Toyota Probox prices in Kenya- For sale | Specs | Buying guide

Toyota Probox is a compact multi-purpose car that is among the top sellers in Kenya. Here, we will cover every detail about this Toyota car to help you make an informed decision. Price of Toyota Probox in Kenya, models available, full features, buying tips and maintenance tips are just but among the things that we are going to look at., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Toyota Probox

The word Probox comes from words, “Profesional Box“. The car was first introduced in Japan market in 2002. Over the years, this car has gained popularity in most developing countries, Kenya included. The first generation was manufactured up to 2014 when the second generation was introduced.

The car is the best pick for business and cargo ferrying. There are two versions to pick from, the Wagon version is meant for carrying passengers, on the other hand, the Van version is for cargo ferrying. This makes Toyota Probox one of the best multipurpose vehicles to choose for business.

Toyota Probox features

Below, we will look at the Specs of Toyota Probox cars available for sale in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi, Thika and other major towns in Kenya.

1. Probox exterior specs

Probox design is plain and basic. The car has a box-like appearance.

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Here is a look at the outside look of the car:

  • It comes with 5 doors(two front, two rear and the boot door)
  • Has a ground clearance of about 155mm which is okay but can be a problem when heavily loaded
  • The main colors for the Probox are white and grey
  • Can be fitted with roof rails
  • Has 13-inch steel rims

As you can see from above, the vehicle maintains a simple exterior.

2. Interior Specs

The Interior of the vehicle is still basic, it is not built with comfort as a priority. If you want a more comfortable low-budget Toyota car, you can check these ones, Toyota Sienta or Toyota Passo.

pro box interior

Here are the interior details:

  • Probox is a 5 seater vehicle
  • The legroom for the front seats is comfortable but the second low can feel tight especially for tall people
  • All windows are manual
  • Has a good boot space that can carry even heavy cargo, the back seats can be folded to increase the boot
  • There are more storage spaces on the dashboard plus door panels, cup holders are also included
  • The headroom is generally good

Ferrying passengers for long distances might not be too comfortable on this car. It is best suited for business purposes and not as a comfortable family car.

3. Engine Specs

The Probox engine is designed for maximum output with considerations of its multipurpose use.

pro box engine

Below is a list of main engine features of a Probox:

  • Has an engine capacity of either 1300cc or 1500 cc
  • The average fuel consumption for 1 1300cc is 18Km/L while that of 15oocc is 15Km/L
  • The 1300cc accelerates from o to 100Km in 13 seconds, on the other hand, the 1500cc accelerates from 0 to 100Km in 11.7 seconds
  • The horsepower range is between 72 to 109 pcs hence good enough for heavy loads
  • The 1300cc comes as Fore wheel drive(FF) while you can choose between a Fore Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive(AWD) for the 1500cc
  • The gear type is either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed auto transmission type
  • ¬†Lastly, the tank capacity is 50 Liters

Prices of Toyota Probox in Kenya

Below is the cost of Probox cars models available in the market(Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Thika, Eldoret and other towns)

  • 2015 model- Ksh 850,000
  • 2016 model- Ksh 900,000
  • 2017 model- Ksh 960,000
  • 2018 model- Ksh 1.1M
  • 2019 model- Ksh 1.3M
  • 2020 model- Ksh 1.45M
  • 2021 model- Ksh 1.6M

2021 model

The 2021 model

The prices above will vary depending on various factors such as; is the car new or secondhand, what is the mileage, are you importing or buying from a local yard, what is the engine capacity and more. It is also good to note that Probox is among the most affordable vehicles in Kenya.

Toyota Probox Buying guide

When getting your Probox, there are things you can do to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Here are some tips for you.

  • Write down all the features and specs you want for your Probox
  • Decide the version you want, either a wagon or a van
  • Choose whether you want to buy a new car or a secondhand
  • Decide whether to import or to buy locally
  • Check for prices of models with the features you picked
  • If the model prices are above your budget, check for specs you can forego and choose models with the revised specs and within your budget
  • When making your purchase, be wary of cons, avoid online-only deals
  • If purchasing a second, use a mechanic to help you in inspection

What to Check for

Here are some things to look for before completing the purchase:

  • Check for the general condition of the vehicle(exterior, interior and engine)
  • Make sure the vehicle starts at very few attempts
  • Ensure that the engine is not noisy
  • Body vibration should be minimal
  • Check for gear shift problems
  • Check the mileage, the lower the better
  • A secondhand car should be accident-free

Toyota Probox is one of the cheapest cars in the Kenyan market, with less than 1.6M shillings, you can get one for yourself. However, the car is not for comfort purposes, that being said, you can try the wagon version that is built for passengers or rather go for Toyota Succeed that is built for more comfort. The 1300cc one tends to consume lesser fuel than the 1500cc one, however, if you want to carry heavy cargo, the 1500cc has more power hence better.

Importing a car especially if you are going for a secondhand one will mean getting a possibility of getting a well-maintained one. However, the process might be long and you will have to wait, you should also be careful of cons. Buying one locally will be fast but might be at a higher price.

Looking for a family car? Check the Toyota Rush.

One of the problems that are commonly reported with Probox is gearbox problems. Added to this, there may be ignition problems especially if the car is not serviced regularly. Other problems may include engine noise, oil usage and fuel consumption.

Maintenance of Toyota Probox in Kenya

The maintenance cost of a Probox is generally low. Spare parts are also available with ease especially due to the fact that the vehicle can use other Toyota vehicles parts. Here are some tips to apply to get long services from the vehicle:

  • Read the Owner’s manual to get full instructions on the vehicle usage
  • Always check for coolant and oil levels to ensure they aren’t low
  • Increase the ground clearance since the 155mm for the car may be problematic when loaded heavily
  • After 5,000 Kilometers to 7,500 Kilometers, take the car for service
  • Use clean fuel and replace worn fuel filter
  • Drive carefully

Toyota Probox FAQs

Prices will vary depending on various factors, the average price of a new Toyota Probox is Ksh 1.5M while a second one can start from Ksh 400,000.

The car is average good when it comes to fuel consumption. It consumes between 15Km/L and 18Km/L depending on the engine capacity.

Yes, this is one of the best vehicles to use for business in Kenya.

Above is a look at Toyota Probox in Kenya. We hope you find this information helpful. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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