Aviator game Kenya | Bonuses | Full review | How to guide

Aviator game Kenya | Bonuses | Full review | How to guide

Aviator is a crash/bust game in Kenya that multiplies your bet amount within minutes, however, this a betting game and there is the risk of losing. Below, we will cover every Aviator detail including how to play, how to win or lose, bonuses available and a full review of this betting site.

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Aviator game Kenya

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How to register on the Aviator game

The first requirement before playing the game is for one to create an account on the betting site, below are the steps to follow when registering on Aviator:

  • Go to aviator.co.ke
  • Click on register at the top
  • On the next page, enter your phone number, username and a password that you can recall easily
  • Confirm that you agree with the terms of service and are above 18 years of age
  • Now click on the register button and your account will be created successfully

Register Aviator

It is recommended to use a Safaricom phone number since Aviator accepts Mpesa deposits and withdrawals.

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Login to Aviator

After creating an account, you will need to login in the future, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Aviator.co.ke
  • Click on Logn at the top
  • Enter the phone number and password that you used when creating the account
  • Click on the Log in button and you will be logged in to your account

Login Aviator

If you forgor your password, click on reset password on log in page, you will be requested to enter the phone number that used when creating an account, enter the password and use the code you will receive through SMS to create a new password.

How to play the Aviator game

The game works like other popular crash games such as Pakakumi, below is a look at how to play the Aviator game.

How the game works

Once you land on the games page, you will notice that there is a graph that rises from zero upwards until crash. After it is has crashed a new game/round will start again. You are also provided with the option to choose the amount you want to bet with.

When there is a game/round running, you can not place your bet, you are hence provided with a button to place your bet for the next round. After you place your bet, a cashout button will appear, you will need to click on this to win. The Autocashout button allows you to cash out automatically when the round reaches a certain number. The Auto option will place bets for you automatically each time the round is over as far as you have enough balance.

Aviator game play screen

The minimu bet is Ksh 10 bob.

How to win on Aviator

To win on Aviator, you will need to click on cashout before the betting round is crashed. The won amount is your betting amount multiplied by the odds when you clicked on cashout. For example, if you place a bet of 20 bob and click on cashout when the odds are at 5, your won amount will be Ksh 100.

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How does one lose on Aviator?

One loses if they fail to click on cashout and the round crashes, for example, if you place a bet of 20 bob and the round crashes at 7.5 but you have not yet clicked on cashout, you will have lost your 20 bob. The round can be crashed even at the odd of 1 leaving you with no chance to click on cashout.

How to deposit to Aviator

Now that you know how to play the Aviator game, you will need some add some cash to place bets, here are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure you are logged in to avaitor.co.ke
  • Click on Deposit at the top
  • Enter the phone number you want to deposit with and the amount
  • Click on Make deposit
  • You will receive an Mpesa request to complete the payment, complete by entering your Mpesa pin
  • That is it, the amount will refeclet on you Aviator account

Deposit Aviator

The minimum amount you can deposit is Ksh 50.

How to withdraw from Avaitor

After winning, you will need to get your cash, here are the steps to follow to withdraw to your Mpesa.

  • Open aviator.co.ke and log in to your account
  • Click on Deposit at the top
  • Choose the withdraw option
  • Enter the amount you would wish to withdraw and your Mpesa phone number
  • Click withdraw now and the amount will be sent to your Mpesa.

Withdraw Aviator

Aviator bonuses

Aviator will offer you a Ksh 10 bob bonus once you register, this bonus can only be used to bet and can not be withdrawn.

Aviator bonuses

Aviator referral program

Avaiator has a referral program where you get 10% of your refferals stake as far as the bet is above ksh 50. To get your refferall link, Log in to Aviator and click on deposit, at the the bottom, you will see the referral link. Copy it and share it with friends and social media.


Aviator review

Aviator is an online multiplier game which are also know as bust games or crash games. The game gives you a chance to win cash by multiplying the amount you placed your bet on. However, winning entirely depends on luck.

Aviator platform is easy to use and the registration process is quick, you also withdraw or deposit using Mpesa which is an added advantage. You will also enjoy various bonuses on the casino.

Is Aviator Legit?

Yes, Aviator is a legit online gambling site in Kenya, however, just like any other gambling site, winning depends on luck and there is no established formula for beating the casino. You should hence play responsibly.

Aviator is licensed by Betting Control and Licensing Board under BCLB number #0000496.

Above is a look at Aviator game in Kenya, we wish you all the best in your gaming.

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