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Toyota Passo is one of the fuel-efficient cars that you can own in Kenya. In this article, we will cover every detail about the Passo models. This includes; all its specs, models available for sale in Kenya, the price of Passo in Kenya and tips to use when purchasing this car., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Toyota passo car

The car was first released in 2004 by Toyota and Daihatsu Boon who are both Japanese automobile manufacturers companies. The Daihatsu Boon comes with the Boon name. Since then, there has been a release of 3 generations and different models. Model updates are done almost every year. In Kenya, most of the Passo cars available are 2010 and above model, however, if your pocket allows, getting the latest models from(2015 onwards) is better.

Features of Toyota Passo for sale in Kenya: Mombasa. Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru and other towns

Let us look at the full specs that different models of Passo come with. It is good to note that the specs below will differ with regard to the model you are acquiring, however, most of them can be found in the Toyota Passo vehicles available in the Kenyan Market.

1. Exterior appearance

To maintain low cost, the exterior of Passo is kept plain. It however goes without saying that the design still gives the vehicle a classy look.

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Here is what the car looks like from the outside:

  • Plain design
  • All Passo cars have a hatchback design
  • 5 doors including the boot one
  • Alloy rims
  • Some models include neon lights and fog lights
  • Models come in different colors including black, red, silver, gold, blue, etc. You will hardly miss your taste.

2. Interior appearance

While still considering cost, Passo interiors are designed to give the best comfort. It is spacious plus comfortable. In fact, it is spacious than other low-budget vehicles such as Vitz.

passo interior appearance

Here is a look at the Passo interior:

  • Have 5 total number seats while the Passo Sette has a capacity of 7
  • The interior is spacious and seats are comfortable
  • The Legroom is ok even for tall people
  • The boot space is spacious enough to carry sizeable luggage
  • Additional storage space for documents, cup holders, smartphones, etc is available on the door panels and cabin
  • The car comes with a radio system, air conditioner, rare camera, power windows, SRS Airbags and Navigation system

3. Engine spec

The engine of the Passo cars is made to be energy efficient while delivering the capabilities of a modern automobile.

the cars' engine

Here are the engine specs:

  • Passo engine capacity come either as 1000cc or 1300cc for each model
  • The 1000cc accelerates from 0 to 100Km/h at 13.8 seconds while 1300cc accelerates from 0 to 100Km/h at 12.5 seconds
  • The average fuel consumption is 24.4Km/L
  • Have FWD and 4WD drive type
  • Gears come as; 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic transmission or Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT).
  • Has EFI fuel system
  • 40 Liters fuel capacity

In addition, Passo vehicles have Anti-lock braking technology, this prevents the wheels to lock after braking on a wet surface or instantly. Also, the models have a power steering reducing the effort needed to turn the steering. Moreover, Toyota has added the Vehicle Stability Control(VSC) to Passo that helps in reducing traction when driving and turning.

Prices of Passo Models in Kenya

Below are the prices of different Passo models, we will start with the 2015 model since you are likely to get one from this year onwards in good shape:

  • 2015 model: Ksh 750,000   2016 model: Ksh 850,000
  • 2017 model: Ksh 980,000   2018 model: Ksh 1.2M
  • 2019 model: Ksh 1.4M       2020 model: Ksh 1.8M
  • 2021 model: Ksh 2.0M

20220 MODEL

A 2020 model

The prices indicated are an average, they will vary depending on various market factors. For example, the engine capacity in each model will have its own price. You can expect to get a second-hand Toyota Passo in Kenya starting from Ksh 500,000. However, a new Toyota Passo in Kenya will go up to Ksh 2 million.

Passo Buying guide in Kenya

Here are tips that will help you as you purchase your car:

  • Write down the features and specs of the Passo you want
  • Decide whether you want a brand new or second-hand one
  • Check online and with car dealers for the prices of the Model with the specs you chose
  • If the price is above your budget, check which specs you can forego and pick the latest model with your requirements
  • Decide whether to import or to buy locally, both new and second-hand cars can be imported or bought locally
  • Make sure you deal with only trusted dealers and sellers, cons do exist
  • Do not accept online-only deals
  • Verify the ownership documents if buying from a car owner before giving cash
  • It is also advisable to use a mechanic especially when buying a car owned by someone else to check on the condition of the vehicle

You can import a second-hand car from Japan too, the advantage is that you will get the car in a good condition and at a better price than importing a new one. Importation however takes time and you may also have to involve a dealer who is conversant with the importation process.

Brand new cars and second-hand Passo cars are also available in local car selling yards. The process of acquiring one from such is simple and quick. The price might be however slightly high especially for the brand new vehicles.

Check for the following problems when purchasing your Passo:

  • General appearance and condition of the vehicle(should be good)
  • Is the car failing to start or starting after too many attempts?
  • Gear change/shift problems
  • Check for any minor engine malfunctions such as faulty fuel pump
  • Engine noise and too much vibration is also a bad sign

Passo maintenance in Kenya

Passo is generally a low cost when it comes to maintenance as far as you take good care of it. Spare parts are also available with ease. Here are some tips on maintenance:

  • Read the Owner’s manual to understand every detail about Passo use
  • The ground clearance of Passo is 6.3 Inches which is slightly lower than the standard requirement of Kenyan roads which is 6.5, you can hence adjust accordingly especially due to bumps
  • After every 5,000 Kilometers mileage, take the car for service
  • Avoid dirty fuel and replace fuel filters if they are worn out
  • Always check the coolant and oil level to ensure they are okay
  • Be a careful driver

FAQs about Passo cars

Yes, Passo has a spacious interior making it a good family car.

Toyota Passo is among the top fuel-efficient vehicles you can own in Kenya.

The Taxi business, whether offline or online through the Taxi apps is the best fit for this car.

In conclusion, Toyota Passo is a fuel-efficient automobile and has a low initial cost. Despite its plain exterior design, the interior is spacious and attractive. This makes it a good subcompact vehicle to own. We hope this article was helpful, all the best as you get your car. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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