Toyota Camry Prices in Kenya- Specs | Buying guide | Full review

One of the Luxurious sedan cars from Toyota is the Toyota Camry. In this article, we will look at this sedan in detail, if you are interested in the car, continue reading below. Some of the details we will cover include the models available, prices of Toyota Camry in Kenya, full specs of the car and a buying guide at the end for anyone who wants to purchase the vehicle.

Toyota Camry

The car was introduced in Japan in the year 1982 by its manufacturer, Toyota. Over the years, it has had various generations and models. Each of these generations and models come with improvements and the recent models of the vehicle are nothing short of luxurious.

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Toyota Camry Specs

Being a luxurious car, Toyota Camry comes with high features and is a technologically fit car. Let us look at these features here.

1. Toyota Camry exterior

From the outside, you will see a shiny curved sedan. This gives the vehicle a classic and attractive exterior appearance.

Toyota Camry exterior

Here is what you find on the outside:

  • Camry is 4 door sedan(two front and two at the back)
  • The ground clearance is 5.7 inches and above depending on the model, this is below the standard required of 6.5 inches on Kenyan roads
  • The car comes fitted with alloy rims
  • You get a sunroof in most models
  • There are different colors for the car, they include silver, white and black

2. Toyota Camry interior

The interior of the car is luxurious and comfortable. Camry is in fact one of the best cars to pick for anyone looking for a comfortable family car.

Toyota Camry interior

On the inside, you find the following:

  • This is a 5 seater car(two at the front and three at the back)
  • Most recent models come with heated seat
  • The legroom is spacious and comfortable in both the front and rare rows, even tall people will find it okay
  • Similarly, the headroom for the vehicle is great in both rows
  • The boot space for the car is medium-sized and can only carry small luggage such as suitcases
  • In the cabin, you get more storage spaces, this includes cupholders, door panel compartments and seat jacket pockets
  • On the dashboard, you will find a touch screen that comes with modern car features such as navigation and Apple CarPlay
  • The car has power windows
  • You also get an air conditioner
  • For safety purposes, Camry has driver, passenger and side airbags

3. Toyota Camry Engine Specs

Toyota Camry is not just a luxurious vehicle, it also comes with a powerful engine as we will see below.

Camry engine

Here is what the engine has to offer:

  • When it comes to engine capacity, you can choose between 2500cc, 3500cc and 2500cc hybrid engine
  • The engines are either V6 or V4
  • The power will range between 208hp to 301hp depending on other engine specs
  • Also, you can choose between a FF(Front-wheel Drive) and AWD(All Wheel Drive) Camry
  •  Most models of Toyota Camry comes with an automatic transmission type gear and Continous Variable Transmission(CVT)
  • When it comes to fuel consumption, the Hybrid Camry can cover up to 33 Kilometers per liter while the 2500cc and 3500cc will cover around 4km/l to 9km/l
  • The 3500cc is the most powerful among the three and takes about  8.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100Km/h
  • The tank capacity is 60 liters

Other features that you will find in Toyota Camry cars include Anti braking system, power steering and dual-zone climate control.

Prices of Toyota Camry for sale in Kenya

Camry comes at a higher cost than most other Toyota vehicles, this might explain why it is not that popular on the Kenyan roads, however, the price is worth it as we have seen from the specs above. Here are the average prices of Toyota Camry models for sale in the Kenyan market including towns like Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Eldoret, Thika, Nakuru, etc.

  • 2015 Model- Ksh 2.1M
  • 2016 Model- Ksh 2.4M
  • 2017 Model- Ksh 2.95M
  • 2018 Model- Ksh 3.4M
  • 2019 Model- Ksh 4.2M
  • 2020 Model- Ksh 5.0M
  • 20121 Model- Ksh  8.2M

2021 model

The above prices will vary depending on the seller and the condition of the vehicle. Also, a new Camry will obviously have a higher price than a secondhand one. However, with Ksh 1.9M and above, you will get a Toyota Camry in good condition in Kenya.

Toyota Camry Buying guide in Kenya

There are different purchase decisions that you will need to make when acquiring a Camry car. First, you should make sure not to only budget for the purchase price but also include other costs, this may include paying of professionals involved, e.g a mechanic and insurance payment.

Make sure you also have a list of all features you need on your car, this will help you pick the right model. Also, decide between a new or secondhand car, the next step will be to choose whether you are going to buy your car locally or import it.

When it comes to fuel consumption, the Hybrid Camry is the best, however, its maintenance cost is higher than those of the other two. The 2500cc also consumes less fuel than the 3500cc one but its power is less compared to the latter. A Front Wheel drive car also uses less fuel than an All Wheel Drive, on the other hand, AWD drive cars are suitable for rough terrains/roads.

All of the above will affect the cost of the vehicle. After you have made a decision in each case, go ahead and check for the prices of the model that fits your specification. If the price is above your budget, see what specifics you can change or drop to get a model that will fit your budget and still fit your intended use.

Before completing the purchase, check for the general condition of the vehicle. Also, make sure that you use a mechanic to do the inspection for you especially if the car is secondhand. Additionally, verify the documentation and ensure that the engine number and chassis number are what is in the logbook. Be wary of cons too, don’t pay in cash, use the bank instead.

Toyota Camry maintenance in Kenya

The maintenance cost of the car can be considered average, since the vehicle is not that popular on the Kenyan roads, the spare parts especially body parts may be hard to find making them expensive. Here are some tips to use for a longer service life from Toyota Camry.

  • Read the Owner’s manual to understand everything on use of the car
  • You can increase the ground clearance to allow for smooth cruising, even on speed bumps
  • Take the car for service every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometers
  • Make sure you top up oil and coolants when low
  • Use clean fuel and replace worn out fuel filters
  • Lastly, drive carefully and take good care of your car

Above is a look at Toyota Camry in Kenya, we hope you found the article helpful. Cheers!!

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