Toyota Fielder Prices in Kenya- Specs, buying guide, for sale, review

One of the most popular Wagon vehicles in Kenya is Toyota Fielder. That is why in this article, we are going to look at this vehicle in detail. This includes models of this car for sale in Kenya, full specs, prices of Toyota fielder in Kenya and some buying tips., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Toyota fielder

The car was introduced in the market in 2002 by Toyota. Toyota Fielders is the name of the wagon version of Corolla, the Sedan version of Corolla is known as Toyota Axio. This car has a comfortable interior, medium-powerful engine and spacious boot making it good for both family and business use. While its exterior is basic, it is still an attractive car.

Toyota Fielder Specs

Let us look at different features that Toyota Fielder models have to offer in this section.

1. Toyota Fielder exterior

The exterior of the car is kept basic with a station wagon appearance but still attractive. It has a close resemblance to Toyota Wish.

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Below are is a list of exterior features that most Fileder models come with:

  • Has five doors(two front, two for the backseats and one tailgate)
  • The Ground clearance of the vehicle is 6.3 inches which are okay unless heavy loaded
  • Has optional roof rails
  • Alloy rims in most models
  • Higher grades come with fog lights

2. Toyota Fielder interior

While the interior design of Toyota Fielder is simple it is still comfortable even when you are traveling long distances.

Toyota fielder interior

Here is a look at the interior of the vehicle:

  • The car is a 5 seater(two at the front and three at the back)
  • The legroom is spacious in both the first and second rows
  • The headroom is okay
  • Some models come with leather seats
  • The driver seats are adjustable in both vertical and horizontal
  • When it comes to boot space, Fielder comes with a large one that is capable of carrying sizeable cargo
  • The car comes with different cabin storage compartments, this includes a center tray, cup holders and seat jacket pockets
  • Other features include stereo, Air conditioners and  power windows

3. Toyota Fielder Engine Specs

The engine of this car is made to deliver while still being fuel economical.

Toyota fielder engine

Here are the specs that you should expect from this vehicle:

  • The engine capacity to choose from is either 1500cc or 1800cc
  • The 1500cc fuel usage is 18Km/l while the 1800cc covers about 15Km/l
  • When it comes to acceleration, 1500cc takes about 10.2 seconds from 0 to 100Km/h, on the other hand, 1800cc takes 8.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100Km/h
  • The engine has a power of 79 to 190Pcs
  • For drive type, you can either choose Front Wheel Drive(FF) or All Wheel Drive(AWD)
  • The tank capacity is 50 Liters
  • Toyota fieleder top speed 180Km/h

Toyota Fielder prices in Kenya

Here is a list of prices for Toyota Fielder models available in the Kenyan market, this includes major towns like Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Thika, Eldoret, etc.

  • 2015 Model- Ksh 1.3M
  • 2016 Model- Ksh 1.4M
  • 2017 Model- Ksh 1.65M
  • 2018 Model- Ksh 1.9M
  • 2019 Model- Ksh 2.1M
  • 2020 Model- Ksh 2.5M
  • 2021 Model- Ksh 3.0M

2021 model

Above are average prices and they might change depending on various factors. This includes whether the car is new or secondhand, whether you import the car or buy locally and the dealer who you are buying from. However, with Ksh 1.1M and above, you will get a Fielder in good condition.

Toyota Fielder Buying guide in Kenya

To get the best, there are some tips that you can apply. This involves pre-purchase planning and during the purchase. Make sure you have a clear plan of what you are willing to spend, this includes the buying price and other costs such as insurance.

Make sure you have a list of features that you want for your Fielder. Also, decide whether you want a new or secondhand car. Next, decide whether you will import the car or you are going to buy it locally. Local cars available at yards might be costly due to accumulative costs. Additionally, a local secondhand might not be in that good condition compared to an imported secondhand. However, importing a vehicle is a long process and might require you to go through a dealer, also, you will also have to wait for long.

fielder boot

With the above information ready, check for the prices of models with your specs. If they are above your budget, look for specs you can forego to get a model within your budget. If you were to go for a new one before, you can decide to go for a secondhand to fit your budget. It is also good to compare prices between importation and buying locally, then choose which suits you best.

For those who want a more fuel-efficient Fielder, a 1500cc is better. A Front Wheel Drive(FF) also uses less fuel than an All Wheel Drive(AWD). However, AWD/4WD is better for rough roads. Make sure you choose accordingly with regard to your intended use and budget.

What to check for

Here are the things you should check for before completing the purchase:

  • Make sure that the car is in good condition
  • If the car is secondhand, involve a mechanic to do the inspection
  • The car should not have ignition problems
  • Verify the documentation before completing the purchase, the chassis number and engine number should be what is in the logbook
  • Be careful of cons- only complete the deal after meeting physically and verifying everything

Some of the problems that have been reported by Toyota fielder users include over fuel consumption, engine knock, irregular idling, gear shift problems and engine vibration.

Maintenance of Toyota Fielder in Kenya

The car has a low maintenance cost compared to its rivals. Spare parts are also available with ease in Kenya. To get long service from a Fielder, here are tips that you can apply:

  • Read the Owner’s manual to ensure that you understand everything
  • Take the car for service every 5,000 Km
  • Make sure you use recommended transmission fluid
  • Always check for coolant and oil levels, if they are low, top-up
  • If you are to use the car for cargo ferrying, you can increase the clearance to at least 6.5 Inches to make sure you move smoothly even on speed bumps
  • Use clean fuel
  • Be a careful driver

Above is a look at Toyota Fielder in Kenya. We hope that you find this information helpful. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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