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Get the best smartphones in Kenya. We have compiled a list of best smartphones Brands to help you decide on your choice, click here to jump to the section. To understand smartphones features jump here The smartphone finder tool below helps you get a smartphone with the exact features you are looking for, you will later on receive it’s market prices. Choose features below and click on apply filter then pick the best from the results. Note: No field is compulsory.

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Disclaimer: Features in the result might not be 100% accurate, if you notice an error, please let us know. Also, figures might be rounded up backward e.g 3122 mAh to 3000 mAh, this means there is no time you will find a smartphone with features less than that what is indicated.

Here are some of the (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions about our tool.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How do I get a Smartphone with the exact features am looking for?” answer-0=”Choose your preferred features and apply, our tool is going to run a filter and provide you with a smartphone with the exact features you picked. What if I don’t get a result? Sometimes, there may not exist a smartphone with your picked features, if you get no result, try picking one field, e.g brand category then choose the one with the closest features you are looking for from the results.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How do I get the current market prices of a Smartphone?” answer-1=”After running a filter through our tool and getting the Smartphone with your preferred features, you can get it’s market prices by running a search of the exact smartphone model on our site or on Amazon” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”What if I have a name of the exact Smartphone I want?” answer-2=”If you have a smartphone brand in mind, just choose the brand, run the filter and pick the model with the best features in the results, however, if you have the model name, run a general search and get the smartphone model features and prices. This is because the aim of the tool is providing you with a smartphone model using your chosen features.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

A screenshot of results from the smartphone finder tool

Image: Screenshot of results from smartphones finder tool

Understanding features and terms outlined on the smartphones finder tool

Terms in the tool

Electronics category. Electronics are grouped in to various classes depending on their functionality e.g Subwoofers, Smart TVs, Blenders etc in this case, the category is Smartphones.

What is a smartphone?

A smartphone is cell phone with capabilities of performing functions as would be expected in a computer. They have an operating system capable of running downloaded apps.

Operating system. This is a software that comes with the smartphone, the software helps you communicate with the hardware of the phone more efficiently. Every smartphone Brand uses a specific OS, the most common operating systems for smartphones is android and iOS See tips to choose between the two

Brands. This is the name of a smartphone as given by the manufacturer, it is important to note that the result from the tool are models of brands. A model is specific phone with certain features in a specific brand. For example, iPhone 6S is a model in the iPhone brand.

Features in the smartphones tool finder

Features of a smartphone is one of the main factors that determines which smartphone brand and the model in the brand you are going to buy . Below, we are going to look at the main features you should not miss to consider and an explanation to each so that we can efficiently understand them.

Random Access Memory. Commonly abbreviated as RAM. The RAM holds the data that is currently being used by the smartphone. When you start an app on the smartphone, the data been required will be stored in the RAM. This means that the larger the RAM, the more the space available to store data required by running apps, hence, a smartphone with a large RAM will be able to multitask without “hanging” and also perform at very high speeds. A RAM of 2GB and above is recommended.

Read Only Memory. This is the Internal storage of the smartphone, it is abbreviated as ROM. This is where you store data such as; your files, audio, music, videos and photos. The data source can be downloads, shared from other devices or even recorded using the phone. The higher the ROM, the more convenient it is to store even more data. A minimum of 8GB internal storage is not that bad. It is also good to note that most smartphones come with a slot for external storage, the common external storage device for a smart phone is an SD card. At times in the features list, there is usually an indication of whether the smartphone has an external storage slot and the limit of the SD card storage size that the phone can handle.

Battery rating. The battery is rated using mAh which stands for milliamp Hour, this is electric power over time. Loosely translated, it means the amount of electric power that will be available in the battery after some hours. A higher battery rating means a more durable battery or, the battery will serve for long period before its’ next recharge requirement. Most smartphones will come with a none removable battery, when buying one, it is good to choose one with a good battery rating since you might not have a chance to replace the battery.

Front camera and rare camera Mega pixels.

The Front camera is the the Selfie camera and the rare camera is the back camera. Mega pixels are commonly abbreviated as MP. Generally the higher the MP of the camera, the better it is. In most cases the front camera and back camera MP figures of a smartphone will be different. This means you have to determine the type of a guy you are, if you are the selfie type, then a smartphone with better front camera will be good for you, in some rare cases, both cameras will have same megapixels ratings.

It is worth noting that megapixels of camera is not the only camera feature that determines the quality of a photo.Other camera sensor features such aperture and shutter speed will also contribute to the quality of the smartphone photos and efficiency. The aperture is usually indicated in the features list using a denotation like, f/2, f/2.5, f/4 etc, The higher the rating the better the quality of photos by the sensor, aperture usually describe the amount of light allowed to enter the camera sensor, a lower rating means that more light is allowed in and images are likely to be blurred hence less quality.

The shutter speed in most cases is usually adjustable in the camera setting of the smartphone. Each smartphone will come with a range into which you can adjust the shutter speed. That means that some smartphones have a wide shutter range than others. In the features list, the shutter speed is usually indicated as follows, 1/150 t0 30 seconds shutter speed. This means you can adjust the speed between the 150th of a second to 30 seconds. The higher the shutter speed the more the light will be allowed in the camera lowering the quality of the photo. It is advisable to pick a smartphone with shutter adjustable range of lowest minimum value possible. For example with 1/25 to 30 seconds and 1/50 to 30 seconds, go with 1/25 to 30 seconds.

The above features are among the most important that you should not miss to consider when making a purchase decision of a smartphone. Other features include:

The internet speed of a smartphone. Normally smartphones will come with two or more network speeds, the highest should be your concern. The network speeds currently are, 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G Lite and 5G. When choosing the internet speed, consider also the network availability in your area, some areas do not have good 4G and 3G network coverage, if you are from this areas, then it is important to make sure that the smartphone have 2G speed, so that it can be something like 4G 2G speed. This means you can switch between the two in the network settings. The 5G network is currently not available in Kenya but plans to launch it are underway, so you can still acquire a 5G phone to be a head prepared.

Fingerprint and Face lock capabilities. Some smartphones will come with this capability for efficient security purposes. Instead of having to draw patterns or enter passwords, this feature will simplify the process of unlocking your phone. They are also more secure since no one can access your phone without your consent.

Best smartphones Brands in Kenya

We believe from the above features coverage, you can choose the best model among the following best brands in Kenya. Of course, apart from features, price will also determine what you pick, our smartphone finder tool helps analyze the two.

Samsung smartphones

Image: Samsung galaxy smartphone

The manufacturer(Samsung Ltd) is global leading electronics manufacturer, it is no doubt that the companies’ smartphones are highly ranked globally. Commonly referred to as Galaxy, there is hundreds of the Samsung smartphones model series to choose from. Samsung is the largest smartphones manufacturer in the world.This means a pool of features are available from the brand’s products. Each model comes with robust features to keep its competitors at bay, large RAMs, proficient camera capabilities and high storage capacities just to mention a few. The downside is that you will have to dig deep into your pocket to get a Samsung smartphone. Samsung uses Android operating system for its devices.

Huawei smartphones

Image: Huawei smartphone

Huawei Technologies co Ltd is another global manufacturer based in China, its smartphones are able to compete with other manufacturers all over the world and are among the most preferred in both developed and developing countries. The features of the smartphones are highly enhanced and Huawei is usually at the fore front to provide the best, it is with this motive that it became the first company to offer 5G globally. It is infact the largest telecommunication manufacturer in the world and second largest in smartphones production, that speaks much of its’ smartphones. However, after the US huawei ban, Huawei smartphones have been affected  largely, this is because new models will not have Google apps like playstore. youtube, google maps etc. The phones have Huawei playstore which do not have a lot of apps currently available. You can however install the google apps in other means but it is not recommended. Huawei uses Android Operating System for its’ phones.

iPhone Smartphones

Image: iPhone smartphone

iPhones are products of Apple Inc a USA based manufacturer. Just like the above two, iPhones are available worldwide and popular among smartphones users. In fact, surveys have shown that iPhones are among the most used smartphones in the USA. Apple is the 3rd largest smartphone producer meaning that are there more models with different features to choose from. Notably, unlike most other common smartphones that uses the Google’s open source software Android, all iPhones runs on Apple’s operating system iOS that is only meant for the company’s products, this makes iPhone one of the most secure smartphones in the world, this is because the Operating System is not open source hence there is zero risk on being used for user spying unlike on its major competitor case, android, that can be used by some manufacturers to spy on users.

iPhone smartphones are popular among people as very expensive, where this is most likely true especially if you want a brand new one, it is still possible to find a refurbished one at fair price. Because of low competition on use of the OS, you might miss some competitive features found on Android.

Tecno smartphones

Image: Tecno smartphone

Tecno smartphones are a product of Tecno mobile co Ltd a manufacturer based in China, the main target market for this producer is Africa and parts of Asia. Tecno smartphones are so dominant in Kenya such that it is hard not to encounter a friend using the brand’s smartphone. This is because the smartphones comes with features matching those of global producers and above that are available at very affordable prices. Tecno mobile have also produced a large series of its’ models with each model having unique features, this gives a pool of smartphones to choose from this manufacturer. Tecno smartphones runs on Android operating system.

Infinix Smartphones

Image: Infinix smartphone

Infinix smart phones are a product of Infinix mobile a Chaina based manufacture, the target market in mainly Africa. It can be classified as the Tecno competitor in Kenya, the reason being, almost everything that can be said about Tecno can also be said about Infinix. The phones are very popular among Kenyans and among the most used. They come at very affordable prices with a pool of features to choose from, there are hundreds of models in the market from this brand with each model having unique features. Infinix smartphones runs on Android operating system.

Oppo smartphones

Image: Oppo smartphone

Oppo smartphones are produced by Guangdong Oppo Mobile telecommunication corp Ltd in China. Although this smartphones are not very popular in Kenya, Oppo smartphones are among the best, Oppo is among the most popular phone in China. Their mobile phones are available in different series giving a chance to choose from different models with different features, they are priced averagely giving an alternative to the highly priced brands. Oppo smartphones runs on Android Operating system.

The above just gives a list of top  best preferred smartphones, they are even more smartphone brands available in the market. It is important to note that when choosing a smartphone, consider your intended use, this will largely help you decide which features to pick. It is also important to check on other users reviews before buying the particular phone. The Brands app helps you see what other user are saying about a particular phone through reviews, it also connects you to sellers in Kenya and protects you from cons through Lipa na escrow, learn more here.








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