Gamepawa How to guide – Registration, bonuses and games available

Gamepawa How to guide – Registration, bonuses and games available

Gamepawa is among the online casinos in Kenya where you can play different games by placing bets and win real cash. On Gamepawa, there are many games that you can play, however, you must register, make deposits and understand how to play different Gamepawa games.  We will cover this casino in detail below to help you understand how to do all of the above, we will all also look at bonuses available on and how the referral program works.

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How to Register on Gamepawa

In order to play the games available on, you will need to have an account first, otherwise, you can only view available games. The account will not only help you play games but also, make deposits, receive bonuses and withdraw your won amount. A Gamepawa account is this important, let’s hence see how to create one below.

gamepawa registration page

To register on Gamepawa, follow these steps:

  1. Open Gamepawa website
  2. Click on Register at the top
  3. Enter your phone number on the registration page and set a password that you will recall easily
  4. Click on Register
  5. That is it, your account will be created and you can now play on the casino

It is important to note that Gamepawa uses the phone number that you provide during registration to send withdrawals and receive deposits. You should hence use a Safaricom phone number that is also Mpesa registered.

How to Login

Now that you have an account of Gamepawa, you will need to Sign in. Let us hence learn how to log in to your Gamepawa account in this section.

Log in page on gamepawa


To log in, follow these steps:

  • Open
  • Click on Login at the top
  • You will be taken to the login page
  • Here, enter the phone number and password that you used to register
  • Click on Login and you will be logged in to your account.

What if I have forgotten my Gamepawa password? Do not worry, if you forgot your password, click on Forgot password on the Login page, you will be requested to enter the phone number you used when registering, after that, click on get code, a confirmation code will be sent to your phone number, enter it. Now set your new password and click on Confirm. This will now be your new password and you can follow the steps above to log in to your account using it.

Games on Gamepawa Kenya and how to play them

Gamepawa is an online casino, unlike most betting sites, Gamepawa focuses on only casino games. To win on any game at, you will need to know how to play it, we are going to see how to play every game below.

gamepawa games


Casino games are good to play since you win instantly or do not have to wait minutes for the outcome, some casino games also do not depend on luck but on your skills to play them. You should however play responsibly since Betting can be addictive. 

Games on Gamepawa are divided into the following categories;

  • Spin- this involves games that are played by a form of spinning, it can be numbers or spin wheels
  • Lottery- this involves making picks then placing your stake, the game is played by the system and if you pick matches your pick, you win. Also, see Lotto Kenya.
  • Slots- slots might involve lucky picks or even allow you to play games like mobile phone games.

Below is a look at all games available on Gamepawa and how to play them:

1. Spin10

This is a very popular game and there is even a site dedicated to this game. It is however incorporated on Gamepawa with more improvements on it.

Spinpesa game

To play the Spin10 game on, Open the website or App. Make sure you are logged in, click on Spin on the top menu then choose Spin10. You will be taken to this game page where you will be represented with a spin wheel like the one below.

The minimum amount that you can Stake with on the Spin10 game is 30 bob, if your account balance is below this, you should top up. After topping up, choose the amount you want to stake with, the higher your stake, the higher your possible win. After that click on Spin, the wheel will spin and where it stops is what you have won.

As you can see, Spin10 is one of the simplest spin wheels to play. The spin wheel does not have a possible win of zero, this means that you will never win nothing although it is possible to win an amount less than what you staked.

Also, See Mallpesa Kenya.

2. Flappy bird

Flappy bird is the next game we are going to look at. The game allows you to win by playing yourself and not waiting for the system to generate results. This makes sure you are in control of your money and winnings.

To play the Flappy bird game, go to Gamepawa and choose slots. Click on Flappy bird and you will be taken to this games page. Here, pick the amount you want to play with, the minimum amount is 10 bob. The higher the amount you pick, the higher the amount to win will be.

To Win on the Flappy bird game, click exactly on a bird on the screen to capture it on a net. Each bird has the amount that you will earn if you capture it. The big the capture, the higher the win.

Tip: Instead of trying to capture the huge birds with a big amount on them, capture the small ones. The small ones are easy to capture unlike the huge ones, this will prevent you from losing.

As you can see from above, this game does not depend on results from any other place, it depends on how you are playing it and the birds you are capturing.

3. Jingle fruits

This is the next game we will look at, the game replicates the popular gambling machines that were commonly referred to as “Mchina”. This game is now brought to you online on Gamepawa.

Jingle fruits game

The minimum amount you can stake with is 30 bob. To play, choose your stake amount then choose which number or fruit you think the lights will stop on after a spin. After you are through with your picks, click on ready to go and the game is going to spin showing you where the lights stop, a coinciding with your pick is a win.

4. Lucky number

The next game that you will find on Gamepawa is the Lucky number.lucky number

In the lucky number game, you will have to pick which numbers you think the spin wheel will stop on. You can even choose the range of the numbers or whether the numbers are going to be odd or even. After you make your choice, choose your stake amount, the lowest being 30 bob. Click on play and the spin wheel will rotate.

The stake multiplied by the odds given is usually the won amount. To win, the spin wheel will have to stop on the range you predicted or the numbers you predicted.

5. Scrapping card

The scrapping card game is another game that you can play in the casino.

scrapping card game

On the game, you will need to buy your scratch card with at least 30 bob. The scratch card will be revealed after buying. If there are 4 identical numbers horizontally or 6 identical numbers vertically or 2 identical numbers on a short diagonal slash or 4 identical numbers or the longest diagonal slash of the card, you win.

You can learn more about the game by clicking on the question mark at the top of this game and see the given instructions. 

Here are bonuses.

6. Lucky poker

The lucky poker game is also on the Lottery option.

Lucky poker

In this game, one picks what color a card is going to be after it is revealed. There are 52 cards that are either black or red, pick the color and your stake then click on take win and see whether you guessed right and won.

7. Big Match

This is a slots game, we will see how to play it below.


lotto 3

On the Big match game, you choose your stake and click on play. If the items/letters/symbols on the screen appear 3 times in a row/column you have won. The odd shown on the symbol multiplied by your stake is the won amount.

8. Pesa roll

Pesaroll is the next game on Gamepawa. We are going to learn how to play it here.

pesa roll game

The game involves two numbers on each end and a mathematical symbol like multiplication and addition at the center. You just need to choose your stake and click on play. The numbers will roll and where they stop will be your win. For example, from the image above, 30 multiplied by 30 which is 900 is the won amount.

9. Lucky Pick

Lucky Pick is another nice game that you should try out on Gamepawa.

In the game, you are shown a lion and it is then enclosed in two cylinders and a reshuffle is done. You should pick the box where the lion was enclosed before the reshuffle and win. If you have a sharp eye and follow up, this is the right winning game for you.

10. Cowboy game

Cowboy is the next casino game available on the online casino.

cowboy game

The game involves catching cows with a rope.They will resist the capture and if the rope is not strong enough, the cow will break free. If it is strong, you will have captured it and the amount on it is your win. The lowest amount you can stake with is 30 bob.

11. Lucky marbles 

Here is the next game on the list of the many games on Gamepawa.

lucky marbles game

On lucky marbles, marbles on top of cylinders will drop after you click play. Each cylinder has its possible win amount,  the cylinder where the marble falls has your win amount indicated. The big your stake the higher the possible win, the minimum stake amount is Ksh 30.

12. Lucky box

Let us understand how to play this next game here.

luck box

The lucky box is a game that involves opening boxes and claiming treasures that are inside. To open a box, you will have to use a specific amount, the higher the amount, the higher the possible win.

13. Lucky roll

The lucky roll game is almost similar to the lucky turn game.

lucky roll game

On the screen, there are three numbers. When you hit on the play button, the total of the numbers that stop on the screen will be your winning amount, for example, on the screen above the won amount would be 120+120+120 which is 360. The lowest stake is 30 bob on the Lucky roll game.

Above is a look at all the games that are available on Gamepawa, as you will note, these games are simple to play and anyone can understand them in minutes.

Bonuses and gifts on Gamepawa

Like most casinos, Gamepawa offers various gifts to their loyal customers, let us which are available and how to get them in this section.

gamepawa bonuses

Here is a list of bonuses from Gamepawa:

  • Become a VIP- this is an opportunity to get withdrawable cash after making a deposit on Gamepawa. The amount one gets depends on the VIP level, for example. for level one, you get up to 150 after your total deposits reach 500 bob.
  • Lucky Night- if you play certain games such as Lucky 777, Cash Spin, Lucky Slots, Double Spin, Crazy Fruits and Magic Wheel, you will be rewarded Raffles that will give you a chance of winning up to Kh 2,000.
  • Daily bonus- the first deposit of Ksh 100, 200, or 500 in a day leads to a bonus. The amount awarded is ksh 105, 220 and 540 respectively. To get the bonus, claim it on the events page of the Gamepawa app.


You will need to make deposits and withdrawals on the platform. Let us understand how to do it below.

How to Deposit

If you try to play a game and the amount is low, just follow the steps below to top up on your Gamepawa account:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Top-up at the top
  • On the next screen, pick the amount to deposit
  • After choosing, click on Top-up
  • Your Mpesa will automatically open requesting you to confirm you want to send the amount to Digiplay
  • Confirm by entering your Mpesa pin
  • That is it, the amount will reflect immediately on Gamepawa

The number that Mpesa will open is the one that you used to register with.

Deposit page on Gamepawa

How to Withdraw from Gamepawa

You have won on Gamepawa, you want to get your cash now. Just do the following:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Me at the bottom menu
  • Click withdraw
  • Choose the amount you wish to withdraw the lowest being 100 bob
  • Click on withdraw
  • You should receive a Mpesa message with the withdrawn amount after some seconds.

Gamepawa Mobile App

The casino has a mobile app that you can Install and enjoy a more enhanced way of playing and winning. The app is only available for android devices.


To get the Gamepawa app, follow the steps below:

  • Open website
  • Click on me at the bottom
  • Choose app download on the next page
  • The downloads folder is where you will find the app
  • To install, click on the downloaded apk file and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Since the download is not from Google Play Store, you should enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on security settings.

Gamepawa customer care

If you are experiencing trouble or have any feedback. You can reach out to Gamepawa through the methods below:

  • Use these phone numbers 0799427045 or 0772777033
  • Chat on Whatsapp through these phone numbers 0799427045 or 0772777033



Referral program

Gamepawa has a very good referral program where one earns for life when a person they referred plays on the platform. This can be a good source of income if you put the right effort into it.


Gamepawa referral

To get your referral link, click on commission, copy the refer message and then edit the message to your liking. The commission is 6% of your referred customer stake and 3% in some games, also, you get half of the commission from sub-referrals.  

Above is a look at Gamepawa casino. The casino is something to go by since it provides many winning opportunities from its games, also, the design of the site is simple, registration is quick, games are simple to understand and instant payments. You should however play responsibly. We wish you the best as you play. Cheers!!

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