WordPress Plugins to Insert ads(content) between posts paragraphs

settings in for individual posts

In your WordPress blog posts and pages, you might need to insert ads, promotions, announcements or any other content in between your posts or after a certain number of paragraphs. Below, we are going to see plugins you can use to achieve this.

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Most insert/ad management plugins out there will only allow you to insert content before or after posts. The two plugins below will however help you insert content to any part of WordPress posts and pages.

1. Insert Post adverts plugin


Insert post adverts on wordpress


Download the plugin from wordpress over here.

This plugin comes at the top of our list because it is very easy to use, (if however you are looking for a high flexible plugin, check the second option). After installing it on your site, you will have ads wherever you want them in minutes. During the writing of this article, the plugin had not been tested with the previous 3 updates of wordpress, it’s however working fine still, we hope that the developer has updated it now.

Let us see how to use Insert Post Adverts plugin.

After downloading Insert Post Ads plugin from from WordPress, go to your admin dashboard and click on Plugins-> Add New-> Upload. Upload it from your computer, Install and Activate.

Now, a new option in your dashboard menu will be added to allow you to manage Ads or Insert New Ads.

Insert post adverts options


To insert your new Ad or content, click on Add New post advert. This will take your to the Post adverts editor as below.

Add New postadvert screen

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Give your Advert a Title in the title field(this will not appear in your posts/pages). On Advert code, enter the content you want to appear in the post, you can enter both content codes or normal content(we will look at this later). On Display the advert, choose where you want the ad to show, the options available are; Before content, After content and After Paragraph number.

Since you want you ad/content to appear in between your posts, choose After paragraph number and enter after which paragraph you want the content to appear.

Click here to Jump to the section where we look how you create a custom promotion or ad and insert it in the Display code box such that it includes links, buttons or images.

After confirming that every is okay, hit Publish, accept the prompt asking whether to leave page. You will be requested to visit the settings page where you choose where the ads are to be inserted. You can choose whether the ads will appear in pages, posts, products or any other custom posts. Just choose where you want the ads to appear.


post adverts settings

If you want to display an ad after different number of paragraphs. Lets say you want to display three ads after paragraph 1, 5 and 10 of your posts, just add three Post adverts as above and in each, choose the respective paragraph you want the ads to appear after.

While this plugin is simple to use and awesome, the limit that you may find is it does not support choosing of where individual ads should appear. For example, if you have 3 ads and you want one to show in pages only you will not be able to do that. In the setting page, you choose where the ads should show, whether in pages, posts etc. The chosen options applies to all ads.

Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads Plugin

Add inserter plugin on wordpress

You can download the plugin from wordpress over here.

This is a powerful plugin with a ton of features, you can check the full list of features from this plugin through the link above. The plugin comes with a free to use version and Pro version. With what you are trying to do, insert ads/content in between posts, the free version of the plugin will be help you do that.

Once you have downloaded the Plugin from WordPress, click on Add New-> Upload and upload the plugin from the download folder of your device. Click on Install and Activate the plugin.

Now, on the settings menu of your WordPress dashboard, the Ad Insert option will appear.

Ad inserter option



Click on Ad Inserter, A page providing an editor for you to enter your content and settings for each particular ad will load. You will note that you are already provided with blocks labeled 1,2,3,4,5… Click on each block to add content to it and configure its settings.


Ad inseter settings

You can add any texts to the content area, also, codes in different formats are allowed, from HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP.

Click here to jump to the section where we look at creating custom ads to include images, links, buttons and more.

After adding your text/code in the content area, move down to the settings area, choose where you want this particular ad to appear, is it in a page, homepage, post or other pages?

The Ad Inserter plugin offers different options while choosing where the content appears in the posts. The options include; before paragraphs, after paragraphs, before image, after image and more. In this case, you can choose before paragraph and enter the paragraph number to allow content to appear in between posts.


Ad inseter paragraph options

To add more ads, click on another block and create an ad, the blocks where you add content are grouped in a group of 16 in number in Ad Inserter plugin, that is; 1-16, 1-32, 1-64 and more. To see blocks above 1-16 click on the icon circled in the image below.


show all blocks ad inserter

The Ad inserter plugin gives much more when it comes to customization, you can choose where each an individual ad will appear, for example in pages only or posts only. Above that, you can choose to exclude an ad in individual posts when editing it. To be able to exclude an ad from individual posts or pages make sure the fields shown below are enabled.


settings in for individual posts

The plugin even offers options for using url parameters, categories, post ids and more to include a particular ad.

As you can see above, the Ad inserter plugin is a powerful one and one of its kind. If you are looking for high flexible solution, you should use it, check the Pro version for even more enhanced capabilities. However, you might find the plugin interface not so appealing at first.

How to create codes to display any type of custom ad?

If you want to display ads from Adsense, Amazon or similar ad serving sites, it is easier, just copy the provided code and paste it on the display code box or content block area. But what about if you want to create a custom ad?

This is easy too, just click on Add new post/page and use the classic editor. On visual mode, create your ad content and just like you would create a post, include all text, images, links, buttons etc. Once you have completed adding all information you need for the ad, click on the Text option in the editor. The information you added will now appear in HTML code format, copy this code and enter it in the display code box or content block area. You will have your custom ad or content as you want it.



create custom ads

Remember to trash & delete the saved draft of the post you used to create the ad just to avoid unnecessary drafts using your website resources.

Why you should insert ads or promotions in between content

Ads that are Inserted between posts are known to have high Click Through Rate(CTR). In fact ad providers such Adsense encourage publishers to insert their ads between content.

Adding your ads between content will also allow ad providers to provide ads that are highly related to your particular content. This include from Adsense, Amazon Natives ads and related ad providers.

Using the above plugins will not allow you to insert ads where you want them, they will also allow you to decide the number of ads to show im your post/page.

We hope that the above article was helpful, cheers!!

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