Betting sites with Virtual sports in Kenya


Virtual betting is an awesome feature in betting, it involves a computer-stimulated match that replicates a real match, however, this time around, the match takes a very short time allowing you to win instantly. Below, we are going to look at top betting sites with virtual sports in Kenya.

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Betting sites that offer virtual betting will most likely offer it in the different sports categories, for example; Football virtual betting, Basketball virtual betting, Volleyball virtual betting, virtual tennis, virtual rugby and more.

List of Virtual sports betting sites in Kenya

Below is a list of betting sites in Kenya offering virtual betting and the Sports available for each bookie.

1. Betwinner

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betwinner Kenya

Betwinner, a bookie with availability in Kenya offers different opportunities for virtual betting. Each Option has different sports available.

Virtual sports on Betwinner

Here are some virtual sports betting options available.

  • Golden Race- Here, you get more sports options especially football including; France, Germany, England league and more.
  • Leap Virtual gaming- this mainly involves virtual betting in racing e.g horse racing
  • Global bet
  • Konect sports betting- this includes tennis, football and cricket.
  • Betradar is driven by facts- from the virtual world cup, virtual tennis to basketball is all available on this option.

2. Sportybet

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Sportybet, a top betting site in Kenya offers virtual games that will help you win instantly. One good thing about sportybet is that it is among the bookies that allow very low minimum deposits.

Virtual sports available on Sportybet

Sportybet offers different virtual sports, these sports also come in different categories as we will see below. Here are some virtual sports that you can stake on Sportybet.

  • Virtual football- this involves quick matches or a full league. The matches in a league are played all at once and take at most 3 minutes. The matches are stimulated through artificial intelligence depending on the players’ skills, the number of goals, fitness, consecutive matches statics and more.
  • Virtual horses- this game involves competition in horse racing. The racers are stimulated to reflect a real-world situation. All races take place together and you will see the winner.
  • Virtual Greyhounds (Dogs)- the game involves competition between dogs, the race is played continuously and you will have an opportunity to place a bet when the last race is completed. Each race involves six players and takes about 2 minutes.

  • Virtual speedways- this involves placing bets on the results of speedways. You can place your stake as soon as the current race is over. The race involves 4 participants and lasts for about 2 minutes.
  • Virtual bikes- here, you will stake on results of bike racing, each race will take about 3 minutes with 6 participants.

Sportybet virtual sports categories

The below two categories are available on the bookie

Instant Virtuals

When you visit Sportybet, you will see an option labeled instant virtual at the top. This involves quick matches that are completed within seconds or just a few minutes.

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Scheduled virtuals

On sportybet, you will see an option for scheduled virtuals just next to instant virtuals, the option gives you the option to place bets on leagues and different races as we have seen in the sports available section. The time for the virtuals is 2 minutes and above.

3. Odibets

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Odibets is a popular Kenyan bookie, among many options that are available from the bookie is virtual betting called Odibets league. It has one of the most elaborate virtual bettings and is also very simple to use.

Results are shown in real-time for different matches, the sports available from the bookie are football and a vast of leagues available.

Virtual sports available on Odibets

  • Virtual Football- this is the main sport in Odibets league. You can choose to play different leagues available and win instantly.  Here are leagues available; English league, Spanish league, Kenyan league and Italy league.

You can hence head on to Odibets and enjoy the different options available from virtual football and win big.

4. Betika

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Betika is one of the best and most used betting sites in Kenya. You can enjoy virtual betting on this bookie. They mainly offer betting sports options for Football virtual matches.

To access the virtual sports on Betika, go to Betika and click on  Betika league at the top. Pick the available matches and place bets as you would on normal bets. It’s that easy on Betika.

5. Mozzart bet

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Mozart Bet is another bookie offering virtual betting. One of their most elaborate betting options on the bookie is the virtual betting.

Virtual sports available on Mozzart bet

Below are virtual games that you can stake on;

  • Football virtual sports- the are different leagues available for this which include; England league, Spanish league, France league, Italy league, China league, Germany League, Turkey league and more.
  • Tournament- this option involves wagering on Euro champions.
  • Greyhounds- the game involves dogs racing
  • Horses- here, you will stake on horse races. The races are from different parts of the world so you can pick one you are conversant with.
  • Speedway- this is an opportunity to stake on speedway races.
  • Motorbikes- The option allows you to stake on motorbike races.

As you can see above, Mozzart bet gives great options for virtual betting, you can hence wager on the site.

6. Mcheza

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Mcheza, one good betting site in Kenya offers various unique features for wagering as we will see below.

Virtual sports on Mcheza

Below are options that you can stake on Mcheza, just visit the site and click on Virtual at the top.

  • Virtual penalties
  • Virtual football league
  • Virtual drag racing
  • Virtual football pro

Above are top betting sites in Kenya offering Virtual betting, we wish you all the best as you stake. Cheers!!

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