Toyota Wish Prices in Kenya- Reviews | Specs | Buying guide

Toyota Wish is among the Multi-purpose cars you can own in Kenya. In this article, we will cover Toyota Wish in detail so that by the end, you can decide whether the car is worth it having the right information. Topics we will cover include; prices of Toyota Wish for sale in Kenya, models available, full specs, a buying guide and some maintenance tips.

Toyota Wish car

Wish car was introduced by Toyota in 2003. It had two generations before its last model production in 2017. The first generation was between 2003 to 2009 while the second was from 2009 to 2017. Just like we mentioned above, it is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be used for both business and passengers just like Probox.

Prices of Toyota Wish for sale in Kenya

Here is the average cost of modern Toyota Wish models for sale in different towns in Kenya including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret and other major towns.

Model Year

Price range


Ksh 1.4M


Ksh 1.6M


Ksh 1.7M


Ksh 1.83M


Ksh 1.95M

It is important to note that the prices will vary depending on various factors. For example, a higher grade Wish in a certain model will cost more than those below it. Where you get your vehicle from also influences the cost, an imported car will not cost the same as the one that is locally available.

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Toyota Wish Features

Wish comes with a range of specs that makes it unique from other Toyota cars. The specs here are for Wish cars available for sale in major towns in Kenya including; Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Thika and Eldoret. Lets us look at them in the sections below.

1. Toyota Wish exteriors

The car has an attractive appearance, it is a Compact MPV. Its back resembles a hatchback while the front has a down-slanting bonnet.

red Toyota Wish

Here is a list of the outlook of the wish:

  • Has 5 doors(two front, two rear and the boot one)
  • Has a 6.1 inches ground clearance that is slightly below the 6.5 inches standard for Kenyan roads
  • There are different colors to choose from when it comes to wish
  • Higher grades come with alloy rims and fog lights
  • Has optional roof rails

2. Toyota Wish Interior

While the Wish interior design is basic, it is still a spacious one and a good pick for a family car.

wish interior design

Below are the things you will find inside Toyota Wish:

  • The car is mainly a 7 seater but there are some which are 6 seaters
  • Great boot space for luggage that can carry sizeable items such as large family bags
  • The car has good legroom space for the first and second row, however, on the third low, tall people might find it uncomfortable
  • The cabin has a lot of storage compartments including cup holders, center box, compartments on door panels and seat pockets
  • For safety purposes, Wish is fitted with Airbags

3. Toyota Wish Engine Specs

Toyota Wish is made with an engine that is up to the task, other vehicles with almost similar engine specs as Wish from Toyota include the Sienta.

wish engine

Below are the engine specifications for different Toyota Wish models:

  • The engine capacity is either 1800cc or 2000cc
  • The fuel consumption for the 1800cc is 16Km/L while the 2000cc consumes 15.2Km/L on average
  • The 1800cc accelerates from 0 to 100Km/h in 11.3 seconds, on the other hand, the 2000cc accelerates from 0 to 100Km/h in 10.8 seconds
  • The engine power is between 125 and 158pcs, the powerful the engine, the faster the car
  • You can choose between an All Wheel Drive type(AWD) or a Foward Wheel Drive type(FF)
  • Recent models come with a 7-speed CVT(Continuous Variable Transmission) gear type
  • The tank capacity is 60 Liters

Toyota Wish Buying guide in Kenya

To get the best value for your money, you have to ensure that you do due diligence before making the purchase. The first thing should be to determine your budget range. Next, have a list of specs that you want in your Wish. Now, check for the prices of the models with similar features. If the prices are above your budget, look for features you can forego to fit your planned spending.

It is also important to note that besides the purchase cost, you will also have to incur other costs such as paying for the insurance. If you are buying a secondhand, make sure you involve a mechanic to do the inspection for you.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Make sure you check on the general condition of the vehicle
  • Go through the documents and only pay when satisfied
  • Be careful, there is a risk of losing cash to cons
  • Ensure that the car ignition system is working properly

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient Wish, the 1800cc is better than the 2000cc. Additionally, the Foward Wheel Drive(FF) consumes less fuel than the All Wheel Drive(AWD) type. If however you want a very fuel-efficient car, you can go for the Toyota Prius which is a Hybrid car and among those that consume less fuel.

Toyota Wish Maintenance tips

Just like most Toyota cars, the maintenance cost is low. The spare parts are also easily available except for some body parts. To ensure that the car gives you maximum service, there are some tips that you can apply, here are some of them.

  • Read the Owner’s menu to ensure you understand every instruction on the use of the vehicle
  • To allow for smooth driving even on bumps and when loaded, increase the ground clearance to about 6.5 inches
  • Take the car for service after every 5,000Km
  • Always ensure that the oil and coolant levels are okay
  • Use clean fuel and replace worn out fuel filters
  • Drive carefully

Toyota Wish FAQs

Yeah, this is a nice pick for a family car.

Most Wish are seven-seater although you can still find a six-seater.

Prices will vary depending on various factors. With Ksh 1.1M and above, you will get one in good condition.

In conclusion, Toyota wish is a nice multipurpose vehicle that you can go for. You will love it, especially when used as a family car although it is still good for business. We hope that you find this article helpful. Cheers!!

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