Nissan Cube prices in Kenya- Specs | Reviews | Buying guide

One of the compact minivans from Nissan is the Nissan Cube. Just like most cars, it has its ups and downs. In this article, we will look at the vehicle in detail so that by the end, you can informatively decide whether it suits your use case. These details will include prices of Nissan Cube for sale in Kenya, full specifications and a buying guide., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Nissan cubeThe car was introduced in the market in the year 1998. The third generation which is the latest one was released in 2008. The car competes with other compact vehicles such as Toyota Porte and Toyota Ractis and beats them in some areas.

Prices of Nissan Cube for sale in Kenya

Here is a list of prices for different Nissan Cube for sale with respect to models years. Cube cars can be found as both new and secondhand and also imported or locally in different parts of the country, including Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi, Eldoret and other major towns.

Model Year

Price range


Ksh 950,000


Ksh 1.1M


Ksh 1.2M


Ksh 1.5M


Ksh 1.65M


Ksh 1.79M


Ksh 1.9M


Ksh 2.1M

The above is just an average of the market cost. This might change depending on the condition of the vehicle and the seller. However, with Ksh 750,000 and above, you are most likely to get yourself a Nissan Cube in a good condition in Kenya.

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Nissan Cube specifications

Like we mentioned before, the Nissan cube has its own specs, some of which give it benefits over other rivals and others limit it to certain use cases only. Let’s see what these features are below.

1. Nissan Cube exterior

Just likes its name suggests, the car has a cube or boxy-like shape, this might not be very attractive to most people, a curvy vehicle is mostly considered good-looking. That being said, there are still those that fall for this shape.

exterior Nissan Cube, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Below are the specs to expect from the outside:

  • This is a 5 doors mini-van(two front, two rear and the tailgate)
  • The ground clearance is 6.3 inches which is slightly below the 6.5 inches required on Kenyan roads. The car might hence experience challenges when crossing speed bumps and is heavily loaded
  • Noticeably from the front is the large headlamps
  • Most models of the Cube come with alloy wheels
  • The car is also fitted with large windows
  • Finally, there are different colors to pick from

3. Nissan cube interior

While the interior of the car is basic, it still functional for anyone who needs a family car to move from point A to B.

Nissan cube interior

Below is a list of the interior features:

  • The car is a 5 seater(two front and three at the back)
  • There is good legroom in both rows meaning its comfortable even for long distances
  • The boot space is small and can only carry sizeable luggage, you can however bend/recline rare seats for more space
  • In the cabin, you will find more storage compartments
  • The SRS airbags in the car come in handy for safety and protection

3. Nissan cube engine specs

As a compact vehicle, its engine can be termed as powerful to get the work done.

cube engine

Let’s see what the engine of the cube has to offer:

  • The engine capacity is 1498cc(1.5L engine)
  • The fuel consumption ranges between 15.6km/l and 19km/l
  • Nissan cube accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in about 11.6 seconds
  • You can choose between a Four Wheel Drive(4WD) or Front Wheel Drive(FF)
  • The power is between 82ps and 111ps depending on other engine specs
  • The recent models of the cube come fitted with Continous Variable Transmission type(CVT)
  • Nissan cube has a tank capacity of 45 liters

Other features include keyless entry, automatic climate control, reverse camera, navigation system and Antibraking-system(ABS)

Nissan Cube buying guide in Kenya

To get the best value for your money, you need to be a wise buyer. Firstly, have a clear spending plan, you should include all costs that will be incurred when making your budget. This includes the buying cost and additional costs such as insurance payments.

To get what you want exactly do the following:

  • Have a list of features for the Cube you intend to buy
  • Also, decide whether you want a new car or a secondhand, additionally, make sure you also choose between importing and getting your car locally
  • All of the above will influence the cost of the vehicle, hence, the next step should be to look up the cost of Cube models with the specifics that you picked. If it’s above your budget, adjust on your picks till you get one that is within your budget and satisfies your taste.

Cube can be considered a fuel economical car with for the least 15km/l it gives, however, you can find even better cars when to comes to fuel usage.  A Front-wheel Drive Cube will also consume slightly less fuel compared to All-Wheel Drive one, on the other hand, an AWD is suitable for rough terrain and rural roads.


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Purchase stage

Things to check for before completing the purchase:

  • Make sure that the car is in a good general condition
  • The car should start smoothly
  • Engine noise and vibrations are signs of a faulty car
  • If the car is secondhand, use a mechanic to do the inspection. Also, check for the current owner of the vehicle on the NTSA portal
  • Verify the documentation and make sure that the engine number and chassis number are what is in the logbook
  • Do not pay in cash, pay through the bank
  • Avoid online-only deals, meet with the dealer in their physical office
  • It is advisable to use a lawyer when transferring ownership

Nissan cube maintenance in Kenya

The spare parts of the car are easily available in Kenya, this makes the car easy to maintain and at a lower cost. Some problems reported by users of Nissan cube include CVT failure and suspension issues. With proper care, one can avoid these problems,  here are things one can do to ensure a longer service life from the car.

  • Read the owner’s manual to grasp instructions on the use of the vehicle
  • Take the car for service every 5,000 Kilometers
  • Use recommended transmission fluid to avoid gear problems
  • The coolant and oil level should be checked regularly to top up when low
  • Drive carefully to avoid accidents

Above is a look at Nissan cube in Kenya, we hope that you found the article helpful. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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