Top Spin and Win Online casinos in Kenya

spin and win

Spin and win are one of the best and quickest ways to earn real cash in online gambling. In Kenya, different sites offer you this golden opportunity. Below, we will look at the top spin wheel sites and see what features they have to offer to their customers.

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List of Spin to win sites in Kenya

Without wasting time, here is the list of betting sites where you can play the spin-to-win game.


This is perhaps one of the best spin-and-win online casinos in Kenya, for reasons we will see below.

spin pesa spin wheel

The betting site offers you a simple spin wheel, all you need to do is register and make a deposit. The lowest spin amount is KSh 30, you will hence need to top up with an amount higher or equal to 30.

How to play on Pesaclub

  • Create an account
  • Make a deposit
  • Choose your stake
  • Click on Spin

Your win amount will be equal to where the wheel will stop, in most cases, the winning ranges between Ksh 6 to Ksh 600 for a stake of 30 bob. The Spinpesa spin wheel does not have a possible win of zero.

Advantages of Pesaclub

Here are some reasons why the online casino made to our list:

  1. The registration process is quick and easy
  2. The spin wheel is simple to use and self-explanatory
  3. The site is mobile-friendly and also easy  to navigate
  4. Withdrawals are instant
  5. You can deposit and withdraw using M-Pesa
  6. There is no possible win of zero, however, you should note that your winnings might be less than your stake.

Disadvantages of Pesaclub

  1. Just like other online casinos, winning depends on your luck purely and you should hence play responsibly.
  2. Sometimes, there might be a delay in receiving the registration code.

Pesaclub also offers more online casino games, you can check its full details here


Second on our list is another pure online casino games site, Gamemania.

spin wheel

Gamemania is owned by Rambo resources Ltd and is licensed to operate in Kenya by BCLB. Compared to the first casino spin wheel, Gamemania’s spin wheel is a bit complicated. However, there is a demo that you can first try before playing with real money.

How to play gamemania spin wheel

    • Make sure you have registered an account and log in
    • Click on the hot spin, there are two options, choose Play Now or demo
    • If you have insufficient funds, you will be requested to top up, do so to continue
    • Choose your stake amount in the coin value option
    • You will note the spin wheel is spinning continuously
    • Below it is different values and symbols
    • Click Spin, the values will move upwards
    • For you to win, when the values and symbols stop moving, they must march with the ones on the Spin wheel winning space marked by two blue lines

Advantages of Gamemania

Here are some pros of the casino;

  1. The registration process is quick and easy.
  2. The staking amount can be as low as 5 bob.
  3. Deposits are free.
  4. Withdrawals are instant.
  5. You get to enjoy different bonuses.

Disadvantages of Gamemania

There are different areas that gamemania can improve to make their spin wheel a better service.

  1.  The spin wheel is not simple to understand.
  2. The site requires high internet speed.
  3. The website is not that mobile-friendly.
  4. Just like any other casino game, winning depends on your luck and you should hence play controllably

Above is a look at gamemania, there are however more games available on the bookie except for the spin wheel. You can see more details about gamemania over here. 

Bangbet Spin and Win

Bangbet is another betting site offering Spin wheel games in Kenya. However, unlike the other two above, it offers both sports and online casino betting options.

bangbet classic roulette

As you can see above, Bangbet provides the real-world Roulette on your hands. The betting site is licensed to operate in Kenya under BLCB number 0000208.

How to play Bangbet classic roulette

To participate in this amazing game and win, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Bangbet
  • Register an account and if you have one, Log in
  • Click on Casino on the main menu
  • You will be redirected to a page with different casino games available on the bookie, click on classic roulette
  • The lowest you can spin with is 5 bob, if you do not have at least Ksh 5 on your Bangbet, top-up first through Mpesa
  • On the roulette page, choose the amount you want to stake with
  • Predict where you think the marble will stop after rotation, you can choose a specific number, a color, between red & black, number ranges and between odd or even numbers

bangbet roulette prediction board

  • Click on spin and the roulette spin wheel will rotate together with the marble
  • If the marble stops on where you had predicted, then, you will win your stake amount multiplied by the applicable odds

Above is how you play the Bangbet classic spin wheel.

Advantages of Bangbet Spin wheel

  1.  The casino provides you with an opportunity to play one of the most popular real word casinos (classic roulette)
  2. Large-cap of staking increases the chances of winning, for example, you can choose between an odd or even number instead of picking a specific number
  3. The spin wheel is classic and the site layout is classic and simple to use
  4. Withdrawals are instant and you receive them on M-pesa

Disadvantages of Bangbet Spin wheel

  1.  The many possibilities available means the chances of winning are decreased
  2. While the spin wheel is classic, you will need to take time to learn how it works, you can first play the demo
  3. Winning depends on luck and you should hence play responsibly

While Bangbet offers the classic roulette, there are still more online casino games that you can play, if you are into sports betting, you can also wager on the site. See more about  Bangbet here.

Jengacash Spin wheel

Next on the list is Jengacash, yet another spin wheel that you can make money on.

Jengacash spin wheel

Jengacash is a simple-to-use site and does not offer more games except for the spin wheel. Below, we are going to see what its spin wheel is all about and how to win on it.

How to play Jengacash Spin wheel

  • Go to
  • You can first play the demo to get an idea of how the game works
  • Register your account, if you have one, log in
  • Make a Deposit if your account balance is below 20 bob(the minimum stake on the site)
  • Choose the amount you want to stake with
  • Click on Spin
  • The wheel will spin
  • Your win amount will be odd of where the arrow will be when the wheel stops multiplied by your stake amount.

If you staked using 20 bob and the wheel stops at X100, you will win 2000 shillings.

Advantages of Jengacash

  1. The registration is simple
  2. The spin wheel is simple to understand
  3. You enjoy a lot of bonuses
  4. The site is also simple to use

Disadvantages of Jengash spin and win

  1. There are no other casino games
  2. Winning depends on luck hence, one should be a responsible gambler

You can check Jengacash’s full review over here.

Above is a look at some of the top spin and win betting sites in Kenya. You can try them and see which suits you best. We wish you all the best as place your bets, cheers!!

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