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Mawingu bet is an online betting site in Kenya. In this article. we are going to look into detail about this platform. Some of the features and we will look at include, Mawingu bet bonuses, registration, Jackpot and more.

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It is important to note that Mawingu bet is a lightweight betting site, while being lightweight comes with its advantages, it also means that the site lacks most features that come with standard betting platforms.

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How to play on Mawingu bet

You are don’t have to have an account at first for you to play on Mawingu bet. Here are the steps to follow to place bets on Mawingu bet:

  1. Go
  2. Check the games available for today and note their IDs and the prediction you want to make for each game
  3. After that, send a text message in the format of gameid#prediction#betamountto 29597 for example 182284#x#100
  4. Your bet will be successfully placed if your account balance is sufficient.

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It is important to note that currently, the betting site focuses on Football betting only. If you want to bet on other types of sports or online games the platform does not cover that.

How to deposit on Mawingu bet

Like we mentioned above, your bet will only go through successfully if your balance is sufficient. To top up, open your Mpesa, choose lipa na Mpesa and use Mawingu paybill number which is 739477 and the account number is Bet. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and complete by entering your pin.


Betting options on Mawingu bet

There are two options that you can bet on the betting platform and are as follows:

  • Jackpot- this is a chance to win 11 million shillings by predicting on  10 pre-selected games right. The Jackpot is available daily and its end time is 8pm. To view today’s Jackpot, go to 
  • Normal betting- in this betting, you predict in one or more matches of your choice. You just need to follow the steps we stated on how to bet.


Mawingu bet customer care

If you have trouble or want to get in touch, use any of the following contacts methods:

  • Call 0703012500
  • Email address

customer care mawingu bet

If you want to know the outcome of a match that you placed a bet on, go to the results page on the website. You can also use this link

As you can see from above, Mawingu bet is very simple. You can only bet through SMS, this might sound simple but we think SMS betting is more complicated than online betting. The platform does not have a lot of betting options and sports. The bonuses are limited too.

In conclusion, while Mawingu bet is a good way to bet if you are looking for a platform to place Football predictions through SMS, the platform should also make more improvements to compete with most betting sites in Kenya.

We wish you all the best in your wagering. Cheers!!

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  2. Nilipata 6 kwa 10 ambapo nafaa kupewa bonus bt sijapewa hadi wa leo na wen u call there no ni busy ever.the jackpot id 774.

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