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bingwa pick a number

Bingwa bet in an online lottery in Kenya that gives you a pool of games to play and win. We are going to look at this online casino in the article. Some of the topics we will cover include Bingwa bet bonuses, how to play and win, registration and more.

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Like other online casino games, games on this betting site allow you to win after a short period of time. In comparison to other forms of betting such a sports betting, this is an added advantage.

How to register on Bingwa bet

To play any game on Bingwa bet, you will need an account. There are a few steps you can follow to create your account as below:

  • Go to
  • Click on login/Register at the top
  • Choose register on the page and the registration form will appear
  • Here, enter your phone number and set your password
  • Also agree to the terms and conditions and click on Submit
  • Your Bingwa account will be ready for use.

The phone number that you use to create the account will be the same to make deposits and receive withdrawals. Bingwa bet only accepts Mpesa and hence, you should use a Safaricom phone number.

How to log in on Bingwa games

To use the account, you will need to Log in. Please follow the steps below to login into your account:

  • Open Bingwa website
  • Click on login at the top
  • Enter the phone number and password that you used to register
  • Click on login and that is it.

If you forgot your Bingwa password, click on reset password on the log-in page. Enter the phone number used for registration on the next page and click on the request reset code. Enter the code you will receive through SMS and set a new password for your account.

How to play Bingwa and Win

Bingwa offers various games, each of the games has its rules and how to play it. Let us look at these games below.

Pick a number

This is a lottery game and is played just like other lotteries for example lotto, tatua 3 bor supa 5. You have to pick 3 numbers and wait for the draw. If the number picked coincides with at least two numbers in the draw, you will up to Ksh 10,000. The stake amount for this game is 10 bob.

bingwa pick a number


This game is similar to Jengacash, another online casino game. To play The pesa wheel Bingwa game, you will have to pick your odds first, after that, enter the amount that you wish to stake with then click on spin. If the spin wheel stands at the odd you picked, you win will be your stake amount multiplied by the odd. For example, for an odd 0f X2 and a stake of 50 bob, your win will be Ksh 100.

bingwa pesa wheel


Inuka is a game on Bingwa where you get to win in a draw by answering simple questions. The questions are divided into sports category, a general category and all category.  The draw happens every hour and the possible win is Ksh 100,00.

inuka bingwa

Lucky scratch

The next game on Bingwa is Lucky scratch. In this game, you have hidden symbols, you will need to reveal three identical symbols for you to win. The win amount will be with regard to the odds in the revealed symbols. To reveal a symbol, click on it, the stake amount for each reveal is 20 bob.

lucky scratch


In the cubes games, the requirement is to match 5 or more connecting symbols of the same color in the grid. The minimum stake amount for the game is 20 bob and the possible win is up to 3000 times your stake. The number of symbols in the cluster will also affect your wins.

cubes game bingwa

Gold rush

In the game, you are given winning numbers and your numbers. Buy numbers and then after that reveal the winning numbers, if one of your bought numbers coincides with the numbers in the winning numbers you will win. The amount won will be what is on the number.

gold rush game

It’s Bananas

It’s bananas is the next game on Bingwa. Just like in Gold rush, you will need to reveal numbers. If the numbers match a number on the winning numbers, you will win the amount on the number. The stake amount for this game is 20 bob.

Mini Scratchy

The mini scratchy game is similar to the lucky scratch game. You have to reveal 3 identical symbols. The won amount will be what is indicated on those numbers. The stake amount for the game is Ksh 100.

mini scracthy  Diamond rush

Just like in Gold rush, in diamond rush, you also have to reveal your numbers. If the numbers coincide with one number in the winning numbers, you will win the amount on the symbol. The stake amount is Ksh 75 for the game.

diamond rush

The Respinners

This is a musical band game. When you play and get an individual in the bad, you will have won. There are a lot of possible ways to win and the won amount can go up to 5150X your stake amount.

respinners game

Queens Treasure

The game is similar to the other scratch games mentioned. You win if you reveal 3 identical symbols. The won amount is what is on the symbol. The Stake amount for the game is Ksh 50.

queen treasure

Shave the beard

Just like the Queens treasure, this game is similar to the scratch cards game.  You win by revealing 3 identical symbols. The won amount is what is shoen on the symbol. The stake amount game is Ksh 100.

shave the beard game

Bonuses on Bingwa

Bingwa bet has the following bonuses that it offers to its customers:

  • Welcome bonus- the bonus is given to all new users, to get the 50% welcome bonus, you will need to make a deposit after registering. The bonus will be 50% of the bonus, for example, f0r 200 deposit, you get an extra 100 bob.
  • Coupons- these are given to regular customers and can be redeemed through the bonus menu on the Bingwa website.

welcome bonus

How to deposit to Bingwa bet

If your account balance is low, you will have to deposit. Follow these steps to deposit on Bingwa bet:

  • Log in
  • Click on account and choose deposit
  • Enter the amount and click top-up
  • Your Mpesa will open, complete the transaction by entering your Mpesa pin.


You can also use Bingwa bets Mpesa paybill number 290040 and account number WIN to make your deposit manually.

Withdraw from Bingwa bet

To withdraw your winnings, from the steps below:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Confirm and you will receive the amount on your Mpesa.

Bingwa bet customer care

If you want to reach out to Bingwa bet for any reason, use this phone number 0729290224 to call them.

Above is a look at Bingwa bet, as you can see, this is a good online casino. You should however play responsibly since betting can be addictive. We wish you all the best. Cheers!!

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