Top betting sites in Kenya with Free Bets


Free bets gives you an opportunity to stake without have to dig in your pocket. This golden opportunities are not by every bookie, below, we are going to look at those few top betting sites in Kenya that offer free bets., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Betting sites offering free bet does not necessary offer them in the name of free bets, instead, they might give different names such as welcome bonus, royal bonus etc. Below is look at some options available as free bets.

  • Welcome bonus- this is usually a free bet given to a wager when they register on a betting site.
  • Deposit bonus- with this, you get a free bet either by your first deposit or when you deposit a certain threshold in your deposits.
  • Invite bonus- this free bets are given when you invite someone to the bookie.
  • Royal bonus- some bookies will reward those who use their site frequently, this is gives you a chance to get free bets in this sites.

Above, you will note that most Free bets are available as a reward after taking an action on a bookmaker. This free bets might also be available for only a limited time, it is hence available to get the gift when it exists and use it before it expires.

Here are betting sites with welcome Bonuses in Kenya

Betting sites offering Free Bets in Kenya

Below is a list of betting sites with Free bets



Go to Triple5bet

Triple5bet is bookie in Kenya with an easy to use/ friendly website and also relatively good odds. The betting site offer a free bet to all New users.

To claim your free bet on Triple5bet, go to their website and click on Promotion tab. There, you will see the active promotions and included in the list is the free bet and the amount available to stake with. Join the bookie and place your stake , free bets are between Ksh 30 to Ksh 100.



Go to Betlion

Betlion is another bookie with free bet offers, to get it, you will have to register on the site since it is available as a welcome bonus, also you will have to make a first deposit for the free bet to be credited on your betlion account.

To get Betlion free bet, go to the bookie, deposit 20 bob and above, place a bet with a minimum of 2.0 odds and the stake amount being 20 and above. A free bet bet will be created after you place this bet, it must also not exceed Ksh 100.


sportybet cashout, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Go to Sportybet

Sportybet is top wagering site in Kenya, the betting site offers different free bets, the site is also mobile friendly and convenient yo use.

Sportybets Free bet comes in different options as below;

  • Karibu bonus- in this option you will get a free bet after registering a new account on Sportybet and making your first deposit. Bonuses will go up to Ksh 5,000.
  • Rafiki bonus- in this option, you will be rewarded a gift to use as Free bet when you invite a friend to sportybet. The friend also gets a gift to stake on.



Go to Gamemania

Gamemania is bookie in Kenya that focuses on online casino games such fruit slots, spin wheel etc. This allows you to instantly or within seconds. The bookie is probably one with the largest free bets available.

The first free bet you get on Gamemania is when you register and make your first deposit, depending on the amount you deposit, you get a cash gift of up to ksh 550. From there, you will enjoy frequent free bets from their promotions. This promotions will depend with different actions you take on the site, e.g checking in daily on Gamemania, frequently playing a certain game etc.



Go to Chezacash

Chezacash offers various free bets as we will see below, to get your free bet from chezacash, go to their site and click on promotions to see the available free bets.

Here are some bonuses from Chezacash;

  • Karibu free bet- this one is available for all new wagers on the bookie. You will have to deposit Ksh 200 and above, stake on games with 2.0 odds and above to get 25% free bet of your stake.
  • Loyalty points- this ones are given when you place 5 bets and more worth 50 shillings on chezacash with games odds being above 2.5. Each point is worth ksh 3 and can only be used when it accumulates to ksh 30.
  • Multibet Boost- this boost the amount of cash you are to stake on or allows you to get refunds in-case you loose by only one game on chezacash.
  • Vuta friend- this free bet is available when you invite a friend and their place a bet within 3 days. The amount of the free bet is Ksh 30.



Go to Betway

Betway, a top bookmaker in Kenya offers different free bets. To access and see current offers, go to the site and click on Promotions.

One of the options for free bets on Betway is the 50% welcome bonus available on registration and first deposit on Betway, if you deposit Ksh 1,000 you will get Ksh 500 free bet. Multibets boost and refunds is another option that gives free bet on Betway, when you loose on low number of games in multibet, betway will give you up to 20 times bonus.



Go to helabet

On Helabet, you get Free bets from different bonuses. The first free bet is available on registration and depositing ksh 112 and above up to ksh 10,000. You will get 100% bonus so that you can wager on double the first deposit from the free bet offered. Other free bets from Helabet includes accumulator bonuses.

Above ate top betting sites in Kenya offering free bets. You should always go through the terms and conditions of each bookmaker about free bet. Most free bets will expire after sometime, other times the terms might require you to do more in order to get the free bet. Also some bonuses are not withdrawable.

We wish you are the best in your wagering. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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