Toyota Allion Prices in Kenya- Specs | Buying guide | Full Review

Toyota Allion is a Saloon car popular in Kenya. If you need information about this vehicle, you are in the right place. Below, we will cover the car in detail including models available, prices of Toyota Allion in Kenya, full specs, a buying guide and some maintenance tips for the car., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Toyota allion

The car was introduced in the market by Toyota in 2001 together with its twin, Toyota Premio. Premio and Allion are basically the same apart from a few changes in the design with Allion having a sporty look. While Allion is designed for younger drivers, Premio is seen as its high-end version.

The car is loved by many because it has a lower maintenance cost and is fuel economical.

Toyota Allion Features

In this section, let’s see the spec that Allion cars have to offer.

1. Toyota Allion exteriors

The car has a sporty luxurious appearance.

Toyota Allion exterior, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Here is a list giving a glimpse of what the exterior is like:

  • The car comes with fours doors(two front and two back)
  • The ground clearance is 6.4 inches which is not bad unless heavy loaded
  • Has LED headlights and taillights
  • Higher grades come with alloy rims, fog lights and optional sunroof
  • You will get Allion in different colors, you just have to pick your taste

2. Toyota Allion Interior

The interior of this car is well designed for comfort and has a classy touch finish.

Toyota allion interiorsHere is what you get on the inside:

  • The car is a 5 seater(2 in the front and 3 at the back)
  • The Legroom is spacious enough and comfortable in both rows even for tall people
  • The seats are comfortable and have headrests
  • The boot size is medium and carries medium-sized luggage
  • The cabin has different storage spaces, including; cupholders, dashboard storage spaces, seat jacket pockets and on door panels

3. Toyota Allion Engine Specs

Allion models come with different engine specs, we have an overview of these specs in this section.

Toyota Allion

Here are the features for the engine:

  • The engine comes with a capacity of either 1500cc, 1800cc or 2000cc
  • The average fuel consumption for 1500cc is 18.6Km/l while that of 1800cc is 17Km/l and that of 200occ is 15.6Km/l
  • The 1500cc accelerates from¬† 0 to 100Km/h at 10.5 seconds, the 18000cc accelerates from 0 to 100Km/h in 9.7 seconds while the 2000cc accelerates to 100km/h from 0 at 9.4 seconds
  • The engine power is 109-158pcs
  • You can choose between All Wheel Drive(AWD) or Foward Wheel Drive(FF)
  • Recent models come with a Continuous Variable Transmission(CVT) gear type
  • The Tank capacity is 60 Liters

Prices of Toyota Allion in Kenya

Here are the prices of different Toyota Allion models available for sale in different Kenyan towns including Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Thika, Eldoret and other major towns.

  • 2015 model- Ksh 1.5M
  • 2016 model- Ksh 1.65M
  • 2017 model- Ksh 1.75M
  • 2018 model- Ksh 1.9M
  • 2019 model- Ksh 2.1M
  • 2020 model- Ksh 2.5M
  • 2021 model- Ksh 2.75M

2021 model

The above prices might vary depending on various factors. For example, a new Allion will not cost more than a secondhand one, similarly, the cost of importing and acquiring one locally will vary. Different dealers also have their own prices.

Toyota Allion Buying guide

Here are some tips one can use when making a purchase. The first thing should be to determine your budget, this should include added costs such as insurance cover. Next, prepare a list of specs that you want for your Allion. Decide whether you want to look for a new one or a secondhand, while at it, choose if you want to import or buy locally.

Next, check the cost of models with similar specs that you picked. If the cost is above your budget, check for features that you can forego to get a model within your budget. Instead of going for a new one, you can choose to have a secondhand.

Allion blue color

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, you can go for the 1500cc capacity Allion. The Front Wheel Drive(FF) usually consumes less fuel than the All Wheel Drive(AWD). However, the AWD is better for those who will be using the car on rough ground or offload.

Here are things you should check before completing the purchase:

  • Check for the general condition of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is secondhand, use a mechanic for the inspection
  • An accident-free car is always better
  • Make sure that the car starts with no problems
  • A noisy engine is a sign that the Allion might be having a problem
  • You should verify the documentation before making the payment, the chassis and engine number should be what is in the logbook
  • The best method of payment is through bank and not cash

Some of the problems reported by users of Toyota Allion include car not starting, engine noise and gear shift problems.

Toyota Allion maintenance tips

The maintenance cost of Allion cars is generally low, spare parts are also available easily in the country. To get a long service period from the vehicle, you can apply the tips below.

  • Make sure you read the owner’s manual to get the full instructions
  • User clean and recommended¬† transmission fluid
  • Avoid dirty fuel and replace worn out fuel filters
  • Take the car for service every 5000 Km
  • Always check for coolant and oil levels, if low top-up

Toyota Allion FAQs

The main difference between the two is the exterior design.

Yes, the car is comfortable and hence a good choice for a family of five or less.

You can get Toyota Allion in good condition with Ksh1.5M and above.

Above is a look at Toyota Allion, we hope that you found the article helpful. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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