Nissan Serena Prices in Kenya- Specs | Review | Buying guide

In the class of Minivan cars, Nissan Serena is among the ones available to choose from. If you are considering this car, then this is the right article to help you with the decision. Below, we are going to look at the full specifications of the vehicle, prices of Nissan Serena for sale in Kenya, a buying guide and some maintenance tips.

Nissan Serena

The car was introduced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan in 1991. Since then, there have been five generations. The fifth generation was released in 2016 and it is still in production. The main rivals of Nissan Serena are Noah, Voxy, and Honda Stepwagon.

Prices of Nissan Serena for sale in Kenya

Every year, a new model of Serena is released, also, there are different trims depending on the features in each model. New models obviously come at a higher price since there are more features added to them. Below is a list of prices for the various Nissan Serena models that you can import, this includes the cost in towns like Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nairobi, Nakuru, etc.

Model Year

Price range


Ksh 1.5M


Ksh 1.8M


Ksh 2.3M


Ksh 2.7M


Ksh 2.95M


Ksh 3.2M


Ksh 3.6M


Ksh 3.9M

The above prices might vary depending on the seller, condition of the vehicle and market forces. With Ksh 1.5M and above, you can be sure of getting a Nissan Serena car in good condition.

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Nissan Serena Full specifications

In order to decide whether you are going to get a car, you check its cost and if it is within your budget, you check its specifications. Let’s hence look at the features of Serena below so that you can decide if it suits your needs and taste.

1. Nissan Serena exterior

The car, just like its competitors has a boxy shape and front nose. The look is not that attractive but it’s understandable for any min van.

Nissan Serena exterior

Here is a list of features to expect from the outside:

  • This a 5 doors vehicle(two front, two rear and the tailgate)
  • The ground clearance is 6.3 inches which is slightly below the recommended 6.5 inches in Kenya
  • The car also comes with rare dual electric sliding doors
  • Noticeably from the outside are the large windows
  • Standard trims come with steel rims while the higher grades wheels are fitted with alloy rims
  • Foglights are not common in most models of the Serena
  • From behind, you won’t fail to notice the long taillights
  • Finally, there are different colors to pick from to one taste

2. Nissan Serena interior

Serena boasts a large interior that is comfortable for passengers, it can also be converted into a cargo-carrying cabin.

Nissan Serena interior

Here is what the interior is like:

  • Serena comes either as an eight-seater or seven-seater car, it has three rows
  • The legroom is great in both the front and second row, the row third might feel tight for tall people. However, seats are adjustable allowing one to assume a comfortable seating position
  • The boot space is good and can carry sizeable luggage. Additionally, one can fold the second and third-row seats to form a cargo-carrying van
  • In the cabin, you will find more storage spaces, this includes cupholders, foldable table with cup holders, glove box, center box, etc
  • On the dashboard is a tech-enabled infotainment system
  • For safety purposes, Nissan Serena has SRS airbags and curtain airbags

3. Nissan Serena engine specs

The engine of  Serena gives recommendable power although it is associated with various problems such as overheating.

NIssan Serena engine

Here is what the engine has to offer:

  • You can choose between a 2.0L petrol engine or a 2.0L hybrid engine
  • The consumption of the 2.0L petrol engine is about 15.4km/l while the hybrid one can cover up to 18.9km/l
  • When it comes to drive type, you can choose between a Front Wheel Drive(FF) and All-Wheel Drive(AWD)
  • The power ranges between 129ps and 160ps depending on the other engine configurations
  • The recent models of Seren come with a CVT(Continous Variable Transmission) instead of the gearbox system
  • Lastly, the tank capacity is 60 Liters

Other features include Anti-lock Braking System(ABS), Electric Brake Force(EBS), Vehicle Dynamic Contol(VDC) and hill start assist.

Nissan Serena Buying guide in Kenya

If you want to buy a Nissan Serena car, there are tips you can use to get the best. First, have a clear budget, the planned spending should include all costs such as the buying price, payment of any professions involved(mechanic/lawyer, etc), insurance payment and any other costs.

To get the exact car you want, have a list of specs that you want to be included. Decide whether you will import the vehicle or you are buying locally, also, choose between a new and secondhand Serena. Next, see the prices of the models with the specifics that you picked, if the cost is above your budget, see what you can forego to get one within your planned spend.

The FF Serena is suited for smooth/paved roads, it consumes less fuel but will not perform well on rough roads. If you are planning to use the vehicle around rough roads, you should go for the 4WD. However, Nissan Serena might not be the best car for offroad driving and you might consider other vehicles that are more powerful and stable on such grounds.

Purchase stage

Here are some things you should do before completing the purchase:

  • Check for the general condition of the vehicle
  • If the car is second use a mechanic to do the inspection on your behalf, also, check the current owner on the NTSA portal
  • Ensure that the car starts smoothly
  • Engine noise and vibrations are a sign of a faulty car
  • Verify the documentation, the chassis and engine number should be in the logbook
  • Pay through the bank and not cash
  • Be wary of fraudsters and cons

Nissan Serena Maintenance in Kenya

Some of the common problems reported by Serena users include Transmission problems, overheating, electrical issues, loss of power and car failing to start. This car requires strict maintenance and good care to serve you better. The good thing is that most spare parts for Serena are available in the country hence leading to affordable costs.

Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Read the Owner’s Manual for full instructions on the use of the car
  • Take the car for service every 5,000 kilometers
  • Check for coolant and oil level frequently and top if low
  • Use the recommended transmission fluid
  • Use clean fuel  and replace worn out fuel filters
  • Drive carefully

Above is a look at Nissan Serena in Kenya, we hope you found the article helpful. Cheers!!

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