Betting sites in Kenya with Cashout and their terms

Cashout feature

Cashout is one of the best features that a betting site can offer. In Kenya, various betting sites offer the cashout option, we are going to look at them below including their cashout terms and some of the features that they offer.

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List of Betting sites With cashout in Kenya

Here is a look at betting sites with cash out in Kenya, check out the list and see which of the bookies below has the best terms that you deem favorable for you.

  1. Chezacash
  2. Betlion
  3. Kwikbet
  4. Betsafe
  5. Betika
  6. 22bet

1. Chezacash

Cashout Chezacash

First on the list is Chezacash, this betting site offers the cashout option allowing customers to avoid total loss or make a profit. Below is a look at how cashout works on Chezacash:

  • On requesting a cashout, you’ll either make a profit or get a portion of your initial stake back.
  • To cash out, log in to your Chezacash account, choose bet history, and active bets with cashout offers will be shown.
  • Choose the bet and confirm the cashout.

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3. Betlion

betlionBetlion is another betting site in Kenya that will allow you to request an early withdrawal before an event is completed. Bets with an early payout option on Betlion will have a golden icon. Just like other betting sites, availability is not 100% guaranteed for each bet.

Cashout on Betlion focuses on multi-bets mainly. There are several amazing offers that they offer, all this to ensure you make some profits at least. The feature will not be available on bets placed from bonuses and gifts.

There are mainly two options that you can pick from, here is a look at them:

  • Live cashout- with this option, you get to request a withdrawal when a game is still being played. For example, you placed a bet of 5 matches, 2 matches have been played and the results are as you predicted, the third match is being played and also the results are so far as your predictions were. At this point, you can be given an offer to cash out while the match is still being played.
  • Pre-game cashout- here, the opportunity is to make a withdrawal request before a match starts. Here is an example of such a scenario, you placed a multi-bet of 7 matches, 5 matches have been played, and your prediction for the 5 matches is correct compared to the results. The other 2 games have not started yet, at this point, you can get an offer to withdraw what you have already won.

The basic difference between the above two is that in live, you get an offer to make a withdrawal while there is still a match being played, on the other hand, in pre-game, the offer is available when the remaining matches have not started.

Above is a look at the Betlion cashout feature, as you can see, it is a nice one and worth a try.

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3. Kwikbet

Kwikbet cashout

Third on our list is Kwikbet, if you are planning to place your bet on a bookie that will offer you an early payout, this is one that you can try out. The betting site allows you to cash out for multiple bets and single bets too. You can also cancel your bet if you have a change of heart.

Here is a look at what the Kwikbet cashout option offers:

  • Reduce losses – this offer allows you to make an early payout request if you sense you are most likely to lose. For example, you predicted using a stake of KSH 500 that team b will win, however, the match is being played and team’s b probability of winning is less, in this case, you can be provided with an offer to get say KSH 200 reducing the losses you will make if team b loses.
  • Win offer – here, you are given a chance to get a higher amount than your stake but lower than your original possible win, this happens when there is a probability of the team you picked winning. For example, you predicted that team B is going to win with a stake of KSH 600 and a possible win of KSH 3000, so far, the team is leading, and with the situation, you can receive an offer to request an early payout of say KSH 2000. If you accept the offer, it means you will still make a profit even if something happens and the team b loses.
  • Multibet cashout- this option allows you to request a payout if some of the matches that you predicted have been played and the outcome so far is as you predicted. You can request for payout and get the amount before the event turnover.

Just like other betting sites, the amount you get to cash out on Kwikbet does not exceed the possible win. Bets that are placed with bonuses are not eligible for cashout. It is also important to note that Kwikbet does not guarantee that each bet will have the feature available.

As you can see above, the bookie cashout option is something to go by.

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4. Betsafe

Betsafe cashout

Next, is Betsafe, this betting site offers a cashout option on some markets. Below is a look at the rules for the cashout feature from Betsafe:

  • Cashout may be available on selected sports markets via the website only.
  • Cashout is not available for multi-bets unless each leg has a cashout offer.
  • On cashout, any offers and promotions related to the bet will not be available
  • Betsafe reserves the right to offer, accept, or decline any cash-out request.

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5. Betika

Betika cashout

Betika is a popular betting site in Kenya and among the few with a cashout option. One can make a profit, or get a portion of the initial bet back, depending on how one’s selection is doing at the time of taking up the Cash Out.

Below are the rules for the cashout offer on Betika:

  • Cash Out is available on selected events, fixtures and markets both pre-match and live, on single and multiple bets.
  • Any stake amount can qualify for a cashout.
  • It is available across all online channels that is mobile apps, browsers and desktops.
  • Bonus Bets and Free Bets do not qualify for cash out.

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6. 22bet


22bet is one of the betting sites with high Odds. The betting site does not offer direct cashout, what it does is allow you to cancel a bet if you make a mistake when placing the bet, the bookie will allow you to cancel the bet and get the money back.

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What is Cashout in Betting?

cashout flow diagram

cashout flowchart


Simply explained, cashout is an event where a betting site allows you to withdraw cash when a game you staked on has not been completed yet. It mainly applies in multi-bets but some sites also offer it in single bets.

There are various cases where betting sites will allow you to cash out, this is meant to help you reduce your losses. Depending on the Betting site terms, various options are available.

Case scenarios of cashout

After placing a multi bet, let’s say 6 games and 3 games have been played and the outcome was as you predicted for the 3 matches, you might be given a chance to withdraw the won amount for the three games. If you decide to cash out, your bet will be marked as completed and receive the payment, the remaining game results will not be taken into account.

Some betting sites will offer cashout for single bets though it is very rarer. Sometimes you might have staked on high odds with a low amount while getting a very high win in a single bet. e.g. A single bet giving a possible win of 60,000 staked with 2,000. If the team you staked on scores first and it can win, the bookie might offer you a cashout of 30,000 before the game ends.

Above are just examples of cashout scenarios. Depending on the particular betting site’s terms, you might find favorable cashout options.

The cashout feature is mostly available only on sports bet types and not virtual bets or online casinos. This is because the offer is given before an event ends and the event must take a long time. This is usually not the case for casino games and virtual games, their events are completed almost instantly in most cases.

As you will note, the sites currently offering cashout options in Kenya are fewer, we will however update this article as we encounter more bookies offering this option.

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