Create your own income website

Please note; This is a pilot content and is being improved

A website can be a good income source. Below we are going to look at how you can create a website in Kenya and make cash from it.
The following are 3 steps:
1. Create a website
2. Add content that ranks high on search engines e.g Google
3. Start to make cash from Affiliate marketing
Create a website
To create your own website, you will have to choose a hosting company where data from your website will be stored and also be sent to your visitors. The hosting company should have give reliable hosting services, you can check most reliable hosting on the Internet.
After that, pick a domain that the website will be accessible on. The domain is something like, The domain you pick should be easy to remember and be related to your website purpose.
After choosing a good domain, pay the required hosting fees and buy the domain.
Install WordPress through the management panel that you will be provided by The hosting company.
Content creation
After successful creating you website, you will have to add content that ranks high on Google