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Understanding the type of discounts offered

How are discounts offered?

Discounts are usually offered using coupon codes, they are unique codes which are offered by online shops, they provide a discount of certain amount or percentage to shoppers when used.

How do I use a coupon code?

After you have received a certain coupon alert on items that interest you, head on to The brands online shop and search for an item that you want to buy, click on order now, on the cart page, you will be provided with a chance to apply your coupon, enter the coupon and click on apply and you will receive your discount. The cart page where you are to apply your coupon looks like this

Image: Coupon codes screenshot on cart page

Each coupon code is of a certain type and can only be applied to products of certain category as will have been indicated. The coupons are also valid for a particular period of time while others have a limit to the number of times used or limit to number of people.

Types of coupon codes

Products coupons, In most cases we offer this type of discounts. They are commonly given according to product categories, use on products of the indicated category will provide a discount. We prefer  this promotions since they give you the freedom of choice on which item to get a discount on.

Specific product discounts, coupon of this type will only apply to a certain indicated item and can not be used on other products.

Reward discounts, this are usually given for taking certain action, for example when you join our Telegram channel or Install The Brands app, you might be rewarded with a discount.

User limit discounts, in this type, a coupon can only be applied by a certain number of people, say 10, after that the coupon will expire.

User based discount, a discount in this case will be provided to a user based on their relationship to our online shop, for example, a discount to a person with the highest number of orders or maybe  a person who have placed orders previously on The Brands Online shop

Above price discounts, on this type, the promotion code will only apply to products that are above the indicated price.

Below price discounts, this kind is for products below the indicated amount.

Which product coupons are available?

Note: When sellers are adding items, they are required to choose categories, some sellers may omit a category though the product belongs to that category, for example a HP laptop is an electronic, a seller might however choose the laptops category only, that means if a coupon belongs to the electronics products, it to won’t be applied to this particular HP since it is not included in the electronics category. Please always check whether the particular item has the desired category.

The following product coupon codes are available:

Electronics discounts, they will cover either the whole category or a sub category, for example a discount that is been offered for smartphones will apply to all smartphones but not laptops, if a discount is been offered to a particular phone brand, for example, Samsung, the coupon won’t apply to other smartphones, some coupon might cover the whole electronics. Main Electronics categories are; Phones, Laptops, TVs, Sound systems and electronics accessories.

Fashion wear discounts, this kind of discounts will apply to the products in the fashion wear category, the items in the category include; men shoes, ladies shoes kids shoes, men clothes, kids clothes, ladies clothes and fashion wear accessories.

Households discounts, this will apply to all items with a household category, they include; furniture, kitchen appliances, mats, duvets, crockery, wallpapers etc

Time limit of discounts

All time discounts, they are usually eligible for use at any time, in most cases however, they will be limited to the number of times a user can apply them.

Weekly discounts, this will be available for use for a whole week then expire.

Daily discount, this are more common, they will be available just a day and then expire.

Short time, they are available for a very short, time say an hour or even 30 minutes.

It is worth noting that the more limited a coupon is, the higher the discount, for example a coupon that is available to 5 persons or one that is available for 30 mins will tend to be higher than an all time time coupon.

We hope you will enjoy discounts from  our online shop. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us directly on WhatsApp or leave a comment on the latest post on our Telegram channel or contact us through our email and social media platforms, we always reply as first as we can to  any quires .

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