Toyota Prius Price in Kenya- Specs | Buying guide | review

Toyota Prius is one of the top sellers of Hybrid vehicles and was among the first of the type in the market. If you want to learn more about the car, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to cover everything about Prius including its specs, prices of Toyota Prius for sale in the Kenyan market, models available and some buying tips., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Toyota Prius

As we mentioned above, this was the first hybrid car to be manufactured in bulk. It was introduced in the market in 1997 by Toyota with 4 d00r sedan design, in 2003 however, it was redesigned to 5-door liftback. There have been 4 generations of Prius cars, the first was from 1997 to 2003, the second from 2003 to 2011, the third from 2009 to 2016 and the fourth from 2015 to the present.

As a Hybrid, the Prius comes with a fuel engine and an electric motor. Both can be used interchangeably. Toyota Prius is among the top fuel-efficient cars globally, in fact, the car only competes with a few others such as Honda insight, Honda Fit Hybrid and Nissan Note Hybrid. The Car is considered very much eco-friendly the world over.

Toyota Prius features

Let us look at what Specs this Hybrid comes with that makes it so popular globally.

1. Toyota Prius Exterior

The car has a classy sporty look at a glance.

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Here is what the outside of the Hybrid Prius looks like:

  • Current models come with 5 doors( two front, two rear and the boot one)
  • The ground clearance is 5.3 inches, this is way down the required 6.5 inches in Kenya especially due to speed bumps
  • There are different colors that you can pick from including black, red, white, grey, blue, etc
  • The car comes with a sunroof
  • Alloy wheels in most models
  • High grades come with chrome trim
  • You should also expect led headligts and led fog lights in the most recent models

2. Toyota Prius  Interior

The interior of the vehicle provides comfort and has an attractive appearance. This makes it a good pick for a family car just like most Toyota cars such as Premio and Axio.

prius interior

Here is a list of things to expect on the inside:

  • The car is a 5 seater(two at the front and three at the back)
  • The legroom is spacious and comfortable even for tall people in both the first and second rows
  • The headroom on the first row is okay, however, that of the second row might feel a little bit tighter
  • The boot space is good and can carry medium-sized luggage(your traveling bags are going to fit)
  • There is more storage under the boot where you can keep items that you do not want to be seen by everyone
  • The second-row seats can also be folded to provide more storage space
  • The cabin has more storage compartments including on the dashboard, center box, door panel and seat pockets. Also, Cup holders are included
  • On the dashboard, you will find a multimedia system and the Navigation system
  • The car also has airbags for safety purposes

3. Prius Engine Specs

Just like we have stated before, Prius is a hybrid car meaning it is powered by either fuel or electricity. This means it has a fuel engine and an electric motor.

prius hybrid engine

Here is the engine specification of the Prius:

  • The engine capacity is 1800cc
  • The engine is a 4 cylinder
  • It also has an electric motor
  • Additionally, the engine power is 121hp
  • The car accelerates from 0 to 100Km in 10.4 seconds
  • Fuel consumption in average is 38Km/L
  • The car drive type has been Foward Wheel type(FF), however, the latest model also has All Wheel Drive type(AWD)
  • The tank capacity is 43 liters
  • Lastly, The gear type for most models is Continuous Variable Transmission(CVT)

Prices of Toyota Prius in Kenya

Toyota Prius has different models, below is the list of prices for the models. The models listed below are available for sale in major towns in Kenya including Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Thika, Eldoret, etc.

  • 2015 Model- Ksh 1.8M
  • 2016 Model- Ksh 2.0M
  • 2017 Model- Ksh 2.25M
  • 2018 Model- Ksh 2.4M
  • 2019 Model- Ksh 2.7M
  • 2020 Model- Ksh 3.0M
  • 2021 Model- Ksh 3.5M

the 2021 model

2021 Prius Model

The above prices will of course vary depending on various factors. The cost of a high-grade model will be higher than that of a regular model. Also, a new Prius can not cost the same as a secondhand one. Additionally, if you decide to import your car, the price won’t be the same as buying locally.

Toyota Prius Buying guide in Kenya

Here are tips that you can apply when getting your Prius and what you need to know before getting one. The first thing you should do is determine your budget. After that, have a list of specs you want for your car, check for the prices of models with the same prices. If their cost is higher than your budget, look for specs you can forego in order to get a model that fits your budget.

Additional tips:

  • If the car is secondhand, use a mechanic to inspect it
  • Inspect the car and ensure that it is in good condition
  • Secondhand cars should be accident-free
  • Be wary of cons, also, do not accept online-only deals
  • Pay after you have inspected the car and are satisfied with the documentation

Toyota Prius cars have most of the engine spare parts available in Kenya. However, the body parts are scarce since the vehicle. Other spare parts such as batteries are expensive and may not be available locally.

the battery

Prius battery

Toyota Prius Maintenace in Kenya

Like we mentioned above, the maintenance of the vehicle is generally low. However, some spare parts can be expensive. While well maintained, a new  Prius can serve you between 15 to 20 years. Here are some tips:

  • Read the Owner’s Manual to understand every instruction on the use of the vehicle
  • After every 5,000Km to 10,000Km, take the car for service
  • To drive smoothly even on speed bumps, increase the ground clearance
  • Replace worn out fuel filters and avoid dirty fuel
  • Always ensure that oil and coolant levels are to the required levels
  • Be a careful driver

Toyota Prius FAQS

Yes, this is an eco-friendly car.

Yeah, it is, it is a comfortable car even when traveling for long distances and has a fairly good boot space.

The price will vary depending on various factors, a secondhand one will start from Ksh 1.6M while a new one could go up to Ksh 3.5M.

Above is a look at the Toyota Prius, one of the best fuel-efficient cars in Kenya. We hope that you find the article helpful. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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