Odibets Kenya full review | Bonuses registrations and more

odibets Sign up page

Odibets is a popular betting site in Kenya, It has risen to very popular due to its good services and an excellent design that makes it simple to use and navigate. Below we are going to look at the Odibets Kenya, see every feature in it including bet types, registrations, bonuses and more.

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As we mentioned, Odibets site is well designed, you can also check Scorepesa, Betlion or Kwikbet, they also have well-designed sites.

Odibets FAQs

To join this betting platform, open their app or website and click on register at the top. Enter your details, submit and your account will be created.

Yeah, every new customer on Odibet is rewarded a gift. As a regular customer, you will get to enjoy even more bonuses

You will need to first create an account, after that choose the option you want to place your bet on, for example, Odileague. After that choose what you think the outcome will be and click on place bet.

Yeah, the betting platform does have an app, it is however available for Android devices only.

How to Register on Odibets

The first thing that you will require in order to use Odibet is an account. The account allows you to get bonuses, make deposits, place bets, track bets performance and withdraw won cash from the platform. As you can see, an account will help you do a lot, you hence have to go through the simple process of creating one if you wish to wager on Odibet.

You can register online or through SMS. First, we will look at the online registration method since online betting is more convenient than SMS betting.

odibets Sign up page

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To register online on Odibets, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Odibets website
  2. Click on the Join button at the top.
  3. You will be taken to the registration page
  4. Enter your phone number and password you can remember easily
  5. Click on create account
  6. You will receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone, enter it on the next page
  7. Click on activate account and your Odibets account is ready for use now.

If you don’t receive the registration code or experience any other problems when creating an account, you can contact Odibets customer care through the contact methods over here.

To join Odibets through SMS, send ODI to 29680, and an account will be created with the phone number you use to send the text message. You should also receive a confirmation code indicating that your account was created successfully.

How to log in to Odibets

If you already have an account or you have just created one, the next thing you will be required to do is sign in to your account. To log in follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to Odibets website
  • Click on Login at the top
  • On the pop-up that will appear, enter the password and phone number you used when registering your account
  • Click on login

That is it, you can now use all features from this betting platform.

login form on odibets

If you forgot your password, click on the forgot password on the login page. You will be requested to provide the phone number you used to register so as to receive a verification code. Enter and click on send code, on the next page, enter the code and set your new password, make sure it is something you can remember easily to escape having to reset the password each time you want to login to your account.

password reset

Betting options available on Odibets

Betting options involve different games that a betting site can offer to you. There are different options that you can wager through on this bookmaker. Here is a look at them and what they are all about.

betting options from odibets

  • Sports- the betting option involves staking on the outcome of different global real-world matches. Odibets have a wide range of sports to stake on as we will see later in the list of sports below.
  • Odi Live- this option is the most punter’s favorite, it allows anyone to place a bet as the match is played. You get to make informed predictions about how the match is being played. For example, if a team you thought will win is lagging behind with a margin, you will most likely stake on the other team that is more likely to win. It is worth noting that odds on live betting will change as the match continues, some matches may not be available on the live betting options too.

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  • Odi league- this is the virtual betting option on Odibets. In the league, you get to predict football matches that are computer-simulated to reflect the teams and their player capabilities but take less time, say some seconds/minutes. These stimulated matches allow you to win instantly instead of having to wait for 90 minutes or more in order to win.
  • Esports- these are usually online competitions where the players participate in organized matches and compete online through videos. In short, If the game is something you understand and you know the capabilities of the players, you can place a bet. Odibets gives you the opportunity to place your bets on this kind of sport, it is among the few betting sites in Kenya with this option.

Sports available on Odibets

Here are the sports that you can stake on from Odibets. They are from different parts of the world and leagues.

  • Football/soccer
  • Basketball
  • Esports
  • Tenniss
  • Ice Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Floorball
  • Futsal
  • Baseball
  • MMA
  • Handball
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Aussia rules
  • American football

As you can note from above, Odibets gives you a wide range of sports to place bets on. While the most popular is football, you can still wager on the other sports available as far as you know how they are played, the team’s capabilities and the player’s skills. You should also understand the bookie’s rules when placing a bet on any sports.

On football betting, Odibets will provide you, with different leagues, you can hence stake on games from your favorite league on this bookmaker. Below are some of the most popular leagues that you will find on Odibets:

Bet types from Odibets

Bet types allow you to make your predictions in different ways. Each type has its own rules and also gives different possible wins. In this section, we will see the best types that you will come across when using Odibets. Bet types will revolve around the Betslip.

Betslip with choosen matches

Below is a look at the bet types the betting site will offer you:

  • Single bet- In this, the match is one while the predictions are in most cases three. You will get to predict whether one team wins, double chance or draw. The possibility of winning is usually high but since the odds are less the winning is less.
  • Multi bets- in this type of bet, you will win after predicting the results of multiple games. The amount to stake with is equal to that of a single bet but the amount to win is usually more. The possibility of winning in this type of bet will depend on how well your analyses of the matches were.
  • Jackpot- a jackpot in common is usually a bet in which you win a large sum of money with a very small stake. The games are a preselection by the bookie. Odibets gives you the opportunity to win 20 million shillings with a stake of 20 bob only in its mid-week Jackpot, you just need to predict 13 matches correctly. In addition, the mega Jackpot gives a chance to win 105 million shillings.

midweek jackpot

Odibets markets

Markets are the options you are provided with to choose from when placing a bet. The more markets a bookie have, the better, this is because you will have more options to choose from hence a chance of making a prediction that is likely to occur. Odibets is among the betting sites in Kenya with a very wide range of markets.

Apart from the common team A wins, draw or team B wins, there are more markets on the betting site, they include double chance, over/under, GG/NG, winning method, to qualify, first goal, last goal, winning margin, total goals, Asian handicap and more. The markets can have one or even a higher number of options to choose from. Moreover, the harder it is to make the right prediction in a market, the higher the odds go.

Odibets app

Most online casinos have mobile apps that aim at making the betting experience even better. Odibets has a mobile app for Android phones. If you are using iOS or any other operating system, you should use the Odibets website which is also plenty cool.

odibets app

To get the app, please follow the steps below;

  • Go to Odibets website
  • Click on the main menu
  • Here, you will see an option to download the app, click on it
  • Check the app in the downloads folder
  • Click on the apk file on the downloads folder
  • Follow the prompts and to complete installing the app.

Just like any other app that is not downloaded from play store, you will be required to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources except Google play store in your phone security settings in order to install this app.

Odibet free mode

In case you are worried about using too much data when placing bets or playing virtual games on the site such as the Odibets league, you do not have to be that troubled. This is because Odibets have free mode access to their website. All you need to do is go to the website and click on switch mode on the main menu at the very bottom.

Bonuses available on Odibets

To entice customers, it is normal for businesses to give promotions and gifts. This is the same case in the betting industry, in fact, the industry has some of the most amazing promotions throughout the year, Odibets have also invested in this field as we are going to see in this section.

bonuses and promotions

Here is a look at some of the gifts and bonuses you will get as a customer on this platform:

  • Welcome bonus, this gift is for all registering users, you will get a 30 bob free bet immediately you register on Odibets. The amount can not be withdrawn but it can be used to bet on the bookie.
  • Omoka na odileague- this is an opportunity to win Ksh 500,000. All you need to do is place a bet on the Odi league option of at least 20 bob and you will enter in the draw to win weekly and grand prizes.

  • Free first deposit of the day- the first deposit you make in a day will not have any charges as far as it Ksh 200 or less. As a result, the charges made as you top-up will be available in your Odibets account as a cashback.
  • Cashback bonus- when you lose on the casino, you will be given a cashback of 30% for amounts not more than Ksh 200, any amount above that will receive a cashback of not more than 100 bob. This gives you a chance to rebet again and try your luck.

Above are but some of the available gifts and promotions on Odibets, some may not be available in the future while there can new ones also. Visit the bookie’s promotions page to see all current bonuses.

How to Deposit on Odibets

For you to place a bet you will need to have sufficient balance, however, if the balance is low, follow the steps below to top up. One good thing about Odibets is that it has a very low minimum stake of KSH 1.

  • Click on deposit at the very top of the site after signing in
  • On the page that appears, choose/enter the amount you wish to top-up
  • Click on deposit
  • Your mpesa will open automatically requesting you to confirm that you want to add the amount to Odibets
  • Confirm by entering your pin and the transaction will be complete.

You can also use their Mpesa paybill number 290680. The amount will reflect instantly on Odibets. The bookie is one of the few that allows you to stake using low amounts, its lowest stake is ksh 1.

paybill number

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How to Withdraw from Odibets

After winning and you need to make a withdrawal from Odibets, follow these steps;

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to my account page
  • Click on withdraw and if required, enter your names
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, the minimum being 200
  • Your Mpesa account will receive the amount.

Odibets Contacts

If you wish to contact Odibets customer care, using the following methods.

  • Using their customer care phone number 0709 183 680
  • You can also use their official social media accounts, that is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The links to these accounts are available on Odibets website at the bottom.

Odibets pros and cons

Odibets is no doubt simple to use the betting site, it is highly mobile-friendly. There is also a good number of sports to stake on Odibets. Their league and live betting is one unique way of winning.

Odibets on the other hand lacks a lot of features that you will find on most betting sites out there. The site does not have a Jackpot, you will not also get a cash-out option as the games continue.

In conclusion, above is a look at everything you need to about Odibets, we hope you can now make a good decision about the bookmaker. We also wish you winning wagering. Cheers!!

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