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One of the top popular crossover SUVs from Honda is the Honda CRV. This is a popular family car in Kenya and that is why we are going to look at it in detail below. We will cover the full specifications of the vehicle, prices of Honda CRV for sale in Kenya, models available and a buying guide for those who want to get this car.

Honda Civic

The car has been in the market since 1995 and is offered by Honda. In its lifetime, there have been various generations, the latest one is the 5th generation that was introduced in 2016. In 2011, the car underwent a main redesign to equip it with more modern features and make it more fuel-efficient.

Honda CRV specs

Honda CRV models come with various amazing and unique features. Let’s look at them below.

1. Honda CRV exterior

The car has an attractive appearance and comes packed with features only available in higher grades in its competitors such as the Toyota RAV4.

White Honda CRV

Here are the features from the outside:

  • This is a 5 door crossover SUV(two front doors, two rear doors and a tailgate)
  • The ground clearance is up to 7.8 inches depending on the model, this is okay since the standard requirement on Kenyan loads is 6.5 inches
  • Honda CRV also comes with alloy wheels
  • Fog lights is an additional cool feature and the daytime running lights
  • You can also fit roof rails on your CRV car
  • Most models have a chrome trim

2. Honda CRV interior

The interior of this Crossover car is spacious and comfortable.

Honda CRV 5 seater


Below are the interior features:

  • The car is a 5 seater, two at the front and three at the back(you might also find a 7 seater)
  • The legroom is spacious and okay even when traveling for long distances, the same case applies to the headroom
  • When it comes to boot space, Honda CRV has an adequate space to carry sizeable luggage, also, you will find more space under the boot. If you want a bigger space, the back seats are foldable
  • Cabin storage is another feature on the inside, this includes cubby box, cupholders, seat jacket pockets and door panel storage spaces
  • The car has a reverse camera too
  • The navigation system is also another feature and the LCD screens that provide different information such as fuel usage

3. Honda CRV specs

The engine is one of the most important parts of a vehicle, let us see what the CRV has to offer.

Honda CRV engine

Here is a list of the engine specifications from different Honda CRV:

  • The engine capacity ranges between 1500cc to 2500cc
  • Some engines are also turbocharged
  • The power ranges between 130hp to 200hp
  • While most CRV engines use petrol, some are diesel engines
  • The fuel coverage ranges between 13 to 15Km/l depending on the engine cc
  • The most powerful engine which is the 2500cc accelerates from o to 100km/h in about 9.1 seconds, the 1500cc takes the longest time of about 11.8 seconds while the others range somewhere in between
  • The gear transmission type can either be manual, CVT or automatic, CVT is the most modern form of transmission and is efficient than the other two
  • You can choose between a Front Wheel Drive(FF/2WD) or All Wheel Drive(AWD/4WD) in the most recent models of the car
  • The tank capacity is 58 Liters

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Prices of Honda Civic for sale in Kenya

Below are the prices of different models available for sale in different parts of the country including Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi, Thika, Eldoret, Machakos and other major towns.

  • 2015 model- Ksh 2.8M
  • 2016 model- Ksh 3.2M
  • 2017 model- Ksh 3.7M
  • 2018 model- Ksh 4.4M
  • 2019 model- Ksh 4.7M
  • 2020 model- Ksh 5.3M
  • 2021 model- Ksh 5.8M

CRV 2019


The prices provided above will however change. This is because of the varying market forces. For example, each seller/dealer has their own prices. A secondhand car will not come at the same price as a new one, even then, an imported secondhand might be in a better condition than a locally used one hence its cost will be more.

Honda CRV Buying guide in Kenya

To get the best value for your money, there are some tips that you can use. You will need to first determine your budget, apart from the purchase price, it must include additional costs such as insurance payment. Now, make a list of specs that you need on your CRV, also, decide whether you want a new car or a secondhand. Next, you will have to choose between importing or buying locally. Importing a car will mean you will have to wait for long. While buying locally is fast, you might get a car in bad condition especially if it is secondhand.

With the above information ready, you can now check for the prices of models with the specs you chose. If the prices are high, you can decide to change some specs so as to get a model that is within your budget. You can also go for a secondhand if you had decided to get a new one. It is important to also compare the price of importing and buying locally and go for the one that suits your budget.


Also, a Forward Wheel Drive (FF)consumes less fuel than All Wheel Drive(AWD). A 1500cc will also consume less although its maximum power is below the other. Diesel engines tend to cover more kilometers per liter than their petrol counterparts.

Purchase stage

Before completing a purchase, make sure you do the following:

  • Check for the general condition of the vehicle
  • If the car is secondhand, use a mechanic to do the inspection for you
  • Make sure you verify the documentation before making payments, the chassis and engine number should be what is in the logbook
  • Be wary of cons, don’t accept online-only deals

Honda CRV Maintenace in Kenya

The cost of maintaining one is not that high, this is because engine spare parts are now available easily in the country. Here are some tips you can apply to get a longer service period from the car:

  • Make sure you read the Owner’s manual for instruction on the use of the vehicle
  • After every 5,000 to 7,500 Kilometers, take the car for service
  • Ensure you use the recommended Automatic transmission fluid to avoid gear problems
  • Always check for the oil and coolant levels and top up if low
  • Drive carefully.

There you have it, that is the overview of Honda CRV, we hope found the information helpful. Cheers!!

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