Betting sites with live betting in Kenya

Betting sites with live betting in Kenya

Live betting is one of the most revolutionary features of online betting. The feature allows you to bet when the match is still continuing. Below, we are going to look at betting sites with live betting in Kenya and their features.

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We are going to look at various live betting options available later, first, let’s understand what live betting is. Live betting is the ability to place a bet after a match has started or when it is continuing, odds will change as the match continues and depending on the bookie, the live betting option might be available in quarters, halfs or full-time.

List of Betting sites offering live betting in Kenya

Below is a look at bookies with live betting and the options they offer.

1. Betway

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Betway is one of the best betting sites in Kenya, when it comes to live betting, it offers what can be practically referred to as one of the best experiences. This is particularly due to the large options which are available in their live betting as we will see. Betway also gives a 50% bonus for all new registering users.

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Live betting options available on Betway

When you go to Betway and click on the Live betting option, you will see the matches that are currently ongoing and are active for live betting. You will be presented with the following options to place your stakes.

  • match result (1×2)
  • Under/over
  • Double chance
  • Both teams to score
  • Draw live bet.
  • Next goal
  • Qualification method
  • Handicap(1X2)/Handicap

2. Betwinner

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Betwinner is a good bookie with high odds and also offers a welcome bonus. The betting sites offer live betting with different options available as below.

Live betting options available in Betwinner

Although they are not many options like in the above bookie, Betwinner has a good number of options as below, these options are available by clicking on the particular match you are interested in and choosing the setting icon options at the top.

  • 1X2
  • Double chance
  • Totals
  • Handicaps
  • Other markets

3. 22bet


22bet is a top betting site with good features, one of which includes live betting. The options for live betting on the wagers site are from different sports including; football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey and more. The site also offers a 100% deposit on your first deposit.

Live betting options available on 22bet

There are different options available on 22bet for live betting, Once you are on 22bet,  click on Live betting, choose the sports you are interested in and then click on the Settings icon on the top. You will see the below-listed options;

  • 1X2
  • Double chance
  • Totals
  • Handicaps
  • Other markets

4. Sportybet

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This one is one of the most loved sites in Kenya particularly due to its good user interface. Sportybet offers various options for living betting in various sports including; Basketball. football, rugby, cricket, darts and more. On registration, you get bonuses of up to ksh 5,000.

Live betting options available on Sportybet

When you are at sportybet, click on live betting and then choose the sports that you want to wager on and you will see the following options.

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  • 1X2
  • Over/under
  • Double chance
  • Home team under/over
  • Away team under/over
  • Home team goals
  • Rest of the match
  • Draw and more options

5. Betika


Go to Betika

This is yet another loved site and the good thing is that Betika offers a live betting option for different sports including; football, rugby, basketball and more.

Live betting options available on Betika

Once you are on Betika, click on Live bet and you will see the matches available for live betting. At the top, you will see an option to pick what type of betting you want to stake on and they are available as follows.

  • 1X2/Winner
  • Double chance
  • Both teams to score
  • 1st Half 1X2
  • Winner (Incl. overtime/super over)

6. Mozzartbet


Go to Mozzart bet

Mozzart bet also offers various live betting options with the main sports being football, although the betting options are not many, you will still enjoy 1X2 live betting.

7. Odibet


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You have probably come across this bookie, Odibet offers live betting in different sports including; soccer, tennis, squash, handball, basketball and more. The main betting option from Odibet is 1X2 where odds keep changing as the game progresses, either upwards or downwards.

Above are some top betting sites that offer live betting in Kenya, you can hence try your luck. We wish you all the best in your wagering. Cheers!!

Live betting options explained

We have classified live betting options as below, see also the explanation for each option given.

Common live betting types

Below are the common betting options that you will also find in most betting sites in the live betting option.

  • match result (1×2)- This means you will be placing a bet on the possible outcome of the match while it is continuing, these will give a chance of betting with knowledge of how the match is continuing. The odds also change as the match is continuing.

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  • Under/over- In this, you have the chance to predict how many goals all going to be scored in the particular match, for example over/under 1.5 means either 2 goals and more will be scored or 1 goal and less. The odds change in real-time.
  • Double chance- this is an option where you can predict two of the three possible outcomes, that is; the first team wins, the Draw or the second term wins, you are going to choose two of the possible outcome.
  • Both teams to score- in this type of bet, you predict that both teams will score at least one goal in a given time in Live betting.
  • Draw- the bookie in this type of bet will allow you to predict whether a number of goals will remain equal after some time in the live bet.
  • Next goal- which team do you think will score the next goal? if you can predict this correctly, you will win if the option is available in the bookie live betting options.
  • Qualification method- how do you think the match will decide? Is it on overtime, normal time or penalties? If you predict this collectedly, then you will win on live betting
  • Handicap(1X2)/Handicap- this occurs when a match is between a weak team and a strong team. The weak team is given an upper chance for example 2 goals, so, if both teams do not soccer, the weak team will be considered to have scored 2 goals.

Advance live betting options

In some cases, bookies will offer some advanced options in live betting. These options mainly include predicting an event that is going to happen on betting sites.

Below are examples of predictions that you can be given to give in a continuing match and win.

  • How many goals is a player going to score? If you can predict this correctly, you will win.
  • A number of fouls in a game, some bookies will allow you to predict this how many fouls are likely to occur as the match continues.

Above are just but advanced options that a bookie can allow you to stake on live betting.

Advantages of live betting

Live betting is one of the most awesome features of online betting, here are some advantages.

  • You have a chance to determine the results with knowledge on how to match the is continuing
  • Large options are available hence more chances of winning
  • Some bookies will allow you to bet within a little given time giving you a chance to win in less time.

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