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odds boost

Betting is a favorite hobby among most Kenyans especially those who are sports fans. This has lead to rising of many betting sites in the country, the competition to gain and retain customers among the betting platforms has, in turn, caused the rise of new amazing features. Among the features, boosted odds is one of the best. In this article, we are going to look at betting sites in Kenya with boosted odds.

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odds boost

What are boosted odds?

When placing a bet, you are given different options to pick(markets), each of the options has odds indicating what your stake is going to be multiplied with when you pick it. For example, on an event where team A and B are playing, you are presented with an odd of 2.31 if you pick team A to win, this means if you stake with Ksh 100, you are going to win Ksh 231.

In boosted odds, the possible win is multiplied by a certain factor or percentage. This means you are going to get an extra amount from what your possible win would be.

lList Betting sites with boosted odds

Below is a list of the betting sites with boosted odds in Kenya and what their boost promotions give.

1. Betway

Go to Betway or See Betway full review.

Betway multi bet boost

Betway is one of the betting sites with Odds boost. The betting site offers up to a 100% boost for multi-bets. To qualify for a boost, the legs in the bet have to be more than 5 and odds of 1.2 minimum. The lowest boost is 5% for 5 predictions and 100% for 25 plus matches. The boost percentage increases gradually as the number of predictions increases.

Below is look at the number of predictions one has to make to get a certain percentage boost:

  • 7=5%                                        6=10%                      7=15%                                      8=20%
  • 9=25%                                     10=30%                   11=35%                                  12=40%
  • 13=45%                                   14=50%                   15=55%                                  16=60%
  • 17=65%                                   18=70%                   19=75%                                  20=80%
  • 21=85%                                   22=90%                   23=95%                                 24 to 30=100%

If you think the above boost percentage are great, you can go ahead and enjoy them on Betway.

2. Chezacash

Go to Chezacash or see Chezacash full review

chezacash multi boost

The next betting site on our list is Chezacash, the bookie offers an amazing boost for a game selection of more than 7. The lowest boost is 22% for seven games and 100% for 19 or more games. The promotions also allow you to get 100% of your bet back if you lose by one and your game selection was more than 7.  To qualify for the promotion, the games must have a minimum odds of 1.39 per game.

Below is a look at the percentage boost that one gets with regard to predictions made:

  • 7 to 8=22%                  9 to 10=23%                      11 to 12=24%                13 to 14=25%
  • 14 to 16=40%               17 to 18=50%                   Above 19=100%

As you can see Chezacash boosts are plenty cool.

3. Mozzartbet

Go to mozzartbet or check mozzartbet full review.

mozzartbet supercharged odds

Mozzartbet offers boosted odds too through their Supercharged odds promotion. Unlike the two that we mentioned above, this betting site takes a different approach. There are different categories of Supercharge odds, in each category, you pick one match from a super charged group and it will boost the odds of all the other matches.

Here  is a list of categories from the betting site that will lead to odds boost:

  • Super 4+1 – in the category, you have to choose 4 predictions from the normal matches and one match from the 4+1 odds group.
  • The Super 6+1 – the category allows you to get supercharged odds after picking 6 normal matches and the one from the group of 6 +1 odds charge.
  • Super 8+1 – in the group, you pick 8 normal matches then make a prediction in the group of 8+1 odds group.

As you can see, Mozzartbet has a unique approach to offering boosted odds.

4. Betraha

Go to Betraha or see Betraha full review.

betraha boost

For this betting site, the win boost is up to 750%. That is one of the highest boosts you will get, on the other hand, the disadvantage is that you will have to make a large number of selections, that is 50 to get the 750% boost. This highly reduces the possibility of making a correct prediction and winning the bonus.

You can however still use the odds boost feature from this bet by participating in bets with less number of picks requirement and a good boost. The lowest boost percentage is 3% for 3 matches and the highest being 750% for 50 plus matches as we mentioned above. An increase in the number of predictions by one leads to an increment of the boost percentage.

5. Betsafe

Go to Betsafe or see Betsafe full review.

betsafe boost

For Betsafe, 4 plus matches in your bet slip will lead to a boost. The lowest boost is 3% for 4 matches while the highest is 200% for 30 or more matches. The Boost increases as you and one more match to your match from 3% up to 200% when you will have added 30 matches.

The maximum amount that can be given for this boost ksh 1,000,000. To qualify for the boost, all matches selected must have an odd of at least 1.2.

6. Betmoto

Go to Betmoto or see Betmoto full reveiw.

Multibet boost betmoto

For the betting site, when you have a bet slip with 5 or more matches and each match has an odd of 1.3 or higher, your possible win will be boosted. The lowest boost is 5% for 5 matches and 100% for 25 plus matches.

7. Betpesa

Go to Betpesa or See Betpesa full review

betpesa boost

The Betpesa Multi bet promotion is given on multi bets with 5 or more picks. The lowest boost is 10% for % predictions and the highest is 100% for 23 plus matches. The matches must also have an odd of 1.2 or higher to qualify for this promotion.

Above is a look at the betting sites that offer Multi bet Odds boost in Kenya. You might however find more out there but we feel the above are worth giving a try. We wish or the best in your betting. Cheers!!

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