Top alternative to Pakakumi

Top alternative to Pakakumi

Crash games also known as bust games have become popular in Kenya in the recent past. These games involve multiplying the bet placed, they can hence be referred to as online multiplier casinos. Pakakumi was among the first and is also very popular, however, there are still more alternatives to Pakakumi as we are going to see below.

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How crash games work

All crash games have a basic operating procedure, the points below will help you understand how these games work.

  • One is required to enter the amount they wish to bet with
  • To place a bet, wait for the current round to finish
  • Once you place a bet, the odds will start to rise from one upwards
  • Click on cashout before the round crashes or is busted
  • Your win amount will be the amount used to place the bet multiplied by the odds when you clicked on cashout. For example, if you placed your bet using 20bob and clicked on cashout when the odds were at 4.5, the won amount will be 20 multiplied by 4.5 which is Ksh 90
  • If you fail to click on cashout before the round is busted, you will have lost the amount you used to stake for the round
  • Most crash games will also allow you to Auto cashout, once the round reaches the number you choose for auto cashout, the system will do it on your behalf

Top alternatives to Pakakumi crash game

Now that you have an understanding of how Pakakumi and similar games work, let us look at the top alternatives to the Pakakumi game below.

  • 1. Motopasi

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  • 2. Marakumi

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  • 3. Pesachap

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  • 4. Pesacrash

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All the above games will allow you to place bets just like in Pakakumi. The winning formula is also like Pakakumi. There are however slight differences, for example, Pakakumi has a revenue share referral program where one makes 20% on a lifetime basis while others such as Pesacrash, Pesachap and Marakumi will give 2% per deposit made.

Above is a list of similar games to Pakakumi, if you know of more, please add them in the comments below.

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