Privacy policy

  • The Brands Online Shop privacy policy provides opens about the type of data collected and how it will be used.
    The Brands Online Shop is a marketplace platform that involves connecting buyers and sellers.
    To be able to attain the buyer and seller connection, information collected will be displayed where necessary on our marketplace to its users.
    Data collected will be solemnly used for the above purposes and will not be shared to any third party/company/sites.
    For revenue generation, we might serve you with ads, this ads are from Google or its certified partners. You should hence hence be up to date with the Google ads privacy policy.


The following data will be collected, if we update needed information, we are update the list and send all our registered users a notification.
1. Authentication data, this includes an email address and password. The above helps in your account registration and login, any notifications about your account will be sent to the email provided.
2. Contact information, a mobile phone number will be needed for both buyers and sellers accounts. The sellers contact will be displayed to the public while the buyers contacts will be shown to the particular seller offering the item.
3. Location information, while this might not involve use of maps, location indication will be needed in various scenarios. For sellers, indication of each product location will be needed, buyers will also be needed to provide their location for delivery purposes which is only visible to the particular seller offering the product.
4. Images- for every product a seller adds, an image that will be displayed to our users is needed. ImagesĀ  will be uploaded from your device.

As we stated before, the above information will only be used on The Brands marketplace and to its users and not in anyway to other parties.

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