Toyota Crown Prices in Kenya- Full Specs, Buying guide, Review

One of the most luxurious executive cars from Toyota is the Toyota Crown. In this article, we will cover every detail about the car in detail. The includes the price of the car in Kenya, models available, full specs and a buying guide for anyone planning to purchase the car.

Toyota crown

This is one of the oldest and among the first Toyota model made for passengers. Toyota introduced the car in the market in 1955 and it has been a success since then. The executive saloon is definitely among the cars to go for to anyone looking for a luxurious, high-end vehicle.

Prices of Toyota Crown in Kenya

Below are the prices of different Toyota Crown models available for sale in different Kenyan markets including in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Thika and other major towns.

Model Year

Price range


Ksh 3.0M


Ksh 3.6M


Ksh 4.2M


Ksh 4.8M


Ksh 5.4M


Ksh 5.8M


Ksh 6.4M


Ksh 6.8M

2021 model

The above prices are an average of the market price. You get various prices depending on different market forces and your pick. However, with Ksh 1.7M and above, you will get a Toyota Crown in Kenya in good condition.

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Toyota Crown Specs

This car comes with a ton of specs making it unique from other Toyota vehicles and also loveable. Let’s look at these features below.

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1. Toyota Crown exteriors

The car comes with a futuristic exterior design. The body is well curved with an angular design giving it a top-class look.

orange Toyota crown

Here is a list of Specs from the exterior of Crown models:

  • This is a 4 door saloon(two at the front and two for the back seats)
  • The ground clearance is 5.9 inches which is below the recommended 6.5 inches on Kenyan roads
  • Comes with alloy rims
  • Crown models have fog lights
  • It’s among the few cars with Dual exhaust
  • Fitted with a Sunroof

2. Toyota  Crown interior

The car has a very spacious and highly comfortable cabin. In fact, this is among the few cars that do not have a basic interior among the pool of Toyota models.

crown interior

Here is what to expect inside of Crown cars:

  • The car is a 5 seater(two in the front and three at the back)
  • It comes with comfortable electric seats
  • Just like you would expect, the windows and locks are electric powered
  • Most models will come with leather seats or high-class fabric
  • The legroom for both the first and second rows is very spacious and comfortable
  • The insulated cabin and noise control feature prevents any noise from the outside
  • The boot size is medium and can not carry heavy luggage
  • The cabin has a lot of storage spaces including cup holders, center box, dashboard compartment and on door panels
  • Additionally, there  is a Navigation system and multi-operational touch system

3. Toyota Crown Engine specs

The engine of the Crown cars is made for performance

the engineHere is the list of engine Specs:

  • .You can choose between a 2000cc, 2500cc, 3000cc or 3500cc engine capacity
  • When it comes to fuel consumption, the 2000cc covers 15Km/L, the 2500cc 13Km/L and the 3000cc is 12Km/L while the 3500cc covers 9Km/L on average
  • Here is the time is taken by the various engine capacities take to accelerate from 0 to 100Km/h: for the 2000cc, it is about 10.8 seconds, 2500cc is 10.1 seconds, the 3000cc one will take about 8 seconds while the 3500cc will take 6 seconds
  • The maximum power ranges between 85 to 245 pcs
  • The car has a Front Engine Rear Wheel drive type(FR)
  • Comes with an ECT(Electronically Controlled Transmission) which can be switched on especially when accelerating
  • Lastly, the Tank capacity of Toyota Crown is 70 Liters

Additional features for this vehicle include a collision-avoidance system, an Adaptive High Beam system that prevents the headlights effect on drivers from incoming vehicles, tyres pressure display and Keyless smart access.


Toyota Crown Buying guide in Kenya

When picking a Toyota Crown car, you should ensure that it is the best value for your money. Here are some tips that you can use.

  • Determine the amount you are willing to spend, the cash should cater for pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase costs
  • Have a list of Specs that you want for your Crown car
  • Decide whether you want a new or secondhand one
  • You can choose between importing and buying locally
  • Check for prices of models that have the specs you picked
  • If the price is above your budget, see what you can forego to find a model within your intended spend
  • Now, continue to the next step that should involve inspection

The lower the capacity of an engine, the more fuel-economical it is. That being said, higher-capacity engines have more power. Make sure to choose according to your intended use and maintenance budget. Also, remember that you can either import your car(from Japan) or buy it locally.

The Inspection

There are different things you should check before completing the purchase:

  • Make sure that the car is in good condition generally
  • If the Crown you intend to buy is secondhand, involve a mechanic to do the inspection for you
  • An accident-free vehicle is always better
  • Check the mileage, the lower the better
  • The car should start smoothly, there should be no engine noise or body vibration also
  • Verify the documentation, the engine number and chassis number should be what is in the logbook
  • Payment through the bank is the best way rather than cash.

Toyota Crown maintenance in Kenya

The maintenance cost for the vehicle can be considered average, this is because some spare parts are not easily available, which makes their price high. While the engine spare parts are easily available, some body parts and electronics ones are hard to get.

Here are some tips you can apply to get a good service life from a Crown car;

  • Read the Owner’s manual to ensure that you get everything on use of the vehicle
  • Take the car for service every  5,000 to 10,000 Kilometers
  • Check for coolant and oil levels regularly, if low top-up
  • To ensure smooth rides even on speed bumps, you can increase the ground clearance to about 6.5 inches
  • Drive carefully

Above is a look at Toyota Crown in Kenya, we hope that you find this guide helpful. Cheers!!

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