Jazabet Kenya- Get happy hour bonus | How to win

Jazabet Kenya- Get happy hour bonus | How to win

Jazabet.com is among the recent online casinos to launch a crash game in Kenya. Below we will have a full look at Jazabet Kenya including how to get your happy hour bonus, registration and how to win when playing this crash game.

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What is Jazabet.com?

Jazabet Kenya

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Jazabet is an online crash game/bust game. The game involves placing a bet, waiting for the odds to rise then cashout before the round is busted. Playing procedure: Register, deposit at least Ksh 10, enter the amount you wish to bet with and click on bet, the round will begin and the multiplier odds will start rising, click on cashout before the round is busted/finished(it can finish at any time).

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How to register on Jazabet

To place bets on Jazabet Kenya, you will need to have an account, follow the steps below to create an account on Jazabet:

  • Go to Jazabet.com
  • At the top, click on the register link
  • The registration page will load
  • Now, enter your phone number, a name that will be used for your account and a password that you can remember easily
  • Click on register and your Jazabet.com account will be created

Jazabet registration page

How to Log in to Jazabet Kenya

Once your account is created, you will need to log in, follow the steps below:

  • Go Jazabet website
  • Click on login at the top
  • Enter the password you used to register 
  • Click on Login to site and you will be logged in

If you forgot your password, click on retrieve password on the login page. You will be requested to enter the phone number you used when creating an account and the password will be sent through a text message.

How to play the Jazabet game

Once you have an account and have logged in Successfully, you can start playing the game. Here are the steps to follow in order to play and win on Jazabet.com. Note there are two options two play as we will see.

1. Jazaclassic

  • Make a deposit to your Jazabet account through Mpesa, the minimum you can bet with is Ksh 10, your deposit will hence have to be 10 bob  or above
  • Once you have deposited enter the amount you wish to bet with
  • Next, select whether you want an auto cashout, if you set auto cashout on, your bet will cashout automatically once the odds reach the value you entered. For example, if you enter 2, when the odds reach 2.0, the bet will cashout
  • After you filled the above fields, wait for the current round to finish and click on Bet Next round before the next round starts
  • The next rouns will start after some few seconds and the odds will begin to rise steadily up
  • Cashout at any point before the round is busted

How to play Jazabet game

Note: If you fail to cashout before the round is busted, you will have lost the bet. If you put on the auto cashout feature and the number you entered is reached before you click on cashout, the bet will be auto cashout and you will win the odds multiplied by your bet amount.

2. Jaza Special

This option is played just like the Jaza classic, however, here, you choose your prediction on which color the bust odds will be, between green, red and moon. Red is when the crash is less than 2, Green is when the crash is more than 2 and the moon is when the crash is more than 10.

How to win on Jazabet

The aim of placing any bet is to win, on Jazabet.com, you can make good cash. That being said, it is worth noting that this is an automatic game and there is no way of predicting what the next bust will be. The only way to win on Jazabet is to make sure you cashout before the bust. It is also good to have a limit of the amount you will bet with, if you lose cash, do not try to chase, this might lead to you making even more losses.

Get Jazabet Happy hour bonus

On Jazabet, you are awarded 5% of what you will bet for the first hour of the day as far as it is before 3:00 am. The time might change, you can confirm today’s hour time by going to the Happy hour page.

Depositing to Jazabet

As we mentioned above, you will need to deposit in order to place bets on Jazabet. Follow the steps below to make your deposit.

  • Log in to the site
  • Click on the Deposit button at the top
  • On the next page, enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on Lipa na Mpesa Online
  • You will receive an Mpesa request on the phone number you used to register
  • Complete the deposit by entering your Mpesa pin and the amount will reflect on your Jazabet account immediately

You can also deposit using the platform’s paybill number. Just open your Mpesa, choose lipa na Mpesa then paybill, Jazabet paybill number is 779779, on the account number, enter the phone number that you used when creating an account.

Deposit to Jazabet

Withdrawing from Jazabet

Once you have a good amount, you will need to withdraw the cash, just follow the steps below to get your money.

  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Click on your balance at the top
  • On the next page, choose withdraw
  • Enter the amount you wish to get and click submit
  • This amount will be sent to your Mpesa after some seconds/minutes

Withdraw from Jazabet

Note: There will be a withdrawal fee and Jazabet will also withhold 20% tax as required by the law in Kenya.

Jazabet referral progarm

Jazabet has a referral program where there give 2% for each deposit some you referred makes. While this is a good thing, you might have to look at other bettings sites with a referral program that gives up to 20% commission.


Jazabet contacts

The main way to contact Jazabet is by email, use the  support@jazabet.com to talk with the support team if you need any assistance.

Above is a look at Jazabet Kenya, this is a legit betting site where you can win real money. Remember that in betting, there is also losing, you should hence play responsibly.

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