Marakumi crash game | Get registration Bonus | review

Marakumi crash game | Get registration Bonus | review

Marakumi is a crash game also known as a bust game, these online casino games involves the player placing a bet and their amount is multiplied, hence, the game can also be called an online multiplier casino. Below, we will have a full review of Marakumi including the registration process, available bonuses, how to place your bets, how to win and how you lose on Marakumi.

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How to Access Marakumi

Marakumi can be accessed through two URLs, the first is and the second is Just click on any of the links or type them on your browser and the casino game will load.

Note, Marakumi is similar to other crash games such as Pesacrash and Pesachap.

Marakumi registration

To place bets, make deposits or even withdraw your winnings, you will need an account. Follow the steps below to register on Marakumi.

  • Head on to
  • Click on the Register button at the top
  • The registration page will appear
  • Enter your phone number, user name and password then confirm you agree to the terms and conditions
  • Now, click on register and your account will be created

Marakumi register

Note: The Phone number you use for registration will be used for depositing and withdrawing, you should hence use an Mpesa active number.

Marakumi Login

If you already have an account with Marakumi, you will be required to log in, below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to
  • Click on Login at the top
  • On the next page, enter your phone number and Password
  • Now click on Log in and you will be ready to play the game

Marakumi Login

If you forgot your password, just click on retrieve password on the log-in page, you will be required to enter your phone number and you will receive the password through SMS.

How to deposit to Marakumi

Now that you have an account and can log in, you will need to add some cash to your Marakui wallet so as to place your bets. 

The minimum amount you can bet with is Ksh 10, you will hence have to make a deposit that will ensure that your Marakumi account has more than KSh 10 balance.

Below are the steps to follow to make a deposit:

  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Click on the deposit at the top
  • On the next page, enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Click Deposit and you will receive an Mpesa request on the number you used to register
  • Confirm the deposit by entering your Mpesa Pin
  • That is it, your deposited amount should reflect after some minutes

Deposit to Marakumi

Note: If you make a deposit and the amount does not reflect, use the verify option. You will be required to enter the Mpesa transaction code and the amount you sent will reflect.

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How does the Marakumi game work?

The game allows you to win or lose within seconds, the points below will help you understand how the game works;

  • The graph will rise from one to a maximum of 3,000
  • If the graph is running, you can only place a bet for the next round
  • When you place a bet, you will have to click on cashout for you to win
  • The amount won is equal to the bet amount multiplied by the graph number when you click on cashout. For example, when you place a bet of Ksh 10 and click on cashout when the graph is at 5.52 then your won amount will be 10 multiplied by 5.52 which is Ksh 55.2
  • One can set an auto cashout by entering a number on the Cashout At(X) option, when the graph reaches this point, the system will automatically cash out without you having to press cashout. Remember you can still cash out manually before the game reaches that point
  • The Autobet option allows the system to place bets for you each time the next round starts with the amount you have entered

How does one win on Marakumi

To win, one must click on cashout before the round is busted. However, to win more, you will have to try your luck by allowing the multiplier to rise even further, if you are lucky enough, cashout when the odds are high but the round is not yet busted.

How do I lose on Marakumi?

If you fail to click on cashout before the round is busted, you will have lost. At times, the round might get busted at one leaving you with no chance to win.

How to Play on Marakumi

Now that you have created an account, logged in and made your first deposit, it is time to play. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Enter the amount you would want to bet with
  • If you would like to auto cashout once the multiplier reaches a certain number, enter the number in the Cashout AT(X) option
  • Now, click on Bet (Next round) or click on Autobet
  • Once the current round is complete, your bet will run in the next round
  • Click cashout to win
  • If you fail to click on cashout before the round is busted, you have lost

Marakumi game

How to withdraw

After playing and winning a good amount on Marakumi, you will need to withdraw, below are the steps to follow to get the cash on your Mpesa.

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Verify/Withdraw at the top
  • Now, choose to withdraw
  • Enter the amount you would wish to get
  • Submit and you will get the amount on your Mpesa

Note: As required by law, MArakami will withhold 20% of your winnings for tax.


Refer and Earn

Marakumi has a referral program that allows you to earn for life from the referrals you make as far as these referrals make a deposit. According to Marakumi, you will get a lifetime of 2% each time someone you referred makes a deposit. So for every Ksh 100 deposited, you get 2 bob.

refer to earn

Marakumi contacts

If you are expreincing any trouble or you got questions, you can reach Marakumi customer care through one of the following methods:

  • On WhatsApp- 0110006602
  • Through a Phone call- 0794794400
  • Marakumi Chat system on their website

Is Marakumi legit?

Yes, Marakumi is a legit crash/bust game. However, winning depends on your luck and there is no established formula to beat casino games. Remember to also play responsibly.

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