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Njenga cash

Jengacash is an online casino site in Kenya. It offers you an opportunity to make cash by playing a Spin wheel game. Below, we are going to look at everything you need to learn about Njengacash including but not limited to; registration, Login, bonuses and how to play the casino’s Spin wheel.

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Njenga cash

Jengacash registration

To join Jengacash, please follow the following steps:

  • Go Jengacash through this link
  • At the top, click on Register
  • A page will appear requesting you to enter your details
  • Enter your phone number, password, confirm the password and also confirm that you have read the terms of  service plus you will play responsibly on Jengacash
  • After that, click on Register Now
  • A  confirmation code will be sent to your phone number, enter it and confirm.

Jengacash Registration page

Your Jengacash account will be created and is ready for use. Follow the steps below to start using it and winning on the online casino.

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Jengacash Login

When you create an account or maybe, you have an account on Jengacash, you will need to log in. To do so, follow the outlined steps below;

  • Go to 
  • At the top, click on Login
  • A page requesting you to enter your phone number and password will appear
  • Enter the details and click on Login


Jengacash login

Now, you will be logged in and you can start spinning on Jengacash.

How to play Jengacash Spin wheel

After registration and successful login, it’s time to start playing. Here is how to play the spin wheel and win.

Make a deposit first

add cash

You might be given a bonus after registration, however, to play the game, you will need sufficient funds, if your funds are less, you will have to make a deposit. Here is how you deposit;

  • A message indicating that you need to top up will appear if your funds are less than 20 bob
  • Click on  the Deposit button
  • A page will appear requesting you to enter the amount you wish to deposit, you can deposit as low as Ksh 5
  • After that, enter the amount, click on deposit(buy credits)
  • A Mpesa STK push will open and you only need to confirm that you want to send cash to Njengacash and enter your pin
  • While you can use the above method to add your funds, you can also use the manual way. Just open your Mpesa and send any amount above 5 bob to Jengacash Paybill number 329534.

Enter amount to deposit

Play the spin wheel

After topping up your account to sufficient funds, you can start playing now. Below is a look at how;

bet amount

  • Choose the amount you want to bet with on the choose your stake option
  • Click on spin
  • The wheel will spin, the won amount is equal to your stake multiplied by the odds of where the wheel stopped.

The winning amount is equal to your stake multiplied by the value of the multiplier where the wheel stopped. For example, if you staked with 50 bob and the spin wheel stopped at the multiplier of  X3, your win will be 50 multiplied by 3 which is 150. The multiplier range is between X0 to X100.

Jengacash spin wheel

Playing on Jengacash is that simple.

How to withdraw from Jengacash

After winning, you will need to get your cash. The casino allows you to withdraw directly to your Mpesa.


Just click on Withdraw button at the bottom, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm, you will receive your cash on your mpesa account.

Jengacash bonuses, gifts and promotions

Jengacash, just like any other online casino offers different bonuses to the users. On registration, you will receive a welcome bonus. The casino will also give you bonuses almost daily, the good thing is that they have a very good notification system on their casino and they will not disturb you with daily text messages. All you need to do is log in daily to the casino and check your gift on the notifications.

The betting site also offers higher winning capabilities and more bonuses as you climb levels. To move from one level to another, you will need to place more bets.

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Redeem my Jengacah coupon

One way Jengacash offers bonuses is through coupons, if you found a notification about a coupon gift and wondering how to use it, here is how;

  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Click on promotions and levels
  • Enter the coupon
  • Click on redeem and the coupon amount will be added to your account

redeem coupon

Contact Jengacash

If you are having trouble or need to reach out to Jengacash, use the following methods to contact them.

  • Phone number-  +254 782 145 121
  • Email address
  • Live chat- it s the simplest method, just go to the site and click on Contact us at the bottom, click on the chat icon on the contact page. An agent will join your chat.

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Jengacash pros and cons

The bookies have a simple registration process, the spin wheel is also simple to use and self-explanatory. The site is also mobile-friendly and added to these are the bonuses that you can’t miss when using the casino.

The casino has however limited betting options since it only has one game, that is; the spin wheel, you might therefore need to check other casinos with more games available. Winning in the casino also depends on your luck and hence you should play responsibly to avoid making huge losses.

Is Jengacash legit?

Yeah. Jengacash is a legit online casino operating in Kenya and offers your an opportunity to win real cash by playing on its spin wheel game.

We wish you all the best in your wagering, cheers!!

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