About and using Info KE

We created this platform to help have a centralized place for any information in Kenya. Simply, someones starts a topic and people contribute through replies. Below, we are going to see how we can all use this platform to grow.

To get started, you can go through various topics and see various replies, you can reply to any topic you encounter. If you have any topic, search to see if it is already answered, if not post the topic.

How can this platform help growth between Kenyans

This is a information platform, this means anyone visiting the App will be looking for a solution to a certain problem, finding answers here will mean progress to them.

Secondly, topics and replies provided here by anyone are submitted to Google. With time, they rank in the first page of google. This means that anyone who will search for similar topics in google will get the information.

Connecting with Google means that businesses, professionals  and people with same interest will largely be able to connect through topics from Info KE.

Example cases of growth

Below we will provide real world examples on how to grow in here.

1.Business growth

Case study: Chicks supplier/seller

Let’s say someone deals with selling of chicks to farmers. It’s with no doubt that farmers are looking over the internet for information on reputable chicks sellers and good chicken layering practices.

As the supplier, post topics related to chicken and chicks layering. In the description section, provide detailed information about the topic. Also reply to topics related to this. Make sure to include your contacts and links to your social media/websites .

Users coming to this platform seeking for similar information will come across your topics. People searching for the information on Google will too find your information. There will be a greater chance of them contacting you for your services since they will have confidence you already  have knowledge about chicken layering and supply.

2. Connecting professionals

Case study: Professionals in coding

Developers will always share information or even ask for help while trying to achieve certain tasks. In the tech category, developers can find assistance from their fellow professionals or even share information in the coding field.

3. Hobbist and leisure leads

Case study: Hikers

If you are fun of hiking, you can post a question, for example, the most amazing places to go hiking in Kenya. You can also provide a reply with regard to your experience. More people who love hiking are going to give their replies. This means you will get to learn about new places you can hike and also connect with people with same interest as you.

Above are just but a few examples on how you can use this platform for positive achievements. We hope this platform will serve Kenyans in the best way.