or even analyzing the match. The only thing you need to know is how to play the game and you will win big. Gamemania provides you with demos so that you can learn how to play the games.

Games available

As an online casino, Gamemania provides you with a large selection of betting options. You just need to choose one of the following, learn how to play it using the demos then deposit some cash to win real money.

Games on Gamemania:

  • Hot spin
  • Fire of passion
  • Hot safari
  • Gold fruit
  • Punchit hard
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Coins spin
  • Africa beast
  • Africa Cup
  • World cup
  • Zoo and more

All of the above games listed above have instructions on how to play them in the casino. If you want to play any and do not have information on how to play, click it and then choose help.

Each game can also be played as a demo, without real cash. This helps you to first learn how to play the game without using your money, after learning, you can dive in and play the game. It is advisable to only play with real money after you have known how the game is played.

How to play spin and win on Gamemania

Spin and win are one of the simplest online casino games to understand and play. Gamemania provides you with a Spin wheel and below is who to play it and win;

  • Login to your gamemania account.
  • Click on Hot spin.
  • You will be taken to the spin wheel page.
  • Here, there is a wheel that is spinning continuously and below it is the dashboard for you to make a spin.
  • Choose your stake amount by clicking on the coin value.
  • After confirming that everything is correct, click on spin.
  • The number and symbols on the spin dashboard will move up.
  • If they match with the number/symbol on the continuous spinning wheel above after stopping, you win.

spin wheel

Bet types

  • Single bet- this is the most popular bet on Gamemania for every game you are going to play. With this, you will have the option to predict the outcome of the particular game with the possibility of one event occurring, a different event occurring or all events occurring. If your prediction is right, you are going to win your cash.
  • Jackpot- with just 30 bob, you could win Nine million shillings on the Gamemania Jackpot. This is one of the largest Jackpots, you will however have to predict the outcome of randomly generated results and hence you must be lucky enough.

jackpot gamemania

Gamemania App

Does Gamemania have an App? Yes! Gamemania has a mobile app that you can download and install, the mobile app gives even a better experience when playing on the casino. Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android phone devices.


To install the app, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the casino’s website.
  • At the top, click on the download button.

Download app button

  • On the next page, click on Get in on Google Play as shown below.

Get in Google Play button

  • You will be taken to the App download page on Google Playstore.
  • Click on Install and the app will be installed on your device.

Install from playstore

According to the casino, the app gives you the safest, fastest betting and first-hand news plus a better experience. The app also helps you save data. You can hence go ahead and try this app to see how efficient it’s and if it will smoothen your betting experience. 

Gamemania Bonuses, free gifts and promotions

This is perhaps one area that the bookie has explored to the full, you will enjoy a vast of bonuses from this bookmaker. Below is a look at their promotions and bonuses.

  • Registration bonuses, upon registration, you will be eligible for a welcome bonus of up to Ksh 550 which you can withdraw. This is perhaps the highest withdrawable bonus from any betting site in Kenya.

welcome gift

  • Invite friends reward- this bonus is up to Ksh 500 and you get it when you invite a friend to Gamemania and they deposit to play in the casino.
  • Random gifts- these ones are given to their loyal customers, they can be weekly gifts or random dedicated gifts.
  • Free coins- the bookie will give you free coins which are not withdrawable but can be used to stake on the site. These coins are given after completing an action on the casino.
  • Daily check-in promotion- when you log in every day on Gamemania, you receive coins that you can in turn use to place your bets.

check in daily gifts

  • App promotion- On downloading their App, you will get free Ksh 75.

app download gift

For more promotions, GO to Gamemania and click on the promotion tab after registration.

Gamemania affiliate program

Apart from the refer-a-friend program, Gamemania has an even better program known as an affiliate program. Betting affiliate programs are usually some of the best ways to earn online, this is because you will earn each time a customer places a bet on the betting sites in most of the programs.

gamemania affliate program

One even better thing about the Gamemania affiliate program is that you earn a commission of up to 20% per bet placed by someone you refer. Also, unlike in most betting sites where the commission amount is deducted when someone wins and added when someone losses a bet, on gamemania, your commission is never deducted.

To join the affiliate program, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Gamemania affiliate’s website over here
  • Click on Sign up
  • Enter your phone number and click on continue
  • You will receive a confirmation code on your phone number 
  • Enter it and continue
  • Fill in all other required details and then submit
  • Now, the wait for your account approval.

After your account is approved, you will be able to access the Partners website. As you will note, the affiliate website is different from the betting website. This website will help you track those who register through your invite, your earnings and even make withdrawals. The phone number you use during registration is the same one that will receive payments.

To get your referral link, log in to the platform. Click on the referral link and you will see it. Copy this link and share it with friends, on social media platforms and other places that you can think of. The more you refer the more you earn.

The affiliate program will also allow you to invite sub-affiliates, you will also earn when someone invited by your sub-affiliates plays. To be able to invite agents, you will need to climb from level 3 downwards, this is because level 3 agents aren’t allowed to invite other agents. To change levels, you will need to invite even more players.

How to Deposit to Gamemania

To deposit to Gamemania, use their Mpesa paybill number 290077. One good thing is that you get the deposit charge cashback in your account. For example, if Mpesa charged you Ksh 33 for depositing Ksh 500, you will get Ksh 33 in your account search that the balance will be Ksh 533. The deposited amount will reflect immediately on your account.

gamemania paybill

You can also deposit automatically on Gamemania, once you click on stake and your account balance is low, a pop will appear requesting you to enter the amount you want to deposit and your mpesa will open to complete the transaction.

Deposit page

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How to withdraw from Gamemania

To withdraw your winnings do the following:

  • Click on withdraw at the bottom.

withdraw button

  • The withdrawal page will load. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw then click on confirm and you will receive the amount on your Mpesa.

Withdraw page

The minimum you can withdraw on Gamemania is Ksh 100.

Gamemania contacts

You can use the following methods to contact Gamemania if you need any assistance.

  • Online support- this is the simplest and fastest way, just go to the bookie website and at the bottom, click on the profile the contact us, choose live chat, a pop chat screen will appear. Write your message and Gamemania customer support will get back to you.
  • You can also use these phone numbers too: 0702975765 or 0797184724
  • Their email address is
  • You can also contact Gamemania on their Twitter and Facebook official accounts

Gamemania contacts

Pro and cons

Gamemania advantages include their huge pool of bonuses, their online casino games also provide you with chances of winning instantly. Their customer service is easily accessible and they will get back to you with the assistance you need.

The bookie’s site is not that mobile-friendly giving challenges when playing your games. The site also needs high internet speeds to work, in fact, you will not be able to use the site unless you have good internet connectivity. When using the platform on the desktop, it still appears like it would on a mobile phone. As you can see, Gamemania might need to improve its website design to allow for the smooth playing of games.

Gamemania FAQs

Gamemania is an Online casino owned by Rambo resources limited where you play casino games such virtual Fifa, spin wheels, hot safari and more.

To get free gifts on Gamemania, you will get to complete a task assigned to you, for example, creating an account, downloading App or checking in daily to the casino.

To get your Gamemania account, just go to the registration page, enter your phone number, set your password and Enter the code that will be sent to you through SMS and your account will be created.

Yes, the casino have an Android app, to get it, go to the website and click on Download app at the top. You get KSH 75 reward on installing it.

Most of the gifts on the casino can not be withdrawn, they can however be used to place bets and win withdrawable cash. Some cash gifts are also withdrawable.


Gamemania is one of the legit betting sites in Kenya and if you want to win fast through online casino games, you can register on the bookie and stake. We wish you all the best in our betting. Cheers!!

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