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Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in Kenya. The lottery has one of the biggest lottery Jackpots in the country up to Ksh 25 million. In this article, we will learn everything about lotto Kenya including how to play, winning tricks, lotto results and more. Walk with us below if you need to understand everything about this lottery game.

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Lotto FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions on Lotto

To win on any lottery, you need to play as many times as possible, this will increase the chance of the numbers you pick to be in the prizes or Jackpot draw numbers. You should however play very responsibly to avoid making very high losses.

Yes, Lotto is a real lottery in Kenya where people win prizes and Jackpots by predicting numbers that will be on the draw.

There are no limits to the number of times you can play for each draw. You should however play responsibly.

If you win, you will receive a notification through text message. You can also check the results page on Lotto's website to see the results of the draw that you bought a ticket on.

What is Lotto?

Lotto, as we have stated above is a lottery game in Kenya. Thousands of people participate in this game daily with aim of winning, of course, hundreds of people also win. To win the Lotto Jackpot, you will have to place a stake with at least KSH 50 and predict 6 numbers that will be in the draw results, if you predict three numbers and above right, you will win prizes. For three numbers, the prize amount will be your stake multiplied by 25.

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How to play Lotto

Lottery games are simple to play compared to other betting games such as spin to win. The same case applies to Lotto. In this section, we will see how to play this game. It is good to note that you can play Lotto online or offline. Either method does not require you to create an account or such complex processes. All you need to have is a valid phone number that is also Safaricom enabled and be physically living in Kenya.

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Here is how to play Lotto through SMS:

  1. Send a text message with the word WEB to 79007. This method is applicable if you do not want to pick your numbers
  2.  If you want to pick your numbers, SMS 6 numbers from 0-49 to 79007 separated by space and at the end enter WEB
  3. Your Mpesa will open requesting you confirm that you want to send Ksh 50 to Lotto, enter your pin to authorize the transaction.

Here is an example of how the numbers should be typed if you choose to pick your lucky numbers, 20 17 18 9 45 33 WEB. It is important to note the numbers must be between 0 and 49 and should not exceed or be less than 6.

To play lotto through M-pesa, follow the steps below

  • Open your Mpesa
  • Choose Lipa na Mpesa and click on paybill
  • Enter paybill number 777000
  • On the Account number, enter your 6 luck number from 0 to 49 separated by space and at the end type WEB. For example, 7 11 20 6 19 21 WEB
  • You can also let the system generate the numbers for you, just use WEB as your account number
  • Click on Ok and enter the amount you wish to stake with between Ksh 50 and 1000
  • Enter your pin and you will have entered the draw.

An even simpler method to play Lotto is online. All you will need is some data bundles.

online lotto

Here is how to play the game online:

  • Open Lotto website, which can be accessed through
  • You will see a phone requesting you to play now
  • Enter the Mpesa phone number that you want to play with
  • Pick and enter your lucky numbers  between 0 to 49
  • Enter the amount you want to play with between KSH 50 and 1,000
  • Click on the play now button
  • Your Mpesa will open
  • Enter the pin to confirm the payment, that is, you have entered the next draw

From above, you can see playing Lotto is plenty easy and direct. The easiest method however might be the online method since it is direct. The minimum stake is Ksh 50 and the maximum is Ksh 1000.

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Draws on Lotto

Lotteries have their draws rule, also draws will happen after at an interval time. Lotto has two draws type. Let’s understand them below.

  • Lotto daily draws- this draw happens on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The time is 4 pm and 10 pm. It is important to note that if you play on Monday, that game will be only eligible for the Monday draw. For example, if you picked 23, 40, 35, 11, 42, 7 as your lucky numbers on Monday and these numbers happen to be the lucky numbers on  Friday, you will not be eligible for the prize, this is because the Monday draw has already be done.
  • Mega Jackpot- the Mega jackpot draw happens every Wednesday and Saturday, tickets bought the days before these days qualify for the Mega jackpot draw. That is, all tickets bought on  Saturday 20:00 to Wednesday 19:59 qualify for the Wednesday Jackpot and all tickets bought on  Wednesday 20:00 to Saturday 19:59 are entered into the Saturday Jackpot.

Jackpots and prizes on Lotto

As we mentioned before, Lotto does not just give you a Jackpot, it also gives you prizes if you missed the numbers by just a little bit. Here, let’s learn what the Jackpot and prizes are on the lottery.

lotto jackpot plus prizes

Here is a look at Jackpots and all prizes:

  • Jackpot- this is the highest gift that you can win on Lotto on a particular draw. The win amount is usually your stake multiplied by 25,000 so if you bet with 100 bob, your possible win is 2,500,000 shillings. The highest possible win for the jackpot is 25 million shillings, that is 25,000 multiplied by 1.000. To win the Jackpot, the 6 numbers you picked when placing your stake have to be the same ones that have been produced on the draw. The numbers do not have to be in the particular order you entered them, they just have to appear.
  • 5 numbers- if you predict 5 numbers right, you will be eligible for a Ksh 50,000 reward on the daily draw.
  • 4 number- for 4 number right prediction, your reward will be Ksh 30,000 on the daily draw.
  • 3 numbers- finally, 3 numbers will see you awarded Ksh 500 on the daily draw.

It is important to note that the numbers do not have to appear in the consecutive order as you entered them, as far as you predict a number and it is in the draw, you will be a winner as far as the number of required correct numbers is reached.

Lotto results  and winners

When you have placed a bet on Lotto, you will need to track the results in order to know if you are a winner. If you win on any particular draw on Lotto, you should receive an SMS alerting you that you won. The amount won will be deposited to your Mpesa, if it is more than Ksh 150,000 it will be sent through a bank or Cheque.


Results from Lotto are posted at 10:15 Pm on the Lotto website. Just open their website and click on the results page to see the number that won the Draw. Results are also broadcasted live at 10:00 pm on K24, Nation TV, Kameme TV, Kass TV, and Magharibi TV. If you win on Live Tv draw, you should receive a call from the Lotto team informing you that you won and how to receive the cash.

Lotto winning tricks

In every lottery, we think there are only two golden tips one should apply in order to be a winner and remain a winner. Here are the two.

  • Play as many times as you can, this is to increase the chances of your picked numbers being in the draw Jackpot or prizes
  • Play responsibly. Lottery and betting can be addictive, if you do not play responsibly, you will end up purely poor!

The above are the tips you should always use, this is because lottery depends on pure luck and you can not tell for certain that any number you picked will be in the draw.

Lotto contacts

If you have queries, trouble or feedback just use the following methods to reach the Lotto customer care desk.

  • On phone using this number  0703 065 032
  • On email using this address
  • On Lotto official Facebook page 

As we have seen above, Lotto is a good lottery in Kenya that gives you a chance of winning millions and other amazing prizes. All you need to do is play responsibly. Thanks, we wish you the best in your gaming.

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