Tatua 3 Kenya- Win today | Full review | Prizes and results

Tatua 3 Kenya

Lotteries are some of the methods you can use to win some good cash for yourself in Kenya. In this article, we are going to look at one of the most popular Lottery games in Kenya Known as Tatua 3. We are going to learn how to play Tatua 3, possible win from your stake, tips, where to get Tatua 3 results and their contacts.

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Tatua 3 Kenya

Tatua 3 FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Tatua 3.

Tatua tatu is lottery, winning in all lotteries depend on your luck. The only trick to increase your chances of winnings is to play many times with different numbers. This does not promise a win, but it will increase the probability of you winning.

Yeah, Tatua 3 is a legit lottery in Kenya where people win in a draw done every 30 minutes after picking their lucky numbers. The Lottery is licensed by the Betting control and licensing board in Kenya.

The Mpesa paybill number for Tatua 3 is 150150.

The results of each draw are sent to all those who played through SMS. You can also see the results online, open Tatua 3 website and click on results in the main menu.

What is Tatua tatu?

Tatua 3 is a lottery game in Kenya where you win by choosing three Lucky numbers. If these 3 lucky numbers that you picked are chosen in the draw you are going to win big depending on the amount that you used to bet and the odds your bet was multiplied with. The highest possible win per stake is KSh 300k. Looking for another simple to play online game that you can win cash on? We have prepared a list of simple to play and win games for you over here.

This lottery does not just offer you the chance to win cash only, you can be awarded other gifts such as motorcycles, fridges, gas cookers, microwaves and more as we will see later below.

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How to Play Tatua tatu

The lottery is very simple to play, in fact as their slogan says, “Ni rahisi kama 1, 2, 3”. We are sure you will agree with us after you learn how to play this game in this section.

The steps below explain how to play Tatua 3:

  1. Open your Mpesa
  2. Choose Lipa na Mpesa and then click on Paybill
  3.  Enter paybill number 150150 and click on OK
  4.  Next, you will be requested to enter the Account number. Here is where you enter your lucky numbers followed by the word WEB. For example, if I want to use 6, 7 and 8 as my lucky numbers, in the Account number option, I will enter this: 678 WEB.
  5. Now click on OK, enter your Mpesa pin and confirm that you want to send the amount to Tatau 3.
  6. That is it, you have placed your bet and all you need to do now is wait for your luck, we will see how you will know if you won below.

tatua 3

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If you prefer to do things quickly, you can use the online method. The method is quick and fast, you will also not need to remember the Tatau 3 Paybill number. The only thing that will be required is for you to have data bundles since you will be accessing the site through the internet.

Follow the steps below to play Tatua 3 online:

  1. Open Tatu 3 website, it can be accessed through tatuatatu.co.ke
  2. You will see a form requesting your 3 lucky numbers
  3. Enter your Safaricom phone number(must be Mpesa activated)
  4. Enter your 3 lucky numbers
  5. Enter the amount you wish to play with
  6. Click on the play now button
  7. A Mpesa pop-up will open requesting you to confirm the payment to Tatua tatu, confirm by entering your pin and that is it, wait for your luck now.

As you can see above, while playing Tatua 3 is simple, playing it online is even simpler. The good thing is that you are not limited to the number of times you can play, just play as much as you like, you should however play responsibly to avoid making huge losses. The other good thing about this lottery is that you do not need to create an account for you to win.

Tatua 3 results

I just finished playing? So how do I know that if I have won? According to Tatua 3, the draw is done every 30 minutes. Results are displayed when the hour is at 30 minutes or sharp e.g 9:00 and 9:30. This means that you can place your bet and win within less than 30 minutes.

results page

To get an updated result of the Tatua tatu, do the following:

  • Open the Tatua 3 website
  • Click on the results option on the main menu
  • You will be redirected to the results page
  • Here, you will see the results of each hour, at sharp the hours and at 30 minutes past the hour
  • If the numbers indicated are the same as those you used to play with, you are a winner

It is important to note that if you win, you will easily realize it through SMS> This is because Tatua 3 will send results to all those who played through a text message. You will also receive the won amount on the Mpesa phone number you used to play Tatua 3.

The other important thing to note is that, when a draw is done, it means that bets that were placed in the last 30 minutes have been closed. If you want to be considered in the draw to be done in the next that minutes, you will have to place your stake again. This simply means if you choose number 456 yesterday at 12:00pm and today at 2:30 pm the result of the lucky numbers is 456, you will not be rewarded, only those that have entered this number for the current 30 minutes draw will win.

Tatua 3 Odds

Odds are the number that your stake will be multiplied with in order to bring about your won amount.

tatua tatu odds

The lottery does not make anything complicated, when it comes to odds, this same case applies. Your stake will be multiplied 300 times to give your winnings. This means if you placed a bet of Ksh 10 on the lottery, your possible win 1s KSh 3000, if you place a stake of Ksh 500, your possible win is Ksh 150,000. The minimum stake on Tatua 3 is Ksh 10 and the highest stake is Ksh 1,000.

Other prizes and bonuses

The lottery does not just give the chance to win cash, you can still win more items from them.


Here are some other things that the lottery gives:

  • Electronics and motorcycles- according to Tatua 3, you need to spin the wheel or pick a box and you will get your prize if lucky.
  • Mia bonus- when you play with 100 bob you stand a chance to win your 30K and extra a bonus of Ksh 15,000

Above are some other prizes available from the lottery.

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Tatua 3 tricks and Tips

To win and to be safe on the Lottery, you will need to apply some tricks and tips. It is important to note that lotteries are won from randomly produced numbers and hence it entirely depends on your luck, no one should deceive you that there is a formula you can use to get these numbers, it is just luck.

That being said, here are the two golden tips we have to offer you:

  • To increase your chances of winning, play as many times as you can with different numbers before the 30 minutes draw. This will just increase the probability of the numbers you picked being the winning numbers.
  • Do not be obsessed with winning, do not try to chase your losses, just be a very very responsible player. The game can be addictive and this can read to you make huge losses, to prevent this, set your limits when playing the game.

Tatua 3 contacts

If you have any problem, feedback, or just want to get in touch with Tatua 3, use one of these methods.

  • Call through this phone number +254 703 065 150
  • Email Tatu 3 through help@tatuatatu.co.ke
  • You can also inbox them on their official Facebook account

The above is a look at the Tatua 3 lottery, it is an easy game to play but just like other lotteries and betting platforms, one should use it responsibly. Thanks, we wish you winning staking.

  1. It’s not true I have played two times and am have not received any message to inform me a draw has been done and showed the winning numbers

    • Guys this game is useless don’t even waste your money play this stupid game…..you will not receive any message informing you of who worned….which numbers are luckier…..I have wasted my 200bob😭😭😭😭I wish I knew nkt

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