Chezagame | Get bonuses | Full guide and review | Registration

Chezagame | Get bonuses | Full guide and review | Registration

Chezagame is a betting site in Kenya that mainly focuses on only casino games. This betting site has different kinds of games giving one a wide variety of winning chances, below, we will see how to play various games on Chezagame. Additionally, we will look at how to register, deposit/withdraw and get bonuses on Chezagame.

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How to register to Chezagame

To place bets on the online casino, you will need an account, follow these steps to create an account:

  • Go to
  • Click on sign up at the top
  • On the next page, enter your phone number and press Sign up below
  • Enter the verification code sent through SMS
  • Next, enter your Password and confirm
  • Now click on Login at the bottom

Register on chezagame

When creating your account, you might fail to get the verification code, if this happens, get in touch with Chezagame through the methods outlined later in this article.

How to Log in to Chezagame

After creating an account on Chezagame, the next step is to log in, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to
  • Click on Login at the top
  • On the Log in page, enter the password and phone number used during registration
  • Click on login and that is it, you have signed in to your account

Login to chezagame

If you forgot your password, click on forgot password on the login page, next, enter the phone number you used when creating the account, and a verification code will be sent, use it to create your new password.

How to deposit to Chezagame

Now that you have an account you can place bets but you will need to have enough account balance, below are the steps to follow to top up your balance:

  • Sign in to your Chezagame account
  • Click on the deposit button at the top
  • On the next page, enter the amount you would wish to deposit
  • Submit and you will receive a Mpesa request to complete the transaction by entering you pin
  • Enter the pin and the amount will reflect on your Chezagame account after some time

You can also Deposit using the Chezagame paybill number which is 299589

How to withdraw from Chezagame

Once you have won cash at the casino, you can withdraw it to your Mpesa, just follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to your profile and choose to withdraw
  • Enter the amount you would wish to withdraw
  • Submit and you will receive this amount on your Mpesa

Bonuses available on Chezagame

The casino has different bonuses and promotions, below are the available bonuses and how to get them Chezagame.

  • Refer a friend- According to Chezagame, you will get up to Ksh 1,000 when you refer a friend and they place bets on the casino.
  • Top 100- this is a promotion that rewards top players on the betting site. You win up to KES. 150,000 monthly, 10,000/= weekly, and/or 3,000/= when you bet more on Chezagame. The prizes will be awarded weekly and monthly to the top 1000 daily winners, top 100 weekly winners and top 10 monthly participants with the highest number of points with the highest total stakes. Prizes won can be withdrawn via Mpesa.

bonuses chezacash

To check for recent promotions and bonuses, visit the Chezagame promo page using this link.

Chezagame contacts

You can contact Chezagame customer care using any of the following methods:

  • Through a phone call- +254 709183077
  • You can also use the official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to message them

Games of Chezagame and how to play

As we mentioned before, there are different games on the online casino, below is a look at them and how to play them.

Games on chezagame

One good thing with games on Chezagame is they come with a demo, which means you learn how to play without using your cash.

Also, see Gamepawa bonuses and games.

  • Aztec gems- this game involves symbols in rows and columns, the fourth column contains a multiplier. To win, the symbols must be the same horizontally, vertically or diagonally from left to right, the amount won will be multiplied by the multiplier on the fourth column after the spin. The minimum bet is Ksh 0.05 and the Maximum is KSh 25.
  • Inner fire- for this game, the aim is to have at least three similar symbols being successive to each other from left to light, each symbol has its multiplier which also depends on the number of symbols next to each other. The multiplier will be used to determine your winning.
  • Tressure Snipes- this game is just like Inner Fire above but with more symbols(nine instead of seven).
  •  Massive Lucky bonus- just like Inner fire and Tressure snipes, three symbols next to each other have to match from left to right.
  • Wolf Gold- In this game, the aim is to ensure that each column has at least one similar symbol all through.
  • Sweet Bonanza- this one requires you to have at least 8 similar fruit symbols on the screen for you to win, for the sweet symbol, they should be at least four.
  • Fruit Nova- for this game, there should be at least three similar symbols following each other from left to right for you to win.
  • Magic Wheel- this is perhaps one of the simplest games to understand, you have to spin a wheel, and your win will be your bet amount multiplied by the number at which the wheel will stop.
  • Crash- this is similar to the popular crash games such as faircrash and is also simple to understand. Once you place a bet, the multiplier odds will start to rise, you should click on cashout before the odds stop rising. Your won amount will be the bet amount multiplied by the odds when you clicked on cashout.
  • Dice Twice- this is also a simple game to place, you should predict whether the spin will stand at over 50 or below 50.
  • Penalty Shoot out here you will shoot football penalties, remember to click on collet to get your winnings after scoring.
  • Chilli heat- In this game, the aim is to ensure that each column has at least one similar symbol all through.
  • Fruit party- to win in this game, you should have at least 5 similar symbols horizontally or vertically next to each other.
  • Gems Bonanza- at least 5 similar symbols horizontally or vertically next to each other for you to win.
  • Hot to Burn- 3 symbols adjacent to each other from left to right are the requirements for this game.
  • Wild Wild Riches- after a spin, 3 similar symbols need to be next to each from the left-most for you to win.
  • Turbo Plinko- here you will need to release at least five disks which will fall on random odds, you win is the odds multiplied by your bet amount.
  • Lucky Crumbling- this is similar to the crash game, place your bet and click on cashout as the odds rise and before the round is over.
  • Find the box- here you will open random boxes, if you open the one with the prize you could win up to Ksh 1 million.
  • Hamsta- this is a fun game to play, there are four boxes in a column, 1 of the boxes is radioactive and you should not dig it. As you dig, you will win indicated cash as far as the box you dug is not radioactive, remember to click on cashout once you dig to collect your winnings.
  • Mysteries of the East- for this game, there are steps that you are supposed to pass, some have pits while others have winning multipliers. To determine the number of steps to take till the next stop, you roll a dice, if the number of steps from the dice makes you stop on a pit, you will have lost.
  • Pachin Girl- for this game, three identical symbols have to appear for you to win.
  • Mehen- for this game, you will determine the number of steps you make through a dice, if you take steps that will stop you on a multiplier, you will win the bet amount by the multiplier number.
  • Wheel of Time- this is another spin-to-win game, the amount won is your bet amount multiplied by the number the spin wheel stopped on.
  • More Less- for this, you should pick whether the number after spin is going to be even, odd, more, less or even equal to what is shown on screen.
  • Neon shapes- for this game, you arrange different shapes to fit in a box. This game works like the Tetris mobile game.
  • Plingo ball- for this game, a ball is dropped from the top, and your won amount is the bet amount multiplied by the odds it will fall on. For you to make a profit the odds must be above one.

Is Chezagame legit?

Yes! Chezagame is a legit betting site with online casino games. However, just like any other betting site, you can win or loose, one should hence game responsibly.

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