Betting sites in Kenya Offering Welcome Bonus

Betting sites in Kenya Offering Welcome Bonus

In Kenya, there are several betting sites, many of them do not offer welcome bonuses. Below,we will see the ones that have welcome bonuses and how much they do give., The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Lists of betting sites with welcome Bonus.

1. 22Bet- Joining Link

2. Betwinner- Joining Link

3. Sportybet- Joining Link

4. Betway- Joining Link

5. Gamemania- Joining Link

All the sites allow deposit and withdrawal by mobile money, that is Mpesa and in some cases Airtell money. Below is a detailed look at them.

22Bet Kenya


The betting site have being in the Kenyan market for a time Now, it is hence well established locally and in most parts of the world.

The offer 100% bonus on your first deposit for up to KSH 15,000

Create an New account through this link and make your first deposit to get your Bonus.

The 100% Bonus means that if you deposit KSH 500 you will get an extra KSH 500.

22Bet is also one of the top best betting in them, below are some advantages of using this betting site:

  • 24/7 Live chat is available although they may take time before responding to quires
  • High Odds, this is one of the sites with very good odds in Kenya
  • Free M-pesa and Airtell Withdrawals, yoabove.l not be charged for anything when making your withdrwals
  • A wide range of betting markets available, this includes different sports and Online betting casino
  • Live betting available, this allows you to look place your bets when the bet is being played.
  • Their site is mobile friendly too

Some times when registering on the site,you might find challenges where you do not get the confirmation code on your number. When this happens, try to reload the site severally.

Betwinner Kenya


Betwinner is a relatively new betting site in Kenya. When it is well established in other parts in the world.

Betwinner offer 100% Bonus on your first deposit for up to KSH 15,000

Create an account through this link for your bonus.

At times, you might not receive the confirmation code on our phone number, if this happens, try creating an account using the sign up by social media account option. You can also use another browser and enter the promo code: KEBONUS to get your bonus.

The 100% bonus means for one shilling, you get a shilling. That means if you deposit KSH 1,000, you get a bonus of KSH 1,000

Here are some advantages of using Betwinner:

  • Welcome bonus and added bonuses are available as you use their betting site
  • Cashout available, this will allow you to withdraw as the games are going on for the predictions you have won. This applies to both single bets and multiple bets
  • Live betting is available allowing you to place bets as the match is being played
  • Live goals updates
  • Virtual sports betting, this is where you predict on games being run by a computer
  • Different sports markets available
  • The site is easy to use and mobile friendly


SportyBet Kenya

sportybet, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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Sportybet is top loved betting site in Kenya that is also available Internationally. The site is hence well established.

Sporty bet offers up to KES 1000 welcome rewards to new users.

Register through this link for your welcome bonus reward.

Here are some top reasons as to why you should join Sportybet:

  • High odds available for different betting markets
  • Different free bets
  • Wide range of betting options, from Sports (with many different sports), Virtual betting, Online Casino, Virtual betting and instant virtuals that allow you to win within 20 seconds.
  • Live betting available allowing you to bet as the game continues
  • Rebet, this allows you to change your placement as the games are happening
  • Invite your friends and get gifts
  • Their site is highly mobile friendly compared to other betting sites
  • Jackpot of one million on weekly basis and can be placed with KSH 50 only
  • Cashout is available though on partial basis

Withdrawal options available from this betting sites are however limited but still you willalso be able to withdraw to your Mpesa.

Betway Kenya


Betway has been in the Kenyan market for long now and is well established. The site also exists in most African states and Europe.

From Betway, you get 50% Bonus on your first deposit for up to KSH 5,000

Register on Betway through this link to get your welcome bonus.

The 50% Bonus means you get half of what you deposit, for example, if you deposit KSH 300, you will get a bonus of KSH 250.

Here are some advantages of using the betting site:

  • They offer bonuses as you continue to use their site
  • 24/7 support
  • Live betting allowing you to place bets as the games are being played
  • Cashout availbale, this allows you to withdraw amount won as the matches continue
  • The site is highly mobile friendly including having a mobile app
  • Wide range of betting markets are available in sports
  • Online casino
  • Virtual betting allowing you to win on computer based games
  • Good Odds are available from this site
  • Their also offer chances of winning other items such as electronics
  • Jackpots available


Gamemania Kenya


Gamemania has being in the Kenyan market for a very long time now, while their have sports available, their main focus is online casino.

Their offer KSH 550 on new registering users

Register on game mania through this link for your Bonus

Their also offer cash back on your deposit charge or Ksh 9-99 or Ksh 250. This means if you deposited to them and was charged KSH 20 by service provider,e.g Mpesa,you willget it back.

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Here are some advantages of using Gamemania:

  • Very wide range of casino betting options, as mentioned before, tge site focuses on online casion mainly.
  • Instant Cash, from the online casino games, you will get instant winning, within minutes and withdraw
  • The online casino games are easy to understand and play
  • It’s a perfect choice for those who don’t know much about sports since they can win through the pool of casino games in the site
  • Low deposit of as low as KSh 10 allowed
  • Jackpot available, they have a Jackpot of KSH 90 million and you only need to place it using 30 bob.
  • Virtual bets available, this games will allow you to make quick cash

The site is not that much mobile friendly however as compared to most other mentioned sites above

Above are the sites offering Welcome bonuses in Kenya and what you will getting from them. We wish you a winning gaming. Cheers!!, The only online casino to win something per spin.

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