Nissan Fuga Prices in Kenya- Specs | Review | Buying guide

When it comes to executive cars in Kenya, Japanese automobile manufacturers are known to perform less better compared to their western rivals. Nissan Fuga is however among the few that is made to compete with other luxurious cars, below, we look at what the car has to offer. This includes the prices of Nissan Fuga in the Kenyan market, full specifications and a buying guide at the end.Nissan Fuga

The car was released to the market in the year 2004, since then, there have been two generations. The latest generation was released in 2009. The car is in the Infiniti class of Nissan which is the classification of luxurious cars from this brand, other vehicles in the class include Nissan Sylphy. The main rivals of Fuga include Mercedes C class, Mark X and BMW 3 series.

Prices of Nissan Fuga for sale in Kenya

The different models of Nissan Fuga which are released yearly come with their own prices. Additionally, each model has its own trims/grades and will come at an individual price tag depending on the features and capabilities. Here is a table giving the prices of the Fuga models in different towns in Kenya including Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Nairobi, etc.

Model Year

Price range


Ksh 3.4M


Ksh 3.8M


Ksh 4.3M


Ksh 4.55M


Ksh 4.9M


Ksh 5.2M


Ksh 5.7M


Ksh 6.1M

The above is an average of the market price. This might change depending on the seller and the condition of the vehicle. That being said, with Ksh 2.1M and above, you will get a Nissan Fuga in good condition.

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Nissan Fuga Specifications

In the sections below, we will look at the features that this executive sedan comes with.

1. Nissan Fuga exterior

The car has a Sedan design, it however has a curved design giving it a more sporty car appearance.

Nissan Fuga exterior

Here are the features you will note from the outside:

  • This is a 4 doors sedan(two front and two rear)
  • The ground clearance is 5.7 inches, this is too low because the recommended ground clearance on Kenyan roads is 6.5 Inches
  • Fuga comes with alloy rims as a standard in all trims
  • From the back, you won’t fail to notice the dual exhaust
  • Lastly, there are different colors to pick from, the most common being black, white and grey

2. Nissan Fuga interior

Like we mentioned, this is a luxury car from Nissan, hence, the interior is executive just like in other luxurious cars.

Nissan Fuga interior

Here are the interior specs:

  • The car is a 5 seater(two front and three at the second row)
  • The legroom is great on the first row, the same case applies to that of the second-row seats except for the middle row that is interfered with by the FR transmission tunnel
  • All seats are adjustable and made of leather giving better comfort
  • Additionally, these seats have ottoman leg rests
  • On the dashboard, you will find a technology fitted infotainment system
  • Just like in most Sedan cars, the boot space is small and can only carry medium-sized luggage
  • In the cabin, you will find more storage spaces, this includes cupholders, door panels compartments, glovebox, center box, etc
  • Lastly, Fuga is fitted with SRS Airbags and Curtain Airbags

3. Nissan Fuga engine

Fuga is among the Nissan cars with a powerful engine which in turn give it fast acceleration, this is one of the reasons it is liked, especially by young people.

Nissan Fuga engine

Below is a list of Fuga engine specs:

  • The engine capacities are 2.5L, 3.5L hybrid and 3.7L engines
  • Fuel consumption for the car ranges between 8km/l to 11.2km/l, however, the hybrid one can cover up to 19km/l
  • When it comes to acceleration from 0 to 100km/h the 2.5L will take about 8.5 seconds, the 3.7Ltakes about 6 seconds while the 3.5L can accelerate with as a low as 5.8 seconds
  • You can choose between an All Wheel Drive(AWD) and Rear Wheel Drive(FR)
  • The engine power ranges between 210ps to 333ps depending on the other engine specs
  • Most models of the Fuga come with a 7-speed automatic transmission gear type
  • The tank capacity is 80 Liters

Other features include Anti-Braking System(ABS), Electronic Stability Control and Navigation System.

Nissan Fuga buying guide in Kenya

There are different purchase decisions that you will need to make when acquiring your car. First, you should make sure not to only budget for the purchase price but also include other costs, this may include paying of professionals involved, e.g a mechanic and insurance payment.

Make sure you also have a list of all features you need on your car, this will help you pick the right model. Also, decide between a new or secondhand car, the next step will be to choose whether you are going to buy your car locally or import it.

When it comes to fuel consumption, the Hybrid Fug is the best, however, its maintenance cost is higher than those of the other two. The 2.5L engine also consumes less fuel than the 3.7L one but its power is less compared to the latter. A Rear Wheel drive car also uses slightly less fuel than an All Wheel Drive, on the other hand, AWD drive cars are suitable for rough terrains/roads.


All of the above will affect the cost of the vehicle. After you have made a decision in each case, go ahead and check for the prices of the model that fits your specification. If the price is above your budget, see what specifics you can change or drop to get a model that will fit your budget and still fit your intended use.

Purchase stage

Before completing the purchase, do the following;

  • Check for the general condition of the vehicle
  • Also, make sure that you use a mechanic to do the inspection for you especially if the car is secondhand
  • Also, don’t forget to do a search on the NTSA portal for a secondhand car to verify it current owner
  • Additionally, verify the documentation and ensure that the engine number and chassis number are what is in the logbook
  • Be wary of cons too, don’t pay in cash, use the bank instead.

Nissan Fuga maintenance in Kenya

The maintenance cost of Fuga can be considered average, since the vehicle is not that popular on the Kenyan roads, the spare parts especially body parts may be hard to find making them expensive. Here are some tips to use for a longer service life from the vehicle.

  • Read the Owner’s manual to understand everything on use of the car
  • You can increase the ground clearance to allow for smooth cruising, even on speed bumps
  • Take the car for service every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometers
  • Make sure you top up oil and coolants when low
  • Use clean fuel and replace worn out fuel filters
  • Lastly, drive carefully and take good care of your car

Above is a look at Nissan Fuga in Kenya, we hope you found the article helpful. Cheers!!

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