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Uza online, advertising services for sellers in Kenya.

Click to register as a seller and sell both new and secondhand items. Tip: After registration connect your account with your telegram account, this will help you get notifications e.g when there is an order or a payment is completed.
1. Registration- free
2. Posting ads- free
3. Only pay 5% Commission per successful sale e.g for ksh 100 item pay 5/= when sold.

After registration wait for some secs and you will be logged in.

When you receive an order, you are excepted to contact the buyer and agree on delivery charges and location (pick up point). During delivery make sure that the client approves your order as delivered, this will avail the amount for withdrawal on your dashboard, if you have connected the account with your telegram account, you will receive an order completion notification. If you don’t deliver the items in person, make sure your delivery guy has their telegram account connected to your account, this facilitates a notification to them when the buyer approves the order as completed.

Note: The buyer pays for the item when ordering, however you have to deliver and make sure the buyer approves your order to be able to withdraw your cash. Since we envourage 3 days delivery time,the buyer will have an option to request for refund afters 72 hours. You will get a notification on your dashboard and on your telegram account if connected when the order is approved or there is a refund request. Learn more about this on our payment system option.

Withdrawals are sent between 7:00 pm and 11:59 pm of the same day of request.

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