Lipa na Escrow

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Our payment system builds trust between buyers and sellers. It protects buyers from cons and provides warranted cash for each order to sellers.

Note: We send withdrawals to sellers and refunds to buyers to the provided Mpesa number between 7:00pm and 11:59pm of the same day of request
This is how our payment works:
1. The buyer places an order and is required to pay the amount through our paybill 332271.
2.This amount is not sent to the seller, instead it’s held on our paybill account and the seller is notified of an order which payment have been made.
3. On the orders management page, the buyer will have an option to Approve the order. Since we encourage 3 days delivery time to all sellers, a refund button will appear on the orders management page after 72 hours.
4. The orders management page is accessible through Approve/get a refund button at the top of the site, when the seller delivers the item, the buyer will just approve the order and the seller will be able to withdraw the cash. If the seller fails to deliver or delivers a different item, the buyer will request for a refund anytime after 72 hours and get their cash back.
This protects the buyer from cons when buying online, the seller on the other hand is promised of serious buyers for each order since the payment is always made when ordering and hence no chances of failure of payment or show up upon delivery, it also gives the seller an ample time of 3 days to do the delivery.