Secure Online Shopping in Kenya

You can now shop online and order items from seller in Kenya without loosing your cash using Lipa na Escrow (see how it works below). This has been made possible by The Brands Online Shop app.

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Size: 2MBs

Note: We are working to update The Screenshots on Google playstore with the our current design below.


How does Lipa na Escrow work?

The payment system ensures that buyers are not defrauded when shopping online. On The Brands app, the following flow is followed:

  • The buyer picks the item they want to buy from already added posted items by sellers and places an order
  • When placing the order, they are required to pay the item amount through The Brands app M-pesa Till number
  • This amount is not sent to the seller, instead, it is held on The Brands app M-pesa Till account
  • If the seller fails to deliver, the buyer will just request for refund on the orders management page and the amount will be reversed to their phone number
  • If the seller however delivers, the buyer will approve the order and the amount will be sent to the seller.

Note: The refund button shows after 72 hours from the ordering time. This is to provide time for the seller to communicate and deliver the item.

See Screenshots below:

The order management page after placing an order

Image: The Brands app orders management page

The order management page after 72 hours with a refund button

Image: The Brands app order management page with a refund button

The order management page after approval

Image: Approved oder on The Brands app


With the above model you will never have to worry about loosing your cash in online shopping.

About The Brands App


When we came up with the idea of the app, we shared it with someone and he asked, “Why would you design a buy and sell app yet this type of apps are rarely opened? you better come up with a social media type because most users open them daily.” Our aim however was not to create an app that is opened daily, it is an app that every Kenyan will open when they want to buy something, an app that every Kenyan seller will find convenient to connect with buyers.

How do we plan to achieve that?

By making our app a secure place for you to Shop from and offering all time discounts, through  Lipa na Escrow you will always be protected from cons on every order you make through the app. Our coupon codes system provides you with amazing offers for each order you place. We are going to learn about the two later on this section

For sellers, we provide a simple interface to add products, manage orders and above that, protection from spam orders(none serious buyers). Check the sellers section below to understand this.


As mentioned earlier, we offer amazing discounts to buyers on the app through coupon codes, this coupons are available on our social media platforms. mainly; Telegram, Facebook and Instagram, the links to the walls are available on the app. The screenshot below shows the cart page where you apply coupons for discounts.

Image: Cart page on The Brands app where you apply coupons for discounts

Seller convenience

The app is made mainly for retailers in Kenya. We charge 5% Commission on each successful sale. For example for Ksh 100 sale you are charged Ksh 5 for Ksh 1000 sale you pay ksh 50.

So how do I sell?

To sell on The Brands app you will need to first create an account, it is through this account that you will manage everything. Click on I want to sell and Create an account, if you have one, Login. After that click on Post ad and add unlimited number of items you sell. Adding items is very easy and won’t take more than 3 minutes for each.

A screenshot of adding products page

Image: Adding products page on The Brands app
How do I receive and manage orders?

All orders are received on the app, when you receive an order, a notification will show on your dashboard and one will be sent to your email, click on the notification to view the buyers contact details and communicate to them, you should agree on delivery/pick up point and delivery charges if any.

Note: After delivering the item, make sure that the buyer approves your order, otherwise the amount won’t be available for withdrawal.

What if am not the one doing the delivery, how will the delivery guy know that the order was approved?

There are two options. The first one involves the delivery guy contacting you and ensuring you received a notification on your email address and dashboard stating that the order was approved.

On the second option, connect your account with the delivery guys Telegram account, using the delivery guys phone, go to and login to your account, at the bottom of the site, click on login with telegram, you will receive a request to connect your account with Telegram. After a successful connection, the delivery guy will also receive a notification on an order approval and any activity of your account.

A screenshot of your seller dashboard

Image: Seller dashboard on The Brands app

How am I protected from none serious buyers?

As discussed in the Lipa na escrow section, the buyer pays when ordering, this means that the buyer is serious with getting the item and have even committed by making the payment. To make sure that the buyer dose not request for refund when you are in the middle of delivering, the refund button shows after 3 days. This gives you ample time to communicate and deliver the item.

Click to Install from Playstore  Size:2MBs

Features of The Brands app

The Brands app come with very super features that helps you sell or order items easily.

Integrated with mobile money

The app has Lipa na Mpesa integration making it easy for buyers to send payments to the app’s M-pesa till number. Refunds are also sent to the buyers Mpesa number and sellers can easily withdraw to their Mpesa accounts.

Easy user interface

The app is simple to use, sellers can easily add their items and the order placement procedure is simple.

Category and search

Easily find anything you are looking for on the app by shopping by category or running a search.

Filter by location, price and category

This feature helps display items from a certain location, or limit the price of  displayed items in a certain category.

Order placement is through the app

The app provides an interface for the buyer to place plus manage their orders and for the seller to receive and manage orders received.

Notification system

Any user with an account on the app will be able to track any activity related to their account through notifications. The general notification system for every user is through the email address. If you connect The Brands app account with a telegram account, notifications will also be set to the telegram account. Sellers also receive notifications through the seller dashboard found on the app.

Seller dashboard

This is the one place where the seller will be able to carry out all activities related to their store. They will manage products, e.g, delete, mark as out of stock etc, request for withdrawals, manage orders and receive notifications.

Each seller is assigned a store

When registering on the app as a seller, you will be required to assign your store a name, a link to your store will also be provided. Each time you add products, they will always show on your store and the categories chosen on the app.

Coupon codes systems

This feature makes sure that buyers will always enjoy discounts when shopping on the app, coupons are found on the apps social media platforms.

Seller and products reviews

The app allows users to rate items and sellers, this is to help other users make the best judgement before making a purchase.

24/7 Whatsapp help

If you need any kind of assistance, just click on the whatsapp button on the app and you will get a response from the app’s help team.

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Advantages of using The Brands app for your shopping

Here are some advantages you get from using the app for your online shopping.

Competitive prices

Since the app is a marketplace, you will get the same item at different prices from different sellers. This also prevents any exploitation from sellers since they won’t risk to overprice their items when another seller is offering the item at a normal market price.

Variety of choice

You will get hundreds of items to choose from and compare, this includes comparison of features, color, size etc

Freedom of choice

No one is going to compel you to buy a certain item, instead it will be you who will make the best judgment on what you want.

Better decision

From product ratings by other users who have bought them, you will be able to know if the item works as described.


You can order items from sellers who are from other parts of the country or even outside the country, also, time that would have been used to go for physical shopping can be used in other means,

Easily send gifts

You can easily send gifts to any part of the country, all you need to do is enter the contact and location of the one to receive the gift when placing the order.

Easy connection to sellers

Sometimes you might need to shop physically but don’t know where to get the item, all you need to do is search for the item on the app and get the location of sellers offering the item.

Controlled spending

Unlike when you go shopping physically and buy items that were not on the shopping list, on the app you will be able to control what you order.


Some products will require personal privacy to avoid embarrassment when shopping, the app will give you this privacy.

The advantages of using the app for shopping are countless, including offers and discounts available on the app daily.With the availability of mobile money in Kenya, shopping on the app becomes even more convenient.

Advantages of selling on the app

As a seller, you will have the following advantages;

Cut the marketing cost

You do not have to use high budget in advertising your items in order to get clients. The app is well marketed and it will bring clients to you.

Reach a greater audience

Your products will be seen by people from all over Kenya, this increases the chances of you making sales.

Sell anything on the app

As far as your items are in the eletronics, Fashionwear and household categories, you can sell them on the app whether new or secondhand.

Easy way of receiving orders

The app provides an easy way for you to receives orders directly to you account, it also gives you the power of managing all the orders you receive.

Get you own online store

As mentioned earlier the app provides you with a free online shop. On this store you can display all products you sell and even send potential customers to your shop through the link provided.

Gather information

Through product ratings on the app, you can decide which products works best and hence decide on what to include when adding your next stock. Even to those starting a new business, they can use product reviews to decide which products are of high performance and quality in a certain category.

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How do I avoid been conned when shopping online in Kenya?” answer-0=”The most convenient way to avoid fraudsters when buying items online in Kenya is using Lipa na Escrow. As we have seen in this article, escrow payments are among the most secure methods of ensuring buyer-seller protection” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How do I avoid non serious buyers when selling online in Kenya?” answer-1=”The most convenient way to avoid non serious buyers would be by requesting for payment before delivery, but since this will turn off buyers, Lipa na escrow becomes the solution to this. As we have seen in this article, when using escrow payments, you will never have to deal with skeptical buyers.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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