How to Register on Spin Pesa, Get bonuses, Login, Play and Withdraw cash

How to Register on Spin Pesa, Get bonuses, Login, Play and Withdraw cash

Spin and Win online games in Kenya are among the fastest ways to win, unlike other methods of betting where you have to wait for long to Win, in this type of online betting, you win in seconds. Below, we will look at one of the best Spin and Win sites in Kenya, Spin pesa.

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How to register on Spin Pesa

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To start spinning or playing any other games, you will need to have an account on Spin pesa. The account allows you to play games in the casino, make deposits, and even request withdrawals. Follow the steps below to register on Spin Pesa:

  1. Go to registration page.

Spin pesa registration page

2. Enter your phone number and a password that you can easily remember, then enter the verification code you will receive on your phone through SMS.

Enter phone and password in this fields


3. Next, click on the registration button as shown below.

Click on register button as shown4. That is it, your account will be created and you now play on the online casino.

It is important to note that the number you used to register will be the same number that will be used to make deposits and also receive won cash or withdrawals. Since Spin pesa only accepts and makes payments through Mpesa, you should make sure that the number you use for registration is a Safaricom one and is Mpesa activated.

How to Log in to Spin Pesa

When you want to play on Spin pesa and already have an account, you must log in. Here are the steps you should follow to log in:

  1. Go
  2. The login/Register page should appear, if it doesn’t, click on Spin and it will show. Make sure the selected tab is Login and not Register as shown below.

Select login button

3. Enter the phone number you used to register and the password in the fields provided.

Enter your log in details


4. Click on Login as shown in the following image.

Click on login button

5. You will be logged and you can start playing any game of your choice.

If you forgot your password, choose forgot password on the Login page.

You will be requested to enter the phone number you used to register on the betting site. Enter it and continue, a confirmation code will be sent to the number through SMS, enter the code and proceed to enter your new password. Submit by clicking confirm and your password will be reset successfully.

Reset password page

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How to play on Spin pesa

After creating an account successfully, you can start spinning,  you will be presented with the spin wheel as below. If you want to play other games, click on More games and you will see other games that you can play, we will see how to play the other games later below.

spin pesa spin wheel

To play the Spin pesa wheel, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Spin pesa
  2. Choose the Stake amount that you want to spin with
  3. The minimum stake amount is Ksh 30, if your account balance is below this, top-up first
  4. Now click on Spin
  5. The wheel will spin for some seconds
  6. Where ever the wheel will stop, that is your won amount

One amazing thing you will note about Spin pesa is that there is no possibility of winning nothing, of course, you might win an amount lower than your stake but not a zero. Spin pesa spin wheel is one of the simplest to play and also to understand, there are no complications. Where the wheel stops is what you have won, no more no less.

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Other games on Spin pesa

While spin wheel appears to be the main business on spin pesa, there are other games available on the online casino. One good thing about these games is that just like the spin wheel, they are simple to play and understand.

Below is a look at more games you can enjoy playing on Spin pesa while making some cash.

  • Lucky pick– this is a straightforward game, it involves a lion and two boxes, the lion is enclosed in one of the boxes and they are reshuffled, you then pick which box the lion is in. If correct, you win double your stake, for example, if your stake was ksh 50, you win ksh 100. The only requirement is for you to keenly follow the box with the lion when the reshuffling is happening so that see where it will end up.
lucky pick
  • Pesa roll– this is another simple game, all you need to do is choose your stake amount and click on play. There are two numbers at each end and a mathematical symbol at the middle e,g multiplication. On clicking play, the numbers are going to roll. The win amount will be the number at the end by the symbol in the middle. For example, in the image below, the won amount will be 30 by 30 which is ksh 900.
pesa roll
  • Lucky poker– this game involves 52 cards which are red and black. For you to win, you will have to predict where the card is red or black, when you predict correctly, you win double your stake amount, for example, if you stake with 30, you win 60 bob. You can choose to predict or the cards or just predict some and take your win before all the cards are through. Once through, the cards are reshuffled and you can start playing again.
  • Lucky box– on this game, you will have to choose your stake amount to open a box, each box has its own treasure. The higher the possibility of getting a higher return from the box, the higher the stake amount. Once you place your bet, the lucky box will open and you will see what you won.
  • Jingle fruit(mario slots)– this game is similar to the physical fruits machine only that this time it is online and you can play it from almost anywhere. To play the game, you just have to choose the amount you want to stake with and also the fruits you think will be the possible point of stop after the spin and after a click on ready to go.
fruit slot
  • Lucky marbles– in this game, you buy balls, each ball will fall into a box, each box has a different winning amount, you can buy up to 10 balls per round and each costs ksh 30, the total winnings will be a combination of what you win from the boxes the balls fell in.
  • Lucky number- this is another spin wheel, in this case, however, you choose which number the wheel is likely to stop on after a spin, you can even choose whether the number will be odd or even. You can also choose a group of numbers, if you can guess the exact number, you winnings will be your stake multiplied by 9.5.
lucky number
  • Lucky roll– this is yet another game that you can win by playing on spin pesa. The higher your stake amount, the higher the amount possible to win. The game involves 3 numbers, when you hit play, the numbers will roll up and you win will be the total of the 3 three numbers when they stop rolling. For example in the image below, your win would be ksh 600 on a stake of 50 bob.
lucky roll

These are but some of the other games on the bookie, you can get all of them y going to their site and clicking on more games.

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How to deposit on Spin pesa

To participate in the spin wheel game or any available game, you will have to have sufficient balance in your account. As we mentioned earlier above, if your balance is low and you click on Spin, a pop-up will appear requesting you to top up.

Below are the steps to follow to deposit to your account, most games on Spin pesa have a minimum stake of Ksh 30.

  • When you try playing a game and the account balance is low, you will be presented with a pop requesting you to top up.
  • Once you click on Top-up, you will be presented with a screen where you have to choose the amount you want to top up.

Deposit page

  • Confirm you chose the right amount and click on the deposit button as shown below.

Click on this deposit button

  • A mpesa STK push will be triggered and your mpesa will open.
  • Confirm that you want to deposit by entering your PIN.
  • You can also choose to top up manually by using the Paybill, first open your Mpesa and choose lipa na mpesa. Spin pesa paybill number is 4107217, on the account number, use the phone number associated with your account.
Deposit by paybill instructions

Deposits will reflect almost instantly unless there are technical errors, if you experience problems after depositing, contact Spin Pesa customer care through the methods over here

Withdrawing from Spin Pesa

After winning, you must get your money from the Spin pesa wallet to your mpesa. Withdrawals on Spin pesa are simple and are approved instantly.

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Follow the following steps to withdraw your money;

  • Go to Spin Pesa and make sure you are logged in to your account.
  • Click on my page button at the bottom as shown below.

Click on MY PAGE

  • On the next page click on Cashout.

cashout shown by arrow

  • After clicking on Cash Out, you will be redirected to the withdraw page. Here, enter the amount to withdraw from your winnings.

Withdraw page

The minimum you can withdraw is Ksh 100, withdrawal charges may apply. After confirming the amount you want, click on Withdraw, it will be sent to you after some seconds in the M-Pesa account of the phone number you used to register.

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Bonuses on Spin pesa

Spin pesa gives a good number of bonuses to its users. There is usually the introduction of different kinds of bonuses and others may be faced out, during the time of writing this article, the bonuses below were available.

  • Welcome bonus- each new customer is rewarded on the casino, you will get a free first-time spin, and you will also get a free bonus after you make your first deposit.
  • Friends invite bonus- when you invite a friend and they play a game on the site, you will be rewarded a 5% commission of their lifetime stakes.

For more bonuses, you can go to the casino and click on offers at the bottom.

spin pesa bonuses

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Spin pesa app download

Does Spin pesa have an App? Yes! the online casino does have a mobile app, this app is however available for android devices. If your phone runs on iOS or any other operating system, you should the spin website instead.

To get the Spin pesa apk file follow the following steps;

  • Go to the Spin pesa
  • At the bottom, you will see My page, click on in as shown below.

My page option

  • Click on it, the App download on the next page and the app will be downloaded.

Download app

  • To install it, go to your downloads folder and click on the APK file
  • Proceed with the prompts and the app will be installed

For the app to be installed, you will need to enable the installation of apps from other sources except for Google Play Store in your security settings. This is because the app was not downloaded from the Google Play Store directly.

Spin pesa referral program

Spin pesa has a legit referral program where you can refer your friends or any other person and earn a lifetime commission of 5% on whatever they stake on the platform. You will also earn a commission from the referrals of those that you referred.

To join, just register your account then click on the free bonus at the bottom, click on copy to get your referral link and start sharing it. You can even share on social media groups. You can track your commission on the site. Withdrawals can be made any time to the mpesa number that you used to register, and charges may be applied. They also offer rewards to top agents monthly.

Spin pesa commission

Spin pesa customer care

In case you want to contact Spin pesa, you can get to them through WhatsApp or make a call through the following mobile phone numbers.

257 799427045


254 7727777033


Spin pesa FAQs

Spin pesa is a legit online casino where one wins by playing games such as Spin wheel, slots machine and more.

To join, just go to the casino's registration page through this link. Enter your phone number and set a password, your account will be created.

To get your referral link, make sure you are logged in and click on Free bonus, here you will find your link.

Yes, spin pesa have an Android app, just go to their website pesa spin app download at the bottom right

Pros and Cons of Spin pesa

The bookie is one of the best to stake and win quickly, the website is also simple to use and the registration is quick. You also get to enjoy different bonuses and apart from the spin wheel, there are more games you can play.

On the other hand, winning online casino games depends on luck and hence you should be careful to limit the amount you use for gambling. Cheers!!

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